ELENA REVTOVA (Ekaterinburg, Russia) from Ekaterinburg a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is ELENA REVTOVA (Ekaterinburg, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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ELENA REVTOVA (Ekaterinburg, Russia)
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ELENA REVTOVA (Ekaterinburg, Russia) I am a 46 yr old White American Technician. I had an ad in the Yahoo personals and received a response from "lovenice_girl" age 30 from Cincinnati, Iowa on 2/18/2004. Her picture was quite becoming and I started conversing with her. I immediately found it odd that the next time I went on Yahoo her address had changed. We conversed via Email and here are some excerpts: Letters:Will M.

ello my new friend Will, I`m very happy to write you now!!! Today is very nice day and weather. This is my first time looking for man in Internet and I have wrote to you a message and Im very happy receive answer from you, now I dont have profile, cause it was something wrong with my registration and I ve deleted my profile . In Profile I wrote that Im looking for serious relationship. Its very strange for me to look for serious relationship in another country. My girlfriends adviced me to do it... Some of them have a correspondence with men from abroad. One girl Ekaterina is going to visit her man soon to Germany. My parents told me if I live in another coutry and I`ll meet a good man, they will be very happy!!! My parents permited me to look for a man in another coutry. My name is Elena.I can write and speak English without anyones help. Im 30 years old (1974, 3th Marth). I live with my parents, I live in Russia, Urals, Ekaterinburg. I dont have a boyfriend here, I had a few boyfriends, but i didnt love anyone. And i didnt want to create family here cause russian men dont want to take care of their children (some of them dont want to have children at all ) and they cant provide a stable future to their wifes. Maybe its boring but I want to know what will happen to me tomorrow. Some people dont like to think about the next day.. as for me I want to have a stable future.I like to write letters (usually I do it by hand, I dont have any foreign friends but I have many friends in Russia). My granny told me that she wrote letters to my grandfather when she was young . It was time of The Second World War. Now she is very happy that they didnt have computers and telephones because now she has letters from her husband (he was killed in the war). I know that sometimes she is sitting in her room, she read his letters and cry... My grandfather was the only man in her life, my mother loves only my father and I want to find "my man". Please write me a full information about you, your work, where you live and e.t.c. You can send me your photos and photos of your city if you want!!! . I have few questions for you. What do you want from our relationship???? What weather is in your city?? Do you like animals? I don`t have a computer at my home and I use an Internet Cafe in my city. Oh... sorry for my long letter.. Im very romantic person. I like to write long letters. Now I`ll go home and will prepare supper for my parents and me and tomorrow morning I`ll go to Internet Cafe and I`ll look an e-mail from you!!! Please write to my direct email elena1974r@bk.ruMany Kisses for my friend!!!! ElenaHello My Love Will ! Sorry, that I didn`t write you so long, but I visited my granny, so I had no possibility to write you. I so missed you. My granny send you hello! We talked about you and I think she is already like you!! Oh, my dear, I was thinking about you all the time. It was so difficult without your letters.You remember that tomorrow I have a birthday. I so want to see you tomorrow, but it is impossible. My parents made me wonderful present! You will never guess what it is!! They gave me money to visit you - 800 USD!! I`m so happy!! Today I started registration and payed this sum. So in two day I will need to make last payments - 400 USD. Will you help me with this money, because my flight costs 1200USD. I was in bank, a manager told me that you can send money by Western Union. It is quick and safe sistem. I can`t wait for a day of our meeting! I will receive full information about my trip after I will do the last paymenys. Pls try to send money today or tomorrow by Western Union to Russia, Ekaterinburg, Kosmonavtov street 56-91 to Elena Revtova. Oh, my sweetheart, I will wait a letter from you. I feel myself like the happiest woman in the world!! I love you!!! Yours Elena. My Response
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