Olga Orehova (Ekaterinburg, Russia) from Ekaterinburg a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Olga Orehova (Ekaterinburg, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Olga Orehova (Ekaterinburg, Russia)
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olenka22@rbcmail.ru solnichko2004@land.ru
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Olga Orehova (Ekaterinburg, Russia)Ekaterinburg Russia Kosmonavtov st., 80-70 (no phone number given) olenka22@rbcmail.ru The letters tell the story. No money was sent. This scam was obvious after the third letter. "Olga" uses at least three dating sites: friends.teletext.net.sg lovemedotru/eng/scripts/persona1.asp?id=100641 actidate.com (from which she was expelled) Most of the letters are prewritten, and one should notice early on thats shes not even reading your letters. Incidentally, the pictures are certainly not her, and there are only two. One possible real name is Olga Balbekova, who uses the handle "Olenka22," but this is completely unconfirmed. Shortly after the money arrangements began, I received, out of the blue, a response from another hustler at Actidate, after a month-long quiet spell. Her name is Irina, and she had a "new" email address to give me, solnichko2004@land.ru . This was a remarkably coincidental "test" of whether or not I would respond to Irina. Its likely theyre both from the same scammer (unconfirmed). Some of the letters are brilliantly contrived, but the weak point of this scammer is that she/he doesnt bother to read your letters, and any guy with half a brain will see a serious problem long before the money issue comes up. And the age of the alleged correspondent is also brilliant, since one can more easily excuse the romantic excesses of a 22 year old woman than one could for a 30 or 40 year old. Well, Ive done my duty here. Seems like its easy, though, to avoid these scoundrels by just being alert. And I have to add that not all Russian women using the free sites are tricksters--some are quite genuine, and poor as well. So, guys, venture forth into that unknown world, but use common sense! JonnyLetters:

HI You likely are a little surprised, that have received this letter. But I all the same was typed boldness and I write you this letter. I first time try to find happiness, my second half in this huge world with the help of it website. So about me...My name is Olga, I am 22 years old, I study in University, I live in Russia in city ofEkaterinburg. I liked your profile and I would like to know you more good. If you too liked my profile, and you want to know me more good too then write to me the letter and I with pleasure shall answer you. My e-mail olenka22@rbcmail.ru I with impatience wait for your answer. Your new friend Olga.Hello my friend (I hope you dont against that I call you in such way)! Thank you for your letter. I was very pleased to get it. I think hat the most important thing in relations is honesty and sincere feelings. The partners have to know at once what their second half is dreaming about and what she is looking for. Can I tell you few things about myself? My name is Olga. I live in Russia, in city Ekaterinburg. I was born on November, 25 and I will go 23 this year. You may think that we do not match by our age, but I have another theory on this subject: I think the main thing is how the person feeling inside, how he acts, what he is doing, of course, if he is saying that the life is a strange thing in which he doesnt want to take part, then he is old for sure, not regarding that he is 20. Im 5,7 and 52 kg, Brown hair, Brown blue eyes of a mystery... and light gentle heart too. Ive never been married, and I do not have children, but I want to have some day, may be two: a boy and a girl. I think that children are the flowers of the life. I was born in Russia and live here still for 22 years. Im also an outdoors person, but Im sure that everyone has in the life such moment, in which he wants to stay along, to think about something, to dream, but how it is great to dream together...?! I like music, may be except rap and heavy metal... some of my favorite groups are : Aha, Roxette, Depeche Mode, Tatty, may be Sting and few others. And what kind of music do you like? I like sports, mostly volley-ball and tennis, aerobics, swimming, shaping. I also like reading books. Mostly it is poetry, but I also like French, English novels of 18-19th centuries. My favorite book is "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare. Well, I think this is enough for now. Hoping to hear from you soon, Olga. Dear John, Thank you for your letter, I will try to tell more about myself. I am still studying and I am going to be a teacher of Russian language and literature, but I also can teach history, when I finish my education. It is such a wonderful work, but at the same time it is art, cause to find the key to the heart of a person is art. And I like their happy laugh and their strive for knowledge, and their new, not ordinary look to life. Every new pupil is like a new diamond with thousand of sides, sparkling and giving rainbows to this world, which is full of mistrust and evil, and I wish the only one thing to bring up a personality, who will search for kindness, who will act kindness, making this world better with every minute of heir life. I like to travel very much, but I do it mostly in my dreams. And if I had to chose where to live with my beloved, I would like to share with him everything, though sunsets and sun rising at the beach attracts me more than anything in the world. But I wouldnt mind traveling a little, just to see other countries, to learn their way of ife. And in general, I am free to all new experiences, whether in traveling or in other things, but there is the only one condition, I would like to do that with the person who is close to me, who is dear to my heart, and whom I love with all my essence, with whom I feel that spiritual closeness, which all of us re searching for... If I were beside such a man, we would bring a new rainbow to this world making it better with every act of kindness and love. May be I am carried away a little bit with my philosophy, but it is inside of me, and I cant keep it anymore. And I feel somehow, that you are the person I can trust. Thinking about you, Olga. Dear John, Im glad to see your letter. Please forgive me