Elena_Krienko (Omsk, Russia) from Moscow a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Elena_Krienko (Omsk, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Elena_Krienko (Omsk, Russia)`s photo russian dating scammer Elena_Krienko (Omsk, Russia)`s photo
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Elena_Krienko (Omsk, Russia)
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Elena_Krienko (Omsk, Russia)I wish I had known about your anti-scam guide book and Internet site before I contacted Elena Kirienko. I now see that I am at least the second man she has cheated, and I bet she has scammed more than two. I contacted Elena Kirienko; she currently has an ad at bride.ru. Elena is good at what she does. She asks deep personal questions and the answers you give answers are just what she is looking for, no matter what the answers really are. The subject line for all her letters are "FROM OMSK WITH LOVE" but alas, its really from Omsk for scam. I sent her a total of $1800 US, in four different Western Union money wires. As much as that is, it is the heart that hurts the most. Anyone who has ever seen the American movie "The Sting" will remember that in the movie they slip a small sting on the mark first, and they package it in such a way that the mark does not know he has been had on during the first sting. This is exactly what Elena does. She will request money to go to Moscow by train. In Moscow, she claims to have a travel agent and the ability to obtain a tourist Visa to USA. The mark, in this case me, pays for the alleged trip without even knowing hes been had. On her return from Moscow (contact stops for about a week) she claims success. Then comes the request for the plane ticket money. If the sap is in love, he complies willfully; he (I in this case) has become blinded by love. Elena is very good at playing her role, saying exactly what a lonely middle-aged man wants to hear. At the time of the trip, she tells you what flight and what airline she is using. The flight numbers and times really exist, so she does her homework. The night before you are to meet, you get a panicked email from her, supposedly from an Internet caf? in Moscow. The story is that the tourist visa requires her to have "flash money" of $1000 US. Some places really do require flash money. That is money you can show the authorizing agent (customs office, visa office, casino - if you are traveling to one at their expense) to prove you are not a hobo destitute person. When I showed up to pick her up at the airport, guess what? She did not show up. As one would expect, she will not answer my emails. She hangs up her phone on me when she hears that it is my voice. I write the agency that her picture/ad is posted, and they just do not respond. No answer from them. I sent her all this requested money via Western Union. She used her real address and phone number. I know, because I sent her flowers once from one of those agencies that takes a picture of the delivery and sends it to you. The photos she uses are real. She is really at the phone number she gives, in fact I ran up one hell of a phone bill calling her. Her first letter to me came on so strong. I should have known. After three short letters she was asking to meet. One very short week later, she is already asking for money.The first letter asking for money:The address and phone number she uses are really hers. Her pictures are really her, but so what? She takes money and vanishes. And she breaks hearts. To recap her specifics: Elena Kirienko 644109, Russia, Omsk, Motornaya-14 Str. apt.3 Phone: (3812)42-02-90 Email: loverose@rol.ru Attached is a picture she sends of her family and a picture of the flower delivery I spoke of. These pictures of her are more current than the ones posted by the other guy she scammed. Thank you Bill

My Dear Bill, My Love, My Life!!! Please excuse me; I could not answer you yesterday!!! As you know, my aunt and uncle have invited our family to celebrate a holiday of The Great October Revolution. We wonderfully have spent time, but I constantly thought of you and I wanted very much, that you were together with me in this day! Dear Bill, thank you very much for all your warm letters! I liked your son very much! He the very lovely and charming boy! I hope, we can become the friends in the future! I like children very much! I dream to have the own child! As to my family I live together with my mum and younger brother Sergey. He is 20 years old. He the student at the polytechnic university. My parents the doctors. Their profession the cardiologist. Unfortunately my parents are divorced 11 years, but till now they have saved the friendly and very warm relations. We often see of each other, and I do not feel yourself by the unfortunate and deprived child. But I would not want to repeat destiny of my parents. I want that my children never have tested divorce of the parents and I shall apply all forces that my marriage was strong and happy. Bill, My Love, for me it is pleasant to learn that you are interested in my life, my family, my country, city and my culture. The information, which you have sent me about my city the really truthful. I live in central Siberia in the city of Omsk. The time difference with Moscow is three hours. Omsk is a large beautiful city. In the summer here there are lots of greenery, flowers, fountains, public parks. All photos, which you have sent me, it really photos of my city. I do not have time to tell you about these photos, because I work now. You will see all this in real life, when you will visit me here in Omsk once! My Darling, I try to read attentively your letters too, to learn you better and life by which you live. With each letter I would like to be closer and closer to you. I am pleased to receive your lovely letters and such kind and romantic words. I am happy to meet the man of my dream! I would like to open for you all my soul and heart, to present you all my tenderness and love. Bill, I was very happy to hear your voice and to speak with you on the phone! But it was especially pleasant for me that you want to meet with me and you very glad that I shall come to you soon!!! Today in morning I spoke with my tourist agent and has learned the necessary information about trip in USA to La Crosse. I should go to Moscow in the American embassy for interview with the American ambassador to receive the visa in USA. My tourist agent has given me the coupon for interview with the American ambassador in Tuesday 12 November. My necessary documents for this purpose will be ready in Monday. I should depart to Moscow in Tuesday early in morning. My Dear Bill, I need your help! Please help me to pay trip to Moscow! I need $320 US for my tickets. Please help me with it! I hope for your help very much! Now I called in bank and has learned how you can send me necessary money. You should go in bank, where there is a system Western Union. You need my home address and my full name. My home address: 644109, Russia, Omsk, Motornaya-14 Str. apt.3 My full name: Kirienko Elena Urevna Kirienko is my surname. Elena Urevna is my name. My Love, please send me necessary money till Monday, ok! I should have time to buy the tickets in Moscow. I want to receive the visa very much and to arrive to you as soon as possible! I miss without you very much! I need you! I dream of our first meeting, our first kiss and about our first romantic night of love and passion of our feelings! My feelings are sincere and pure in relation to you! I expect from our acquaintance of beautiful infinite love, which will connect us with you forever! I want to be only with you!!! Now please let my kisses touch all your body and put you to restful sleep and you wake up with smiles all over your face. Bill, I Love You! Your Forever Elena. P.S. My Dear Bill, you can send a gift on my address, which I have written in this letter with the help of a special post service.
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