Natasha Osipova/Anna Chuprkova/Alena Fedorovskaya from Moscow a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Natasha Osipova/Anna Chuprkova/Alena Fedorovskaya the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Natasha Osipova/Anna Chuprkova/Alena Fedorovskaya
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Natasha Osipova/Anna Chuprkova/Alena Fedorovskaya Hello, my name is Jeff and I am a victim of Natasha Osipova and I have found out to late that she also has many other names. The story on this girl is the same as the ones I have read, stays in contact for three months or more very convincing, father is a police officer, she works in a video/music shop, when you talk to her on the phone she will sing you a song, does not have a phone or computer at home. Sent her money for visa then money for the flight, she calls from Moscow and says she cannot get on the plane unless she has $1000.00 in cash to prove she is not coming to USA to become a criminal or prostitute and promises not to spend the money and will give it back as soon as she meets you at the airport. Letters come from MA-harmony and send questions to of course there is no management at This girl or thief is a better word is very smooth has all the right answers, uses the right pictures, answers your questions, her return letters are not scripted. Below are a few of the 60 some letters she sent me along with her pictures; Letters:

Good day to you! Thank you for response Jeff! I do feel some frustrated of this idea to find my "half" with help of internet but still have some hopes. Let me explain and you will understand why, ok? Initially the reason why i to came to this agency and placed my data on the internet is that i want to find that special Man who is looking for a special Woman for him to get know each other and mak the family one day if we feel our hearts connect. My "Mr.Right" must be older than me, mature and self confident, looking for a woman who will love him and devote her life for him. Also i am NOT interested in pen-pals or friends or men who are already married but having fun away from their wives or exchang of naked photos - the last thing seems to became very popular as i had to find out recently with the person i was writing the past days... He was pretending to be the man matching my ideals while all he wanted was to make me send him some naked pictures which i would never do. A bad experience , hope it not going to happen again! Sure that can be noway compared to your negative marriage experience and i feel guilty mentioning it as problem after you shared with me your two really big problems.. Jeff, i liked what you wrote about yourself, and if we do really have the same aims i would like to try us contrinue writing! My turn to tell of myself ? Here it is! My English skills are far not perfect, but i am trying my best and able to write and to speak on it also. More of basic about myself which i did not in my profile and the way i live: I was born and live now in Russia, Ekaterinburg , my name is Natasha as you know already, i to be turn 24 in a week (16 July). I live with my parents being their only child, our family is good and we are always to help each other. What else? Last year i have received a degree on Economics, right now i am working temporally in audio-video store as a seller in CD section - my job is to help the customers to choose their favorite musical bands and singers. Being an optimist i love the life and enjoy the everything good it to brings, i like the nature with all its good things - lakes, rivers, mountains, forests and wildlife. I have to learned the cooking with my mother help when she has been working in the restaurant and i to assisted the cooks in the kitchen sometimes and learned from them how to cook all kind of tasty things. I wish that one day i will have a husband with whom we will make a strong, lovely family like my parents did! It is very wonderful when there is a somebody you love and to take a care for and who does the same for you in the every situation the life to brings. The family is a very important thing in the life for me, please let me know if you to agree with me, since its a major point for me and i am very serious about that. Like i wrote in beginning, that experience i already have with internet in search for my match is making me worry that most of peoples there are just looking for fun and very few are indeed for real intentions to build a family, yet i still hope that there is one for me and maybe it is you Jeff? I have idea about you, and you must have the idea of whom i am looking for now too, a good start! We will see if we keep be interested in each other or become lost in few days.. I hope you will be writing me again soon, i want to know as much as possible about you, and will to answer all of your questions! There must be two photos with my letter today and i hope you like them, then i can be bringing more photos to send to you. I will try to come here again tomorrow and will be happy to answer if you shall write me! Natasha!The approach for money;Hello my Dear!!! Yes i had a good day, how could it be bad when my heart was singing whole day after our talk! You know i was worrying that you not receive my letter in time