Marina & Svetlana (ukraine) from Kiev, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Marina & Svetlana (ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Marina & Svetlana (ukraine)`s photo russian dating scammer Marina & Svetlana (ukraine)`s photo
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Marina & Svetlana (ukraine)
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Kiev, Ukraine
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Marina & Svetlana (ukraine)Another 2 products from Wind Of love a.k.a. Ukrainian Tours / Star Of Ukraine etc. These 2 ladies, Marina & Svetlana are their latest attempts to scam money from men: From : Letters:

Hello my dear Peter At last Im at home. How I was waiting for this evening, so that to say hello to you as soon as possible! I really wanted to have time to write you this letter so you would get it soon! And of course Ill be waiting for your reply. I just came from work and after making all the home chores, after telling my news to mother , I am sitting and writing you this my letter with happy smile on my face and dreams in my head ??¶. Please do not laugh ??¶ It is so important for me that everything goes well between you and me , that there is real hope in our lives for wonderful future together, for beautiful days to be spent holding each others hands and smiling to the warm and tender sun. Tomorrow I will go to the agency to leave my letter to you to be sent and again , I will be waiting for your reply ??¶ and maybe picture and maybe virtual tender kiss. I am little bit afraid Peter??¶ You know why ? I am just a little bit afraid that something can go wrong , that some phrase or word or action from my side can spoil our relations , can destroy them and I wont hear from you anymore without even knowing the reason. Please be sure that I am not going to leave our relations undeveloped or undecided. If some problem I will let you know , if I do not like something I will try to let you know and I want to hope that I will meet understanding and desire to come forward and to overcome any problems we might have. Right now , we both are sure that we can trust each other and it is the base for our growing relations ??¶right ? We have found something special ??¶ right ? So, I am not going to loose everything we have , everything we reached. It is important for Peter??¶ and I want to ask you to agree with me. You always can ask me ??¶ why with you ? why you ? I tell you ??¶.one of the reasons why I am alone ??¶ Just because I failed to find a man who would be serious and responsible in our relations, who would appreciate not only my body , but my feelings and inner words. Maybe I asked and am asking too much ??¶. I do not know. But I am sure that all the things I have told about are the base for true marriage and family and ??¶ love. We will have passion and hot feelings, we will have bright days together , we will forget about the world outside of our feelings only when we are sure that everything is ok in the backward , in the base of our mutual understanding and being together . I hope Peter that I am not speaking too clever or to complicated things. No, I am very simple person ??¶. Just when sitting and writing the letter , you always trying to be in your best and I like to express my feelings , and my positive mood is growing more when I get your reply with the words which tell me that you appreciate everything I wrote. Sorry for such a complicated beginning of my todays letter, I just wanted to express some of my feelings , the positive ones that our have regarding our relations and I wanted you to know them. Please be sure that when you meet me, you will see smiling, nice and tender girl who will be happy and shy to meet a man from other country and other culture , but to meet the man she already knows from the letters ??¶. I have many, many dreams and hopes for us. I see us together and it is the main and best part of my dreams. I see us sharing a lot of things together . I was thinking about If I am ready to leave my country and to change my life , to leave all my friends here , to meet and make new ones. I think yes??¶ I think that I am ready for this adventure. And I want you Peter to know that it is not the main purpose or aim to leave Ukraine . I have normal and good life here , but it is not complete I do not have my one and only next to me and I am ready to do anything to be close to my soul mate , to be together with him . I also want my future family to have secure life and you know ??¶ it is hard to have such one here in Ukraine :-) . I am smiling just because people here and me are used to the life we have here. But you start to analyze it , you see that most of the things here are abnormal and hard to understand and accept . For example ? Ok, how people can live their lives without be paid their wage for several months ? Or in general how people can live normal life with the salary of 50 dollars ??¶ And please note that we have very close to the world level prices. Or why people changed the government 11 years ago , made communists to go away and in the same time , most of the parliament are from communists ? Is it normal that we have new government every year ? You know ??¶my friend Anna is working not in the bad school , usual and normal one , for the Ukrainian standards ??¶ She told me that the director makes the gathering of teachers every week ??¶ last time they discussed the issue of drugs at school ??¶ The ladies who clean the rest rooms at school always find what was left from the drug injections , feel the smoke of drugs ??¶. We often see the children in "condition" or even drunk ??¶ It is horrible??¶ right ??¶ No , I am sure that it is not the problem of Ukraine ??¶ A lot of countries have the same ??¶But when I was studying at school or you was studying at school ??¶ We never had such things like that ??¶ Other interesting thing. I am not very good in cars , but I know how much this or that car can cost ??¶ at least some kind of Mercedes or other expensive one ??