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She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Ludmila Zelenodolsk
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Ludmila Zelenodolsk Scammer: Ludmila (last name unknown), age 26, from Zelenodolsk, Russia Email address: I am a single man, 38 years old, white American, who lives in Tucson, Arizona. In late January 2004 I sent an email to Ludmila, whose profile was on She is listed as being from Phoenix, Arizona. I emailed her thinking she lived not far from me. To my surprise, she responded that she is in fact from Russia. By mid-February, she was already writing in email about coming to the US to visit me. The first mention of the money required for travel came on February 27, along with statements of being in love with me. OnMarch 27, I was asked if I could send money through Western Union for visa and for plane ticket. I replied that I would not send money. On March 29,she replied that because Im not sending the money, "we do not move further." I became suspicious for many reasons, inlcuding (1) her claiming to be in love after a short time, (2) asking for money, and (3) her insistence that there is no way for me to reach her by telephone (she has daily internet access and can upload digital photos of herself but has no phone access?). A little googling led me to this website and similar ones, where I read the standard formula of scammers. Obviously this fits the bill. Epilogue: Thankfully I did not get scammed. It should be known that I looked for her on other internet dating services and saw her profile on and

Hi! I am glad, that you were interested by me and have written to me e-mail. I shall be very glad if you will write to me also other letters. I for the first time have acquaintance through the Internet. It was very difficult to me to place my structure in a service of acquaintances, because I am in Russia, the service of acquaintances does not accept the members from this country. I had to specify in a structure, that I am in USA. In this letter I shall inform you a little information myself and if the dialogue with me will be interesting to you, I shall tell about myself in more detail in the following letters. My name Ludmila, my age 26 years. I have work and I am engaged in sports. I the very romantic woman also try to do my life interesting. I dream to meet in my life of the good man, which can understand me and love. I send you a photo me and I ask, that you sent me some pictures from your life. As it will be interesting to me to learn about your life, family, work and entertainments. Write to me, I shall wait your letter. Sincerely and yours faithfully. Ludmila. Hi mine dear! I am very glad to receive your letter and to learn, that you too want to meet me and to hold in the hands. It is pleasant to me to know, that there is a man, for which I the desired man and which expects, to see me. ####, and as your native people will concern to to that I shall arrive to you?. ####, I would not like to create for you any inconveniences. ####, today I visited the agent travels. He has told, that their firm can prepare for me travel. It will require approximately about two weeks. They will be to prepare for me the passport and insurance, then they will be to order for me the visa. The agent has told, that behind the visa I owe to reach in Moscow in your embassy. He has told, that now uneasy to receive the visa of the tourist to you, but they can care of, that I could receive the visa without problems. The ambassador it, a little time will be required to reserve for me the ticket and to develop more convenient route of the plane. I have told them, that probably I shall conclude with them the contract for my travel, toon. Tomorrow I shall learn from them full details rather cost and necessary documents. Today I had small free time from my work also had not time in detail all to learn. So i shall talk to my parents to ask them, to help to me to pay this contract. I very much hope, mine lovely, that at us all will be good also we can be speed beside with each other. I very much frequently I think of it. I have various imaginations concerning us of a two. and you, mine favourite? Dear, I wanted to learn from you, if cost travels will be large, whether you can help me with some by part it? My parents cannot be named as the rich people, and I not wanted very strongly to worry their finance. I hope, that some money for our meeting will not be a problem for you. But if yours financial position now heavy, I shall try itself to find any the decision for this purpose. Favourite, write to me is speed. I love you. Kiss you. Your Ludmila. Hi mine favourite! A thank to you for your letter, it supported me. Today I was slightly Is injured. Mine has told the mums, that she will not help me to pay for the passport, insurance and visa. She has told, that a payment for these things we should think out together. She has told, that when we shall pay it and I shall receive the passport and visa, she together with the daddy will care of my tickets to you. She has told, that the tickets very expensive and consequently they with them will help us. ###, the agent of travel has told, that contract includes the price of the passport, insurance, visa and services of agency. It is possible to pay for the tickets money after I shall have all documents for travel. The price of all documents and works of a travel company, 750 $. They want so much money because now very difficultly to receive the visa in your country and them it is necessary to do for this purpose many efforts. ####, lovely I have no many money and I have told them, that while I shall talk to you I shall do this contract. Favourite, I today was injured by all these things. I did attempts to borrow this money at some people, but nobody could to me help. I hope, that you can help me this money and that it is not for you a problem. I very much want to feel you beside. Favourite, I wait with impatience your answer and I hope, that at us the time together will be speed. If such money it is not so difficult for you and it does not become a barrier to us, tomorrow I shall go in a travel company and to conclude the contract. I shall wait very muchnd to hope, that we shall be together. I love you. Your Ludmila. Hi mine lovely #### ! I so am glad always to receive your letters. But we do not move further. The reason to all - money. To me sadly to speak about it, but now it is a barrier before our meeting! My agent hurries me, that I paid money in the company faster. If you really want to continue registration of the documents, I should ask you to speak, when you will send money. It is very a shame to me to speak with you about money. But it is a sole barrier before our meeting now! You can help me? I should precisely know it! In the other case you should tell me, that you refuse me! To me is very sad, I very much love you. But I needed to tell you all this! You my destiny, you my happiness. And I can not live without you! If I can, I shall check your letters today in evening.
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