yesterday, or something else prevents you to call me so was preparing myself to not get dissapointed if my hopes fail.. But they did not fail and you called! I felt shy to try sing for you and very glad to hear you liked my voice. Surely the most important is that we are feeling easy to communicate and our inner thoughts do not get in conflict. One of my worst memories is my ex boyfriend, when i was trying to make him talk of our relations going the wrong way and he always just turned it to joke, leaving the problem stay.. I too love the fact that you being honest and straight with everything Jeff, even those things not everybody would share. If we be always stay like that, there must be really nothing to make the relations go wrong! Our relations now do make me think day and night Jeff, i do feel much attraction to you by all the factors and trying to imagine how this all can go! Your invitation to visit you really made me excited about that, for if we be live together for real, get to feel each other in all the smallest daily things, see each other at mornings and evenings we will get know for sure if we are meant to be together. Will you still tell me how beautiful and lovely i am every morning, will you like my cooking, the way i care for you and home?.. Very very many aspects which come out only if being together days and nights. But there is something that concerns me much Jeff and i would like to hear your comments on that. I was asking here of arrangements to be able come to you for a visit, and travel manager explained me that it takes about three weeks to make the paperwork itself, and together with flight it will cost 1380 dollars! That is without hotel renting since i said that i be living at you, with hotel it would be much more! I do not know if you heard the same price or not, but that is really much.. Why i worry, is that i do not want our meeting to turn into dissapointment for any of us. Myself i do feel very confident of you Jeff and believe that all i made to learn of you is making you the man i might love to spend the lifetime with. And about me, i have not said anything which is wrong of me, but i worry that you might be placing me "too high" in your thoughts while i am just an average woman with my good and bad sides.. You far not the "last to choose" man Jeff, i am sure there are women right at you showing you their attention and if you wanted you could find more (well you know it yourself) and that would not cost you anything at all to find somebody you might like much closer at you.. This is not easy for me to say as i sure do not want you to drop me and look for someone else, but if we going to make our meeting reality i want it be great and good for both of us! What if you make to lose interest to me in two or three days after i come and ask me to leave?.. I be not able to return you these expenses. I do hope you be understand me dear, and after considering you not make to turn away. I will be very happy come to you and see if we can be happy together for a lifetime, but i want be sure you take this as serious as it is! Maybe i am just too nervous in the moment since i got to think of that so it looks confusing and i wrote it in not a best English.. Please dear, read it and try to understand, ask me if something unclear and i try with other words! Ok i be hoping to see another letter from you tomorrow, and write you myself.. Have a good day my dear and thank you again for making my day to shine today with our talk!!! Your Natasha!The last letter from Ekterinburg; Hello my Dear! I got your loving words today and this is the last letter i am writing to you my dear! I been thinking of that alot.. What would i say in this letter? I was thinking to make it something special , as it is being ending a very important part of our future and we are entering into new part which is way better! But everything appears to be somewhat meaningless since just after tomorrow we will be talking face to face, looking into each other eyes and seeing the response in the eyes and emotions of each other! There is so much we are going to experience from the first moments together.. and as days go by it will a great much of things to happen as we will keep learning of each other and becoming more and more attached! At times i think that i am already grown the years with you, and that we are already as close as peoples can be (except the physic way of course) but i know that we are just approached and future holds much more for us to feel together! The important thing about time and place, sorry i not told it all good enough as if there is only one airport and one airplane in the world, smile! To be sure i tell you entire flight way : tomorrow early morning i am leaving to Moscow, there is a room rented for me to stay overnight. The Sunday at noon i am flying to New York airport (arriving at 15:55). There as you say i be passing through security checking which i told might be for long, but anyway i will have enough time to walk in the closed area of airport to watch around and get used to peoples talking English all the time until the next plane at 17:30 which takes me to you!!! At 20:30 (14 of December!) i will be landing to Orlando International Airport on a plane of Delta