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She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Galina Pavlova
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Galina PavlovaHello again, This could be a new one, however she resembles Galina Navalihina quite a bit. This one is from the Absolute Agency, but I was never contacted by them for money to send letters back to her. Another one from Frederick to the Blacklist: Name: Galina Pavlova E-mail: / Absolute Agency Occupation: Scam artist Attributes: Hides ring finger well...Nice Gams!Letters:

Dear Frederick, Thank for your letter. I am very pleased that my letter was not vain and you have answered me back! I want to study about you and to learn(find out) about you more more in detail. As I already spoke I live in Russia. I live in city of Kirov. It not the big city. I never married, I have no children, but I am ready to marry soon and will create family with the correct person with which at me love and mutual understanding. I want will find the correct person which to love and care of me and I shall hope that our attitudes(relations), will grow and at us all will turn out. I very much want to create family soon. The family happiness and love are everything, that so it is necessary for the lonely girl as I! Also I am very good cook! I think that it all girls necessarily should be able! I am able to prepare a lot of the various foodstuffs! My mother constantly learned(taught) me to this that I was the good wife! My favourite kitchen is the Russian kitchen, and gifts of the sea! I practically do not eat meat. What food is preferred by you? As to music I love all types of music, basically the Russian music and when I feel badly I listen to classical music. It weakens me! I know the English language, but some words overlook! Now I listen special a film with a pronunciation of the English language that I had good accent(stress). I read your letters without the help independently without the help, but I use the program of the translator because so to write to you the letter much easier. I have good and quiet character. I have got used to a simple way of life and I do not aspire to luxury, but as well as all girls I like to go shopping and choose a new thing when there is money. You inform what character of girls love(like)? To what attributes you choose your future partner? I never smoked, did not accept drugs and I do not drink in general! I never had serious illnesses with health and even never broke bones! I am absolutely healthy! You have or had illnesses with health? If yes that what? I live very poorly and I can not dare to do(make) expensive(dear) purchases. I have no phone and the computer of a house. I write you from a premise(room) in which computers for public use cost(stand) and each person can come and rent the computer for the purposes. I live together with mine mother. At us very small apartment only 40 square meters, but I have got used. Mine mother of 57 years. She(it) already old and anywhere does not work. My father has died 8 years back from auto accident. To it(him) was 51 year. I frequently recollect the good moments from the past when we were all together. I have no any sisters and brothers in general. I feel very lonely because I have no person which will love and care of me. It is difficult to live without mans support, but fortunately I have good girlfriends which always were with me and always helped me in difficult minutes. In a free time from work I like to be with my girlfriends. Basically we visit to each other. Inform that you want to know about me! I am very interested you and our future attitudes(relations). I send you my photo and I shall hope that you will love my photo. I would like that you too have sent me your loved(liked,favourite) by a photo if it probably! On it I finish my story. I hope to receive from you a prompt reply. With MERRY CHRISTMAS of you and your close people! Yours Galya. Dear Fred, I am very pleased to your answer. Thank you for your interesting letter! Your letters bring to me a lot of pleasure and happiness! You seem to me the correct person and I feel, that you the good person and will not cause me a pain! I shall hope that at us all will turn out. I am pleased that we are copied also it very wonderfully to feel, that you are interested in me! I do not love snow because it very coldly but if I shall not see snow long I shall like to see snow! Yes I shall send you my picture tomorrow or the day after tomorrow! Ok? I want many your pictures too! Yesterday I thought of you and about our letters each other much and I am very pleased that we are interested the friend in the friend! I have got used to share with mine mother everything, that occurs to me! My mother in many respects helps me also I has dared to tell to it(her), that I correspond with you! I have informed that you not the Russian person and my mother has reactedeven very well to it! My mother even was happy that I shall be in good hands because my mother too did not want that I married for the Russian person. I have told to it(her) that you the good person and she(it) has given me blessing with our attitudes(relations) and has told that she(it) will pray that at us all has turned out! I am very pleased that my mother has reacted very well to our correspondence and has given us blessing! Yesterday I had good evening and mother thought together with mine, that to you to write about me in the following letter. I hope that it is pleasant to you: I am the careful girl! I have good character and I never looked at married men because to destroy family it very bad! I want to inform you at once that if we shall be together and at us all will turn out that I shall be the good wife and I shall never deceive to you with another the man! I think what to betray the husband it is the biggest sin and I am not capable this act as many women! I want to be the good wife and I even read set the book in which key rules of the good wife and these rules I were written know very well! I do not aspire to money! For me the main thing is love! I do not want to tell, that if at us all will turn out, I shall sit at home and to watch(keep up) the house but if you will want that I worked, I shall work! As to my formation(education) that