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Is Daryana - Agency Lovezone the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Daryana - Agency Lovezone
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dnikiforova@fromru.com lovezone@fromru.com
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Daryana - Agency LovezoneHi i have this little story i am sure she is a scammer her name is Daryana i contacted her through Matchdoctor.com and she wrote to me the day after. She starts with very sweet and loving letters and after 3 letters she is in love with you. And then the she cries out for help for money because she have taken money from her mother to write to you but she is sorry its first now she tells that she is not good at english, and then the usual.Dear sir comes with the prices for letters and presents. But they have tried to make it legal with their own website, but its not i can tell right away, the money can only be transfered trough western union and not to a bank acount or visa-card. Please post this girl and the agency as a scammer , fortunate i was to smart for her maby other guys are not. By the way its prewritten letters. There are to many scammers out there be aware guys!!!!Letters:

Hi, xxxxxx :)) Very nice photo!!!! :)))) I must say that I was honored and flattered by your answer and hope we could become close friends soon and may be more .... It is difficult to present myself, I will try to indicate some points for you to have a small idea about me as a person. I am a young Ukrainian girl, study economics at the Institute, love my mother and sister, together with whom I live in small town which is on the East of Ukraine. I am not married and I am free of all sentimental attachment. Of nature rather quiet, very cuddly, loving, jolly, curious of life with a certain sensitivity, romantic. I like the authentic relations and I attach a big importance to the friendship being of communicative nature. I often reflect on the sweetness of life through laughter. They say that laughter is the shortest distance between two people. I think "they" are right! My leisure is various: I appreciate the big walks in forest, the journeys and the discovery of new horizons; a lot of cultural interest (art, drawing, movies, music), sport, fascinated by the photograph and gourmet of the good kitchen. As you, I wish to find a sincere person, who is motivated to enter seriously into a relation based on the fidelity, the complicity, tolerance, the tenderness and why not a sprig of humor! I dont look for an adventure without following day, but have the perspective to create a harmonious home. I hope that these some words will incite you to start the dialogue; Ill be cheery by advance to hear from you and, between two, I present you my best greetings and cordials message of friendship. will be waiting for your answer, Daryana. mailto:dnikiforova@fromru.comHi, xxxxx :)) Wow! What a very nice surprise was your letter for me. (and your photo in it! Thank you! You are very handsome, I like it!) It was a great pleasure to receive and read your nice letter. It seems that you are a very nice man with a lot of good qualities. I can appreciate such qualities in a man very much. I hope we get an opportunity to know each other better and closer. Thank you for sharing nice details about your life with me. I enjoyed reading about you and think you are very interesting. I wish I could speak with you in person and to know you better, but correspondence will be fine for the beginning. I would just simply like to find a man in my life who can value love and prepared to be happy. I dream about love, friendship and happiness every day of my life. He should be a caring, good-natured, affection and lovable person. If he will give me his heart and love, than I will give all the same in return. As for me, I can say with certainty that I am a very easy person to get along with in any situation. I have a good-nature and kind heart, which people have often tried to take advantage of on many occasions :) I am adventurous and open in love and every day life. I want to be a good wife, lover and friend for my man. Love and family should come first and then worry about other things later. So many people concentrate their efforts on making money, which has become the most important element in their lives. How sad! I know of many wealthy people personally who are very unhappy! In closing this letter I wish to say that the most important things in my life are: Love, peace and happiness. Please feel free to write what you wish. I will be very happy to hear from you. Take care of yourself and have a wonderful day! will be waiting for your answer, Daryana. mailto:dnikiforova@fromru.comHi, xxxxxx Thanks for a card :))) Marry Christmas to you!!! With whom and where are you going to celebrate the Christmas and coming New 2003 Year? I wish I could be with you during the Christmas season. I dream about doing shopping and choosing gifts for you and friends. We would go around the city looking for special gifts and New Year Eve. Every time when I watch American and European movies showing Christmas preparations, Im longing to be there, involved in preparations and holidays expectations. We would decorate the eve together, it would be standing in the middle of the room shining with colored lights on it. I would make a special food for the holiday and we would stay at the fireplace watching a nice movie, drinking hot wine or champagne. I would really like to spend this nice holiday with you. Here in our country there are no such holidays preparations. No lights, holidays shopping. Everything so dismal and ordinary. I lack these holidays preparations, fuss... Making and getting presents... Anyway, I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and that all your dreams come true in the new year. Take care of yourself and stay warm. Merry Christmas!!! will be waiting for your answer, Daryana. mailto:dnikiforova@fromru.comDear sir, We would like to inform you that Daryana uses our translation and computer services Agency "LoveZone" lovezone@fromru.com lovezone.fromru.com My dear xxxxxx, I was waiting for this new letter from you so impatient! :)) I adore your letter I can tell even more: I love it!!! :) (And sweet cards too :))) Thanks for being in the way you are: so open, honest, sincere and lovely. My dear, by your words now I know that you can to be my second half, the man I was waiting for. I want to win your heart but not as a trophy but as a beauty gift from God! If this relationship works for you and me, I promise that you will be happy, I will support your dreams, your goals, your wishes and will share with you my life, all its good and bad moments. So, what do I expect from our correspondence? I hope for us to learn more and more about each other. To learn what kind of people we are, so that we can determine if we are truly right for each other. I hope, through our exploration of each other, that we will find much in common, and, fall in love. But only time will tell as we both walk down the path of discovering each other. Saying all this I must confess you that I dont know English well. I have studied It at school but I was not work hard. Now I am sorry about it! Because I have to use translators services to translate your and my letters. And its very expensive. You know I dont work still, I take my mothers money. But now she has some problems at her work. I dont know what to do! I am really in difficult situation write now and only you can help. You became so important for me and I dont want to loose contact with you. Will you help me? Yes, I didnt confess you in it from the very beginning in the first letter but only from one reason: as soon as I tell man that I dont know English, they all(!) stop sending me letters! I didnt want this to happen with you to. You became so important for me! And now I have problems not only with language, but with money to... Its a big shock for you, I understand. And also I will understand If you stop writing me just like other. Maybe since that I will be disappointed in all men... Well, Its up to you to decide. Please let me know that do you think about all this! I hope for your understanding. Ill be happy to hear from you again because it seems to me that our correspondence can grow into something special and serious. OK, Ill be waiting for your next letter impatiently with my heart on my hand as a gift to you! Daryana. mailto:dnikiforova@fromru.com
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