Airlines named DL2529. I was told it must be quick after that being "internal" flight so i hope you will not need to wait me long! Please honey do not try to get too close to the arrival place, i know you very much want to see me but lease not get into problems! All the policemens in the world are on hight duty i believe, because of terrorists.. I feel cold at my heart to imagine that another policeman might think of you being doing something wrong and!! I just not want any problems honey, ok?? Please do not worry i will walk as long as needed to the open place where we be able to meet and embrace each other without any troubles! My bags are already prepared (this is what i was doing most of day today!!!) and not so heavy, do not worry! All i want to ask you is please meet me there honey, i do not want to appear in a foreign country where i do not know anybody and nobody is waiting for me.. In the case something will be slowing you on the way, and you get delayed alot - i will be still in the airport waiting in a place right after arrival (i assume there must be place with seats or something to let peoples rest and wait?) as long as you need! I been waiting so long for that moment so ready to be waiting hours and hours!!! And of course i do have your phone number, address and even internet address so in the worst case that you not appear in like two hours - i be try to find the phone where i can call you from. I be have about 100 dollars with me or more, so i will be able to have meals in Moscow and for calling you from there too. Again i want you to remember our discussions honey, to not forget that we are both not the ideal , having our flaws and traits, but this should not make us to pretend be any better to each other and we shall stay ourself, ok? Communication in relationship is very important, we both know that Jeff, right? So if there is something we can do better for each other, we should talk of that and let to know each other. That shall come for all parts of our life, from kitchen to bedroom to let us always keep that flame in our hearts and grow it more! I have heard much of doubts from my friends, but i believe in our relations dear and will be wait for the day when i will be telling to all of them that we are preparing for marriage and that is going to put them all down! I am very excited and finding it hard to explain how i feel now, knowing that it is only matter of two nights until i see you honey!!! A very weak way to compare - thinking of eating ice-cream is good, but actually eating it is ten times better!!! Thinking of being with my caring Jeff is absolutely same, for i do already know you much and as it goes deeper my feelings for you only keep growing! Something else honey, i was really getting tired to hear of it my father!!! It is all right, just he said it like ten times all over.. He was telling me much of precautions and advices yesterday evening while i discussed with mother of what i should be taking with me. He told me much of things i must keep my eyes on, do not agree to carry or guard anything or anyone (he told me two story when woman did given away her unwanted child to a man in airport!) and avoid any talks with anybody until you meet me. He told me few more of scary things , of how much peoples had to suffer only because they left their bag alone for a moment and somebody else did put the drugs or weapons into it which became found on security checking.. He been telling me even most obvious things, such as that i must not be going anywhere in Moscow in evening and sure i do not plan to go anywhere at all! After i arrive there on Saturday morning, i to be register with my flight voucher for the flight to you at Sunday and go to my room. I think it is more safe if i just spend a day in the room reading the book and watching TV and sleep as long as possible to be feeling better in that long flight next day. That going to be a very long flight so i am sure i will be feeling broken after flight so it will be not bad to rest a little first. We can either go right home, or just sit and talk for some to make us believe we really together! We talk about it in the place ok! Also honey, it is very important!!! I did promised my parents, the very first thing i do after arriving to your home from airport - to call my father friend and tell that i have arrived well and you did meet me, then at Monday morning we will call again and my mother or father will be waiting there so i can tell them myself how i am and that all is great so they can be feeling totally ok and stop worrying for me! I told them how caring you are my dear but they still keep worrying a little so it will be good to calm down and take away their worries! Ok my dear, i to be going home now and continue my preparations!!! I can not to wish you good night as it is the morning at you, i just want to say that i think that Sunday will be our best day!!! I feel myself very happy that it is happening with me, and just need to feel your kiss to be sure it is not my dream!!! I am waiting for Sunday evening to come sooner and tell you that in person and listen to what your lips can tell to mine!!!!!!! See you soon my dear!!! Your Natasha!
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