Im not wrote you very fast because I thought about us and Im sure in my feelings to you John. I want to tell you John that you are my love, I trust you and I tell you about my feelings I want to tell you all what in my heart now, I dont know can I write it in words but I try now. Today is cold wind and thoughts about you make me warm, I fell that you are very favourite for me. My heart beats faster when I dream about our meeting, yesterday, last night I had a dream about us. It was fantastic dream, we was together and speak a lot, I dont remember where we was, but it was not important for me. I feel your breath and it was the happiest moment in my life, It was so real... Then we come to house, we had a dinner with candles. I remember then we come to bedroom, but it was the final moment I remember, then I waked up, I was so warm and my heart beats very often. I understood it was only a dream, but it was so real... I think this dream has a important value for me. Maybe its mark? I dont know but I really know that I love you all my heart John. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! I WANT TO TELL IT YOU PERSONALLY, I WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE AND SEE YOUR EYES AND TELL IT TO YOU!!!! I LOVE YOU AND ITS TRUE!!! Today Ill go to the church and put candle for our relations, I make a wish to meet you John, Ill ask the God for you John,. My heart is yours, I tell it to you because I trust you and I never lie, I tell you my feelings to you and Im sure I must tell you the truth. And its beautiful truth to me that I love you... I dont thought that it will be, but I dont know why but I feel it to you John. I think we must meet, I dont know how to do it now but Ill think about it, I think about you as my husband in future but we must know better each other for it and I know we must meet and be with each other. I love you John please dont forget it, I feel it and I think we must use this chance if you feel that your heart speak to you. If you in love too, its great!!! I understand that you can reject me, but I love you anyway. You are the interest man for me, I like your letters, I love your name very much, and I love you. Yes I love you John, and its great!!! I thank the God that I wrote you and find the perfect man, you my dear John. With eternal love, Olga. Hello John, My dear, I so love you and I think we need to meet as soon as it possible, if you are not against it. If want I can visit travel agency and find out all about my coming to you, but before to go there I need to know where is the Nearest International Airport to you. So I wait your letter and I wish you to have good day. Yours OlgaHello my dear John, Thanks for your letter. How are you? I am fine and I hope you too. Today I visit travel agency and find out all about my coming to you. All what I need for my coming to you it is ticket "there-back", visa, my foreign passport. I find out the cost of all this and now I have 2 news for you. One bad and one good. The ticket Moscow-San Francisco-Moscow cost $865. The making of the visa is cost $283. The making of the foreign passport is cost $157. Also I need the ticket from my city up to Moscow which cost $66. All this cost I need $1371. The bad news is that I dont have all this money. All what I can get by myself and with help of my parents is $436. I dont know what to do. I so upset that such thing as money stand between our meeting. And now the good news. If I have all money then the making of all documents what I need for my coming to you will take 6 days. The making of the my foreign passport take 2 days. And making of visa take 4 days. Also I find out that flights from Moscow up to San Francisco are made each day. So what we will do? I will wait your letter, my love.Yours Olga Hello John, My dear I so happy that you can help me with money problem. I so wait the time when we will be near each other. My dear the best will be if you send money to me in Ekaterinburg. But when I was in travel agency they told me that you can pay for all what I need for my trip to you on there bank account. So what way you will chose? I wait your letter and I so so so love you my dear. Million of warm kisses from your big love Olga Hello John, My love I dont know what way will be more good. But also when I was in travel agency they told me about such systems as Western Union or Money Gram. With help of which you can send money at any part of world. They told me that for using this systems you need to know some information about me, such as my full name and my address. My full name is Olga Orehova and my address is Russia, Ekaterinburg, Kosmonavtov st., 80-70. So I dont know what way to use. If you chose to use travel agency bank account I can find out all information about it tomorrow and I send it to you also tomorrow. So I wait your letter and I want that you chose by your self what way to use. I am fully trust you and I so much love you. Yours second half in this big world Olga Hello John, My love thanks for your letter. How are you today? I am fine and I hope you too. Today I have visit travel agency and get all information about there bank account and also I have visit office of Western Union and Money Gram and fine out how they work. So if you choose to use Western Union, then it will be good me too. When I come to the Office of Western Union I ask them how you can send money trough their systems and they told me this. You need to come to the Western Union office in you place and told there that you want to send money to me. They will ask you my full name (Olga Orehova), the country where you want to send money (Russia) and my address (Ekaterinburg, Kosmonavtov st., 80-70). After you tell them all this information you need to give them money and they will send it to me. After they do it they will give you money transfer code number, it is numeric code form 10 numbers. After you get this code you need to send me it and also you need to send em your full name, your address and the address of the Western Union office form where you send me money. As soon as I get all this information I can get the money. So you see it is very easy to use this system. So I wait your letter and I so much love you and now I think only about you and about the time when we will be together. Kissing you. Yours Olga
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