¶ Ukraine is not rich country , yes ? We often takes credits from the different countries and banks . But when you walk the streets , you will be amazed with the quantity of expensive cars we have ??¶. Hundreds ??¶ Very hard to understand . I am not mentioning the everyday issues that can be more than strange to you :-) ??¶ but I leave for my other letters. Ok, I just want to say that we are discovering a lot of from our cultures for each other. This is very good. My todays letter wont be long and I am not going to ask you a lot of questions. I am so appreciated to you that you are answering all my questions that you want to let me know as much about you as possible. I do like your letters as the way for our communication. And I wantto hope that you like my letters also. And my pictures :-) . I will be finishingmy short letter , but I hope that it also brought some news and expressed you my feelings. I want you know Peter, that woman in Ukraine thinks of you with warmth and affection and dreams. Please be healthy and lucky , ok ? With the kiss that makes sun shining brightly, Your Marina. . From : Svetlana Hello, dear Peter. Svetlana from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine is writing to you. I should admit I feel like a first-grade student during the first class??¶:-) Its totally new experience for me, and I still cant believe that Ive made this step and my ad appeared in the internet??¶And now Im writing to you, Peter. But I think if you paid attention to my picture and I made this decision to answer you, something starts working out between us. At least I hope so. As well as I hope that youll like this letter and will decide to continue our correspondence. First, Id like to explain why I came to this decision to meet someone in the internet. To my opinion, this kind of getting acquainted with a person has a lot of advantages. Some people say that meeting in the internet is a risk and its much better to do that in person. Well, I have not met this RIGHT person in real life yet. I dont like meeting people on the streets, in public places, its not safe either. So here I am! :-) What is great about the internet communication is writing letters, which will give us the possibility of learning more about each other. For me its very important to find out what kind of person you are, what your views are on different aspects of life, how you imagine your future family and home. Yes, I have very serious intentions. :-) Im not just looking for a pen-pall, for a good friend - I do expect more from our correspondence. I am looking for a soul mate. Im rather romantic person and I believe that there is someone in this world who is supposed to be my other half supplementing me. Perhaps, in the future when we have enough information about each other and are ready to make some conclusions well decide to meet in person and unite our lives forever??¶But first I need to know how serious your attitude towards our possible future correspondence is. Please, be honest. If you really are looking for someone to create your future family with, and you think I might be this person you are more than welcome to keep writing to me, to describe events that take place in your life, to share your thoughts and feelings. And Id like you to know me the way I am with all the advantages and weak sides of my character. I really hope you are the person Im looking for, the person who will share both joyful and bitter minutes of my life, who will be a loving husband and a caring father for our children. Also Id like to consider my future husband a faithful friend as I believe a strong long-lasting family should be built not only on true love but also on trust and respect. I think its time for me to start writing some information about myself instead of expressing more demands towards you. :-) As you know already, my name is Svetlana. I am 25 years old. My birthday is December 30th, so soon I will be 26. My height is 168 centimeters. My weight is 50 kilograms I live in Kiev, a very beautiful, green city with marvelous places of interest. I work as a manager in the beauty salon and I consider myself one of those lucky people who enjoy their job a lot. If you wish, I will write you more about my job in my next letters. I like fashion and beauty; I like to care of my body, and face and hairs. I even do not know if it is hobby or not, but I think that every woman who want to look good should take care of her body. I am trying to do it. I will try to send you more pictures as a proof. :-) I hope youll like them. In the same time I am hoping for the pictures exchange, of course if you have pictures you are welcome to send. Well, let me tell you a little bit about my inner qualities. I think that I am kind, sincere, tender, and I think that my most serious quality is that I am faithful. However, of course, it is better to be supposed by the people who are around me than I do it by myself :-). In addition, I hope that one day you and me will be together and you will manage to see everything in person but by this moment, I would like to know more about you, because I dont want us to meet like strangers. Dear Peter, I would like to meet a man who is caring, responsible, tender, and faithful, with a good sense of humor. I really hope Ill find those qualities in you. :-) I want to meet someone whom I can give all my love, warmth and tenderness and I believe that this person will make me happy as well. Id like to have someone by my side whom I can rely on and who can rely on me. Therefore, I will be finishing my first letter to you with the warm and sincere hope that you like what I wrote and that you will send me your reply in the soon time and we both will be making some decisions together, letting each other become closer and dear. Im sending you picture together with this letter with sincere hope that it will continue attract you to me , not opposite. Ask me please more questions, I will be very glad to answer any of them. With hope and happiness to you, Svetlana
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