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She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Is She the russian scammer? All known additional details of this scammer, which we have. If we have a text of scammer's letter(s), it'll be remark in this color. Im a 44 year old Immigration Enforcement Agent. Im not really sure how Nina contacted me. In the eginning, She hinted that a computer would help her write t me more often. I didnt buy her one. Later, he asked about money to get a visa with. Again, she didnt get the money. Then her friends loaned her the money and she got a visa approved but "just for 30 ays" to come visit me. Two days ago, she had the money for the trip to come visit me, today she onlt needs a few undred dollars to make it happen. Funny, thing.. She sents me long letters every 3 or 4 days with photographs attached. She even knows what I do for a living yet she kept the game going. Most of her photos were named something like: July_2003_in_Vladivostok6.jpg I think she might have contacted me via frienfinders. I had a long report prepared but it bounched back as rejected. I think her last name started with the letter "S" and ended in nova.Letters:

Hello, sunshine William!!! This letter will short as I am living to the village where my grandmother lives. She will have her birthday and we want to celebrate it all together. My mother is going with me too. It is hurt to me to speak about it, but it is possible she will soon die, and I very much want her to see. Because, probably, it will be last time. The village is rather far from the town, in 200 km. So t will take much time to get there and back. We will take a bus. I will be away for 1 or 2 days. I love my grandma and want to spend some time with her. She is always happy to see me too. I will be missing you, dear. As to mine do a bit of travelling to you I started process of reception of the visa. I to pay it, remained, that it have approved in embassy. I very much want our first meeting!!!! Probably, I already mentioned to you, but I would arrive to you in at once as soon as has received the visa!!! Or in any other term which to you will be convenient!! I want our meeting, whether to understand we approach each other!! If yes, and you want, that I would remain, we HALL BUILD the SMALL WORLD!!!! As ancient greek tsar Odissej, with the wife. They have started with small. But then he ecame tsar, and his true and clever wife always was near to him and is true to him!!!! I want it. It is an overall objective of my life!!! But if you will consider, that I do not suit you, I at once shall leave to Russia. As there is no internet cafe there, will be able to write you only when I come back. Be not frightened for me, I where to not vanish. I shall come quickly. All this time I shall think of you!!!! Please, take care. I love you. Till soon. Nina. Hi, honey William!!! I had a wonderful dream last night. Me and you in a big room with the candles. I dont remember the dream quite well. But I remember our happy smiles. That was such a pleasant feeling. Just me and you in the whole world. You were so tender with me and I felt your so deep love. And I wanted to give you all myself, my love, passion, care and tenderness. It is difficult to find words to describe all the feelings I had last night. But such dreams give me faith and hope for our happy future together. I talked to my friends about you and that I want to be with you. And you know they are happy for us and have nothing against. They told me the stories about happy marriages of Russian women and foreigners. I too heard about it a lot. And I am sure there are many people in the world who have found their halves even being on a big distance. I am think you can be are my second half too and soon we will be one whole. But it only dreams..... I miss you, Love you. Nina.Hi, my sunshine William!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am back, I am back and happy to be able to write you again. I missed you so badly. You are the sun of my life and that is so great to be able to write you. I dream about our soon meeting every day. That is only dreams now but I am sure the day will come and it will happen in real. We had a very good celebration. My grandmother was happy to see all of us, her friends and relatives. I was very pleased to see everyone too. I cooked much food and put away everything. Actually, I was the only one who did everything about he house. So I am a little bit ired. But it was very pleasant to hear compliments and my relatives told me that I could be a very good wife or girlfriend. Dont think I am boasting. I just like to cook and to spend time at home. And I too think I could be a good wife or girlfriend. But you will be able to experience it. Tell me, how are you? And whats new? Did you miss me? Just a little bit??? Ok, have to go. I love you and wait impatiently for your message. Bye. Kisses.............. Nina. Hi, darling William!!!I am so excited. Ive got the letter from the Embassy that my visa is ready and I have to go to Moscow now. I should pass last interview and receive the visa. It is small formality and I shall not have problems with it. I will buy ticket there and will immediately take a plane to come to you. We dont need to wait any more. I shall fly to Moscow tomorrow. Just some days and we will be together. I am so happy and hope you too. Frankly speaking, I cant find words. I am so much excited and nervous a little. I cant believe that will see and touch you soon. Isnt this great?! Please, tell me the nearest airport I should fly to and where you could meet me? I need you so much, dear. It seems to me like it is still a dream, wonderful dream. B ut tell me, tell me, please, that I am not sleeping!...... Please, write me as soon as you can. I love you so much.............. Kiss you tightly. Nina.
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