Nastya Grigorjeva (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia) from Nizhni Novgorod a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Nastya Grigorjeva (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Nastya Grigorjeva (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia)
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Nizhni Novgorod
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Nastya Grigorjeva (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia) I am a 40s male who was listed at in the fall of 2001--I sent a letter to nastya221@friendfinder in sept. 01 and soon received a reply--there were several letters back and forth for a month or so---nastya221 was happy to be in contact w/me and filled her letters w/praise for me--she said she was a teacher of small children, 22 years old-from ukraine originally but moved to yoshkar ola when still a child.She like the book "The Master and Margarita" by Bolgakov and wanted to be my muse (I am a musician) In oct.01 , her letters stopped for almost a month -- she then wrote to say she had been caring for sick grandmother ,but was still enthusiastic about knowing me better--then another month w/ no letters. in mid dec. , she wrote to say computer problems(viruses, hackers..etc.) had prevented her from writing , but now all was better. Shortly after jan 1st, she said in letter that she wanted to meet me. Then began a series of letters and steps to make this happen---we spoke on the phone finally( a phone # that she said was her friends) and prepared to have her visit here---in early feb. 2002, I sent by wire transfer $1200.00 to her older sister Galina Grigorjevas bank account in yoshkar-ola--nastya was sick in hospital and no letters came for about 2 weeks--finally she wrote to say she was healthy, had received the money to her sisters account and would apply for visa,passport etc. There were a few more letters through feb. 02 detailing her plans to visit here--she was to take a train from yoshkar-ola to moscow, stay w/a friend named Marina Soboleva, pick up her papers at the embassy and fly to NYC. Then in early march 02, came a letter from Marina saying that Nastya had disappeared late at night from Moscow streets coming back from an internet cafe. Marina wondered if I knew anything about this---I then wrote letters to Marina asking her to check hospitals, police stations,.etc... I was very upset and called the phone # that nastya had given me--I told the guy who answered what had happened, tho he didnt speak much english, he said he would tell her parents what had happened. Frantic , I waited and in a couple of days came a very sad letter from Nastya saying that something very bad had happened to her in Moscow(she couldnt tell me what) and her life was ruined , she would go somewhere and start over, she didnt want me to tell her friends and family that she was alive , I should forget about her and forgive her--our love was now impossible. I started writing back at once to say we could still have our life , no matter what had happened--I wrote every day 2 or 3 letters trying to comfort her and convince her that life was still worth living, but no letters came back. I wrote to Marina to tell her that Nastya was alive, I called again the Russian phone # and told the same guy as before that she was alive. For the next month ,I wrote dozens of letters believing that she had been severely traumatized and was badly in need of help---after a couple of letters , Marina Soboleva stopped answering me -she had said Nastyas family knew that she was alive, but didnt know how to help her-- "capricious" was what they called her. In mid April 02 , I finally said goodbye and stopped writing to Nastya. I did ,however, write a real letter (not e-mail) to the only real address I had--Galina Grigorjeva ,the older sister who I had sent the money to. My bank had demanded her real address before they would wire the money and this was reluctantly supplied. Still believing in the scam , I asked her forgivness for the disaster that I had helped to cause. That would have been the end of it, except that a couple of weeks later, an e-mail came to me from a girl who said she lived next door to Galina Griorjeva--this girls name was also Nastya and she said that Galina had no sister named Nastya, but thought that my letter was meant for her(Nastya next door) since she also had a friend named Marina--its confusing, but I think confusion is part of the scam tecnique--this girl next door was writing to me out of compassion she said--I should not be sad about my Nastya , because she was a scammer and Galina didnt know her. Well... this was a great relief (I hadnt helped to run someones life after all) BUT... what about the money sent to Galinas bank account? This new story opened my eyes wide to the whole rotten scam. I wrote this alleged neighbor girl that there were many questions and holes in this story---she wrote back, indignant that I was suspicious of everything connected with Galina Grigorjeva including herself--I replied it wasnt a matter of believing what she said--it was a matter of believing she existed at all since I had come to believe all these identities were Galina herself. There had been none of the usual red flags; no missing father, no asking for money for mothers operation, no sexy cheesecake photos. It was a clever scam because I am not stupid and was aware of these type of frauds--"The Master and Margarita" book also made for a high-toned literary aspect --but intellectuals can also be rip -off artists, eh? I have waited a long while to make this report--things have been busy--my life took a wonderful turn over the summer and I am now happily married (to a US citizen!) Its been on my to do list though and I am now doing it--I have not taken legal measures since I hear its basically futile, but do want to warn others of this clever ,evil (almost sadistic) scam ,so they night avoid it.Attached are the letters , photos, Galinas bank account information , her home address, and the phone # that Nastya gave to me in Yoshkar -ola . I hope that some justice can be done --thank you for your efforts. David (1) the account I sent $1200.00 to via Schwab wire services - S.W.I.F.T.:SABRRUMMNA1 Savings bank of the Russian Federation (Volgo-Vyatsky office) Nizhniy Novgorod, Mari El branch 8614 for account: 42301840137020001201/50 GALINA GRIGORJEVA (2) Galina Grigorjeva home address---Galina Grigorjeva Krasnoarmeyskaya St. , #122 Yoshkar-ola , Mari-El republic Russia (3) phone # that Nastya said was her friends # in Yoshkar -Ola : 7 (8432) 42-02-82 (4) Visa # that belongs to Galina Grigorjeva : 4276 3700 1003 2205
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