I have good school of knowledge! I studied as the bookkeeper approximately 6 years and I well am able messages of an affair with papers! I have good work but as to my earnings that it(he) small and I constantly should save money. It can even be good that I have no big money because money do not do(make) people happy! I earn certainly more than many people, but this money suffices me only on a meal and some clothes. I think, that we should not speak about the incomes because it not the main thing. After my work I met my girlfriends and have told him(it) about our correspondence. They were very surprised that I have dared to write in the Internet to find the man. They heard that many women in Russia get acquainted through the Internet and leave for limits of Russia to the future husband and they to hope that at us all will turn out. It became very interesting to them to hear about our letters but I have told that I shall not tell much about our attitudes(relations) and I they were told only, that by you good the man! All my girlfriends already married for the Russian person and all of them do not feel like happy because there are many reasons of their misfortune and they even envy me, that at us can be turn out! My girlfriends too as well as my mother have wished good luck us happiness! I am really very happy that our attitudes(relations) develop well! Now I have gone home. I shall think of you all evening. I wait for your letter. Yours Galina. onday, 12/30/02...the money letter. No Holds Barred. Check out the sum!:Dear Fred, Thank for your letter! I am very pleased that you have told to your parents about me and have told that I good! I really good and I shall not harm you! I very much want that our attitudes(relations) were more close! Certainly for this purpose we need to meet face to face because through letters very difficultly to understand each other! I can meet you at any time because my mother, work, and my girlfriends for me not so are important as the future family! I already the girl at good age to start to do(make) the family and I would like to meet you for the best studying you in a role of the future husband, but unfortunately as I already spoke I have the small salary and with my earnings I never can save up money for my trip and I need your help for our meeting! I did(made) checks today and I have decided to write to you this information! I have the girlfriend at which husband the lawyer! This lawyer has the friend which works in embassy of USA! I have told the lawyer that it(he) has talked to the American ambassador about the help for my visa! The lawyer has agreed with the American ambassador on the account of my visa! The American ambassador has told what to receive documents for trip to USA in general hopelessly! It(he) speaks that only one person from 100 manages to receive the visa! It(he) speaks what to get in USA to simple people as I in general was impossible! It(he) speaks, that will help me that my documents have issued for very short terms! I can receive documents without problems, but only money are necessary for registration of my documents for it(her)! The ambassador will work in embassy till January, 16 and then it(he) will leave in an arch city! Full cost of the visa makes 390 $. To begin registration of the visa the passport is necessary. It(he) speaks that the passport cost 90 $. To receive my documents to me it is necessary 480 $ + some money for a gift American the ambassador because it(he) needs some gift for easy official registration of papers! Now on the account of the ticket! As to my ticket, the ticket cost approximately 1100 $. Still it is required to me some money to move to Moscow. Russia very big but the nearest international airport is located in Moscow. Money for trip to Moscow is very difficult for calculating because Moscow is very dear(expensive) city, but I think that for my trip to Moscow is required to me approximately 380 $. The total cost of my arrival to you makes 1960 $. I know that it is very big sum of money, but I hope that this money will not frighten off you! If you want our meeting that very reliable and easiest remittance is a remittance through " the Western Union "! You can transfer (translate) money in "Vyatka-bank." It is near to my house! This bank works with the Western Union! " Vyatka-bank address: chapaeva st, the house 7. For remittance you should know my full name, surname and a home address! That I received your money I should know your full name, the address, (MTCN)! My address: city of Kirov, Pushkina st, the house 25, an apartment 36. My name and surname: Galina Pavlova. If I have given you not the full information on remittance you can go in the Western Union and ask how correctly to translate money!We are familiar some letters and our attitudes(relations) yet are not advanced, but I think, that my debt was to inform you that I have learned(found out) today! The ambassador has told that procedure reception of documents will last some days! She(it) speaks that the visa is given out for 3 months and during 3 months we should better study each other! I have asked (" if at us all will turn out that as I can remain together with it(him)?) ". It(he) has told to remain together with you in USA on all life, it will be necessary to marry in these terms! I do not know as far as it is good idea for you to marry for which person know 3 months of acquaintance, but for me some weeks you will suffice to study for acceptance of such critical decision how to marry! I hope that for you there is no problem with term 3 months and you can marry so quickly? I am able to do(make) practically all! I am able to sew, prepare for a tasty meal to tidy up the house, I am able to concern to the man carefully! I am able to do(make) very much much to be the good wife! I think that for our meeting there are no problems, but the main problem is money! I know that now ahead a holiday New Year and it can be a problem for you with money, but write to me the return letter with your ideas on all it! I understand that all this early and I shall not force you to speak yes! This your decision! I shall look forward to hearing from you. Yours Galina. p.s. I hope that you love my photo!
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