Yulia Biktimirov (Lesnoy, Russia) from Lesnoy a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Yulia Biktimirov (Lesnoy, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Yulia Biktimirov (Lesnoy, Russia)
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lonelylady12345@mail.ru travelagencyt@bk.ru
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Yulia Biktimirov (Lesnoy, Russia) I am a recently divorced white American, 34, father of two. And no, I dont want to talk to ANY MORE RUSSIAN WOMEN who dont live within 25 miles of me. :^) The contact originated at an online dating service (americansingles.com), which is a legitimate website that I visit. After corresponding 2 or 3 times there, "she" sent me her email address - lonelylady12345@mail.ru . I was a little suspicious at such a generic sounding email address. At first we just kinda talked. This is the email she sent: Letters: At this point, I was getting REALLY suspicious. We corresponded a few more times, and I told her I had contacted the American Consulate directly (and I did). She said that was a "bad mistake" because if the Consulate thought she was coming to the US to meet someone in a romantic way, they would force her to get a Fiancee visa instead of a tourist visa. I realized I was getting scammed, so I wrote her a good-bye note. She sent me a few emails after that saying "I will die if you leave me", and other such nonsense. That was last weekend. I havent heard from her since. I wish I had known about your site BEFORE I sent the money. Oh, well, life is a learning experience. David

Hi dear Dave, My name is Yulia, I hope you have read some information from my profile, but i would like to tell you little bit more. I live in small and beautiful city on Ural in Russia - Lesnoy. Its near by Ekaterinburg.I was born here and lived all my life. I liked my school years and also when i was in college, I went there after school and I have got a higher education . After college I began to work and I work nearly 1 year. I am work n my city at one firm as a manager and selling their products. I live without my mother and father. I rent apartment with one my girlfriend. My mother,father, grandmother and grandfather live near by me. My parents are married already 23 years. My mothers name Anna and she is 47 y.o. She is a doctor and working in local hospital andhelp children. My fathers name Roman, he is 55 y.o and he is engineer. I am working 5 days a week , 8 hours a day and i have 2 days off. Usually I spend my free time with my close friends. We like to walk,go to movies, theatres and discos. I like aerobics very much and i often visit an aerobic classes. I learned English in School and college. My english is not so bad, but as for the speech its worse because I do not have a practise. I enjoy cooking and i like to cook with my family when i have free time. Now i am thinking about my future and i am trying to find a good guy, but to tell you the truth its very hard to do it here because most of all my friends, guys of my age are not serious and they want just a physical relationship and also they drink to much. I am a very simple but kind and open person, I rarely get angry and the simplest things can make me happy: a sunny day, a candy, the face of somebody special...I loath lies and betrayal and I always try to treat people right. I am romantic and tender person, vulnerable at times. I need the love and support alot and if I get it I give twice as much. I think I can be a good wife and ...after all nothing really matters except to love and be loved in this life and if you are you manage everything I believe. I will tell you a bit more when you write me back. If you have a questions please ask and i will answer with great pleasure. Sending you some pictures and hope to get some from you. Sincerely yours, YuliaFour emails later, she asked me to pay for part of her cruise. Luckily, I had at least some sense and had told her that I could not afford the entire $1060 she said the travel agency needed. Here is the email requesting I pay $500 for her tour.Hi my dearest Dave, I am so happy to hear from you today, thanks for the pictures i really liked them.I am fine and hope the same with you there. Hope we will chat in ICQ more soon. So, are you excited about meeting me personaly???))) I am very excited!!!! I have checked my savings today and i have about 550 USD and i can use it for the travel arrangments. I can be there with you in the first week of May if we will pay money to agency sooner, until March,20. Total amount from Ekaterinburg to Atlanta 1060 USD. Can you contact with agency and pay balance 500 USD? I will fly to you and we wil spend nice vocation together if you will help me. Here is the web site of the agency touristplus.h12.ru Just tell them your full name and that you are going to help Yulia Biktimirova with trip to Atlanta. I am sure i will not found better price here, they are working directly with American Consulate. and another important thing. I can not get a visa if i will not buy the whole tour here. (visa,passport, tickets,insurance and other paperwork) For example if tickets will be bought in US and from other name (you) American Consulate which situated in Ekaterinburg must be sure that i have money for the trip, property, job and other things and can afford trip myself, also they must be sure that i do not have a sponsors (relatives, friends) abrorad and i will come to Russia after spending time in US and will not stay there for living or illegaly to work or live with you because i will travel like a tourist ( visa B2). I can not obtain another now. It means that everything (Tickets...) must be bought here. its very important!!!! Here is the phone number you can call tomorrow: + 7 904 38 00640 Can you call me tomorrow Saturday at 9:30 pm my time. We have 10 hours difference, so itll be 11:30 am at you. I am waiting for your answer, I so happy and excited, Million kisses and hugs, Yours Yulia p.s. my birthday 15th April and i will have 24.Here is the email from the Travel Agency responding to my inquiry about the tour: Mr. Doster! Regarding your request and request of Yulia Biktimirova we send you the information about the trip from Ekaterinburg, Russia to Atlanta,GA, USA PRICES: foreign passport - 70 USD medical insurance -70 USD tourist visa , one entry- 100 USD return tickets Ekaterinburg, Russia- Atlanta,USA (tickets valid during a month,open date of back flight )- 820 USD total cost: 1060 USD CONDITIONS: We can open a tourist visa to USA (type B-2) in Ekaterinburg American consulate if the client orders the whole tour : visa passport, medical insurance and round tickets. Our Agency gives guarantee for receiving visa . If consulate will refuse in visa, we return money to sponsor of trip. We arrange all necessary documents and tickets on march tours 40-45 days after receiving the full cost of the trip. Miss Biktimirova informed Us ,that You want to be a sponsor of this trip (510 USD )and she will pay other 550 USD. PAYMENT: Our firm is legally registered as PRIVATE BUSINESSMAN DANCHENKOV EVGENIY OLEGOVICH I can send you our license on tourist activity. Regarding laws of Russian Feberation We can accept payments from our foreign clients in USD via bank systems WesternUnion or MoneyGramm on the name of Director of our company- EVGENIY DANCHENKOV. Receivers name : EVGENIY last name: DANCHENKOV country: Russia city: Ekaterinburg It is most safe and fast way to transfer money. send the Information about the transfer to our e-mail: travelagencyt@bk.ru and our Agency will receive funds on next day after transfer and send you confirmation. Our agency also has currency account in USD, but bank transfers from the USA come to Russia in 14-20 days after sending the money on the account, so in your case payment on bank account is not convenient if you want to make all necessary documents on May + the bank takes 3% of the transfer sum, so we prefer WesternUnion or MoneyGram (money gram has lower transfer fees) Unfortunately it is impossble to take on-line payments from credit cards,because billing companies (such as IBILL,CCNOW,e.t.c) dont support tourist services. Though you can make on-line payment to us from your credit card n westernunion.com To aquaire all additional information you may contact us by e-mail it is cheaper for you and comfortable for us, we will reply in 2-3 hours after receiveing letter in working time or by phone. Respectfully yours, Travel Agency TOURIST PLUS, travel manager Sergey Nikolaev. TRAVEL AGENCY TOURIST PLUS 620066,Russia, Ekaterinburg, Komsomolskaya 31,office 5 tel: +7(3432)445643 fax.+7(3432)445642 e-mail: travelagencyt@bk.ruI sent $600 to the travel agency (or at least, I sent it to EVGENIY DANCHENKOV) by Moneygram. Not long after, Yulia wrote to say that she was going to Yekaterinburg to the American Consulate for her visa interview. After the Interview, she wrote back saying she needed $1000 to "prove she would return to russia" or something like that. Hi Dave, my darling, I have very important news! I have been at the American Consulate today and had a first interview there. We have talked alot, they asked me about my income and property of my parents and some other things.Now please listen to me honey. My visa is ready but not approved, because i need to show to the Russian Custom Service and to the Visa Passport Service living minimum for this period of time when ill be there with you and it is - 1000 USD. It is law of russian passport visa service and custom service for any people who wants to travel like a tourist and they require it to make sure that person have a money enough on tourist needs and will not stay in foreign country illegaly to work or live to another account.In other case if i will not show them this amount of money my visa process will be canceled and we can not meet in a person. Its yours country rules!!! Honey please try to find the money as soon as possible. If you not have try it try borrow from somebody for a 4-5 days. I understand its alot but i can send you back immediately after i will have a stamp in my passport if you will need it asap or you get it at the airport when I will come to you. I need to approve my visa untill Monday March,29. (my next and last interview) I have talked with my family and they can loan me 350 USD but no more but in any case i will need 650 USD the rest,do not worry i will not waste even a dollar from this amount.This is our last step and well be together soon. I am waiting your answer. Remember, i do not pay this amount just show that i have. I need you Dave and counting days and minutes before our meeting. I have so much love and warmth to share and I want to share it only with you. Million Kisses, Your Yulia
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