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Is Nastya_Grigorjeva. the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Nastya_Grigorjeva.hi-ok, I promise this is the last email from me but I thought maybe you couldnt open the letter attachments I sent regarding nastya grigorjeva from yoshkar -ola, so I cut and pasted the letters into this email--hope it is useful--happy holidays, david Letters:

Early letter from nastya grigorjeva ( David! I am happy, to receive from you the letter so soon! It was very interesting to me to learn more about your life. I am very glad, that has found such romantic man. I very much appreciate romanticism in the people. I want, that you knew, you the very rare man and very original. I would like to know you more. That that you have told about yourselves completely was entered in my representations about the ideal man! It is a fantasy! You can send me the musical works? Probably, you have works in treacker or midi a format? In archive they borrow much less places. I would be happy to receive your works. I too very much love dogs, and in general of animals. I had small aquarium (50 litres) with the several widespread breeds of fishes. I liked to look behind them, it is very interesting. The cats lived at us always, therefore I much about these animals. The horses I saw only a few time and was struck to their beauty and grace. But I read about them much. David, tell, please, about the dreams, and plans for the future. It is very interesting to me to know. That you appreciate in the people, that appreciate in the women. You the very lovely man, I very much want to learn you closer. Also I dream that sometime we shall meet personally, and I can be convinced of your nobleness, being a near. Tell to me, please, more about the life. Tell about the family, about the enthusiasmes. Where you work? Do not hesitate! Can also to me to set any questions! I with pleasure shall answer to you! I the very active women, I love all new and progressive, but, despite of it, in the personal plan I little bit old-fashioned, romantic both soft. Passion and softness mix up in me and give something, that it is difficult to describe. I while live with the mum and daddy, I have sister. As I already spoke, last time I have taken a great interest in the computer, but it is difficult to my female mind to understand modern engineering, but I very much try. I love sports, good music, cinema, I read (and not only fiction) much. I love to make gifts to the people. I think, that family this main in life of the man, because, that did not occur in life, in family always there should be a rest, heat and understanding. It means for me much. In my city most of all of trees, than in all other cities of Russia. He is capital of republic Mari El. It is small region with bad economy, but with a perfect nature. The very small exotic people - mari here lives. Some years back I lived on a coast of the Black Sea in Crimea (now it belongs to Ukraine). I very much miss on a warm climate and sea. I liked the high, clean, dark blue sky, which did not create barrier to a look of soul. I was happy to receive from you such interesting letter! You very much have liked to me. I feel, that you the very lovely man. I would like to know about you more! Very much I wait for the answer! Yours Nastya mailto:Nastya221@yandex.ruthe money request--- Jan 8 02---different e-mail routey Love! I have found out, the visa and the passport will cost how many, and I am slightly upset. The matter is that it is expensive for me I can not find so much money even if I shall work on this trip the whole year. Registration of the visa and the passport costs approximately 600 $. And the ticket aboard the plane Moscow - New York too about 500 $ - 600 (as to me have told, it depends on airline). That is as a whole travel expenses cost approximately 1200 $. It is very expensive for me, in our country USD are appreciated even more expensively than at you. I do not know what to do, whence to take money? I very much want to arrive to you, and was already adjusted on it, but I did not think, that it is so expensive. Certainly, you might pay for me, but I can not give you this duty quickly (but if we shall get married, you you see will not demand from me this money? :-) What you will tell my love? What we with you shall make? I strongly suffer, that we with you a meeting costs a sort threat, it is very hurt for my soul. Answer me soon, may, you will think up something. I love you! Hot Russian Kiss! Yours Nastya - from marina soboleva ; nastyas friend in moscow ( ) march 9 02--Good day. Nastya do not finding. Sorry, i dont know where she. I very worry, everybody dont know where she. I called in many hospitals, she is not present. I many knowing about she, but failed. In internet-caffe she dont see after first he coming. I reading all your letters, you mistake. Nastya, very very love you. She worred because you dont write to she letter. She said what you write letter every day and every haurs. But 7 march she dont see letter from you. She worryed about you, she know what you love she. She trust your feel, and she trust you. She dont insult. She very clever girl. She dont come beack in my flat not by means of you. She just was gone, and everybody dont know where she. Me difficlt about them write, but probably with she there was something bad. I be message to you if she be find. I am sorry.march 12 02 --final letter from nastya grogorjevaMy Love... I at all do not know what to tell you... With me much has taken place for this time, it is a lot of events. These events have changed my life irrevocably. I speak you bitter words, we may not be together, our happiness cannot come true. I do not want that you blamed yourself, in all I am guilty only. Believe me so it will be better for you. Also do not ask me "Why?" If I might tell you I has told you the truth. I want that you knew, that time of dialogue with you was the happiest period of my life, to my happiness and love there was no limit. My love to you is not present a limit and now. I love you and I shall like always, it is more than life, above all. My lovely David, I hope we shall meet sometime in the other world and then we shall be together, we shall laugh and joke, we shall be happy. Unfortunately, now it cannot be made in our world. I know, to you it is now very bad, I know, you probably cry. It is not necessary my prince, it is destiny and we may not that with it to do. You think, to you it would be easier if I have told the truth, no, I am sure to you was more hardly.I not come back home. I do not want that you informed my family and friends that I am alive and that I wrote to you. I shall leave in other city and probably can start life anew. I shall recollect you only warm words and the best memoirs. David, write about me music or a poem, to you it will be easier. And then forget me. If you will forget me and will cease to suffer, it will be for me the best gift. I hope you can find the love with other woman, then when the pain will cease.Be happy, David, you it have deserved more others. The love moves the worlds, our love will pass through centuries and distances, she(it) will find us, sooner or later... But not now. I shall love always you. Believe me, I too cry also to me very hurt, my heart hurt very strongly. I would like to write only I Love You! I Love You! I Love You! I Love You! I Love You! I Love You! I Love You! I Love You! And to beg all alive to allow us to be together. David, I love you, I am tired to be strong. David why so happened? Why?.. Why, such fine and sensual person as you I force to suffer? I can not any more, David. Why we may not be together? David. please love mine, forget about me. Also forgive me, forgive me, forgive me for all that pain which I have caused you... Always only yours Anastasia june 5 02--- e-mail in response to a sympathy letter (not e-mail) I had wriiten to nasyas sister ,galina---dear Sir, first of all id like to sorry for my english, ill try to explain you who i am and why im writing to you. My name is Nastya, im 20 years old, 2 days ago my mothers friend called me and told that she had a letter for me. Her friend Galina Grigorjeva received this letter.This letter was written for a girl whose name is Nastya and this girl has a friend Marina but Galina doesnt have any girls in her family whose name is Nastya. The matter is that my name is Nastya too, i live in the next house (krasnoarmeyskaya St 120 ) and i have a friend whose name is Marina. She spoke to my mothers friend and they decided that address was wrong and this letter was written for me, so thats how i got your letter. sorry but im afraid that im not this girl. I feel compassion to you thats why i decided to write you. And i think you shouldnt worry about this girl because she lied to you. She gave a wrong address to you and Galina Grigorjeva doesnt know this girl,so please dont worry,Yours, Nastya
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