Tatyana/Svetlana (Kirov, Russia) from Kirov a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Tatyana/Svetlana (Kirov, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Tatyana/Svetlana (Kirov, Russia)
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Tatyana/Svetlana (Kirov, Russia)I am a 35 years old white male living in the usa. i was contacted by this woman on the dating site friendfinder. I was are of this site before as it had helped me out. Tatyana she calls herself Tanya also was a little smarter this time as she also sent me a picture of her in her house..but...all the tell tale signs of wanting to much to quickly not answering questions and such made me start searching...i knew she was scamming..i just wanted proof. I searched for her name...and nothing came up....untill i was about to give up and the very profile that was in front of my face looked familiar..I got to reading and it was here...every letter to the tee....She had changed her name though. Before she went by Svetlana/Svete, She also used very different photos..even changed her age. on the friend finder site she goes by Tatyana1234 and used the email tatyanalit@nuvse.comLetters:Here are also a few of the pictures she sends.....she will send a picture with each email she sends. David

1st emailHi David! Me call Tatyana. I was interested by your questionnaire. I closely studied your photo and any internal feeling has pushed me to write to you David. You the nice man and by your questionnaire at you everything, that I consider as the main mans advantages. Such man as you, seems, that to me David, capable to make the woman happy. I shall tell slightly about myself. To me 22 years, on a horoscope I scorpion, my birthday of November 20. My place of work, is small perfumery shop, I trade in different female spirits, lipsticks and various means of a leaving behind a body. I live together with the mum. I love dances, sports - I visit some times per week of employment on shaping. I adore to float, I love to travel, the truth I had not to get out far from houses yet. I think, that at heart very romantic man. To me to like to communicate with the different people and as the friends at me speak quite good sense of humour. I believe in the present love, I dream to visit in the different countries, but only not one, and near to the reliable man, which would love me and supported. Seriously I treat family and children. I shortly have told what I is. If it will be interesting, I shall tell about myself in more detail and frankly.2nd emailHi David ! I am glad to your letter. Dear David , I want to ask you to send a photo, where you in complete growth, I want you completely to see and to know as you look also to me it would be pleasant, if you in detail have told about yourselves, about the life, family and work. It is interesting to me to know about you David , that you love, as will spend time, of what dream also with what to you it would would be desirable to see the future. David , - I hope, you can find for me a little time what to write the story about yourselves. I shall wait! I shall tell about myself. Family mine small, I live with the mother. The mum - social worker. Our attitudes very warm and confidential. I not bad have finished school, was then trained at university on a speciality the economist. Now I work as the seller in shop, but I think, that soon I shall become work there manager, that is on the speciality. In the given time I work in a cosmetic department. I send you a photo, I hope, that you it to like. The photo is just made on a place, where I work. My city large and very old. At us various concerts and colourful shows frequently will be carried out. I the very vigorous man and frequently visit such measures. Some times per one week I visit employment on shaping, that my body would be in the order. I consider, that it is necessary. You with me agree David !?. I have a lot of friends, I the very sociable man, love various parties. To me very much to like to go in the visitors. I love to give gifts, to do to the friends surprises. I the very romantic girl. I dream of love, though probably each young woman wants, that in her life such would appear the man, which would take away it far - far from boring life, would love her and cared of her. I very impressionable also can easily fall in love. I adore the love novels, I dream to make some travels on a planet. Seriously I treat thin concepts as a marriage, children. I consider as the main quality of the married woman - a fidelity. In the men me to like sincere breadth, reliability, honesty and openness. Now your turn by a dear David ! To tell to me the dream. You have interested me and has liked me David . It seems, of time you have written to me again, I too to you am nice. David - you would like, what between us there would be closer and close attitudes? Write, you would like, that we had in the future something except for the letters. You see it is possible David . We have got acquainted with you not casually, and probably we can sometimes meet and carry out together time. David Write, you would like it. It would seem to me perfectly. Unfortunately now I need to go, therefore I finish this letter. With a heat to you Tatyana.jumping to 8th email..last one received..the good oneHi mine baby! Thank for your lovely letters I want to tell you favourite, that your letters are filled by such heat and kindness, that reading them it seems, that we are familiar with you already many years. You for me already became such native and familiar! I so frequently think of you David And house and at work. You with each day borrow the more and more important place in my life. I frequently look your photos, you to me very much to like and get me. how to fall asleep, laying in beds, I lay and I think, how we shall meet, as it will be good together. Favourite mine David , both of us want meeting and I feel, that the meeting is simply necessary for us, than it is better than a faster - theme for both of us. Sweet mine, I am ready to arrive to you though on edge of ground. Dear, I had very long and difficult conversation with the mum. I to her very long told with what you the good and kind man. I want to you to tell, that in our country concern with the large mistrust to the unfamiliar people. And the mum at first did not release me to you, because was afraid for me, you see I still never leaved far. But I have given it to esteem your letters - such letters the bad man could not write. I have told it, that I love you and I shall go to you even without its sanction and she has permitted me to visit to you for some days. Lovely mine David, I so am glad, that we at last shall meet. I too long was lonely and at me a lot of desire and love has collected. I want you and I want to you. First time meal so far one, but I believe, that with me nothing to happen, that you will take care about me and that I completely can entrust myself in your hands, and still baby mine, I want to write to you about one thing. You probably know, that in my country the people are not rich, and very much few can afford travel to other country. Dear, I want to tell you, that my family is not rich, my salary in shop too is insignificant, therefore I want to ask you favourite mine, to take half of charges of our meeting on myself. Well -?! Very much I hope, that it will not be burdensome for you. Other half of cost of trip to me will give native. With excitement I wait for our meeting, I hope you can accept me very soon at itself at home. David , baby, I send you again photo, that you would not overlook about me. On a photo I with the girlfriend. While mine by a dear. Write faster, I very much on you miss, lovely. With love, Yours Tatyana.
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