Elena Revtova from Ekaterinburg a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Elena Revtova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Elena Revtova
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siberiatravels@bk.ru flower1974r@bk.ru
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Elena Revtova I had been contacted by one of your Russian scam artists. I was sucked in and and accidently came across your web-site, she was listed under another name. I was contacted by Elena Revtova aka Albina Pushkavera, Natasha Komarova, Tatyana Biryvkova. She contacted me at yahoo.com and we started to exchange e-mail. I did not realize she was sending form letters and found it odd she did not answer questions I asked. We were setting up a flight, visa and passport. A company known as Siberian Travel Agency contacted me to pursue travel arangements the contact was Aeksander the owner was supposed to be Michail Popov. The TRAVEL AGENCY "Siberiatravel" 620066,Russia,Ekaterinburg,Lenina street 57 tel: +7-343-266-77-21 email: siberiatravels@bk.ru siberiatravel.ur.ru The Western Union Payment for Invoice No 13-5390-0689 I happened to have a problem with the date suggested and tried to contact Elena. Nevere heard back. Luckily I never spent any money, but came very close. Below are the e-mails sent to me. I also have a few pictures she/he used if you are interested.Letters:

Hello , I am Lonely girl about 29 years old. I have seen your ad and it seems to me we have enough many similar dreams and hopes. To be fair I think that one eal meeting is much more better than thousand letters . I would like to see your picture and to hear about your dreams ,and if we have a lot of common we may meet each other one day soon. I want to love and to be loved ,I want to make you happy and to be happy myself,I think our life is too short to spend time to write a lot of letters.I am not too good english writter but I do hope you understand me.I am enough tall,my weight is 50 kg and I have blue eyes,I am natural blonde and I have not had a lot of boyfriends.I am too strong,and there is not my right man among them.If you have time and wish to learn me better please feel free to ask. A little about my dream,he is wonderful man,a lot of muscle ,very kind,very romantic,dont look at different girls,love only me,and have a lot of similar hopes and dreams.Of course I see it is only my imagine of my man and you may be different man but be my love,of course a lot of muscl is not very important thing.I only want you to know about my dreams.my english is too poor to express my feelings,I want to meet my right man. And I will do my best to meet him! Well,I think it is enough for first time,if you have the same wishes please reply to my direct email address flower1974r@bk.ru or write me your email address. Bye, Bye Lonely Flower Hello my new friend Steve, I`m very happy to write you now!!! I like your photo so much, you very hansome man!!! Today is very nice day and weather. In my profile This my first time looking for man in Internet and I have wrote you message and Im very happy receive answer from you, now I dont have profile, cause I was something wrong with my regestration and I have deleted my profile. In Profile I wrote that Im looking for serious relationship. Its very strange for me to look for serious relationship in another country. My girlfriends adviced me to do it... Some of them have a correspondence with men from abroad. One girl Ekaterina is going to visit her man soon to Germany. My parents told me if I live in another coutry and I`ll meet a good man, they will be very happy!!! My parents permited me to look for a man in another coutry. My name is Elena. I can write and speak English without anyones help. Im 29 years old (1974, 30th Marth). I live with my parents, I live in Russia, Urals, Ekaterinburg. I dont have a boyfriend here, I have few boyfriends, but russian men dont want to take care of their children (some of them dont want to have children at all ) and they cant provide a stable future to their wifes. Maybe its boring but I want to know what will happen to me tomorrow. Some people dont like to think about the next day.. as for me I want to have a stable future.I like to write letters (usually I do it by hand, I dont have any foreign friends but I have many friends in Russia). My granny told me that she wrote letters to my grandfather when she was young . It was time of The Second World War. Now she is very happy that they didnt have computers and telephones because now she has letters from her husband (he was killed in the war). I know that sometimes she is sitting in her room, she read his letters and cry... My grandfather was the only man in her life, my mother loves only my father and I want to find "my man". Please write me a full information about you, your work, where you live and e.t.c. You can send me your photos and photos of your city if you want!!! . I have few questions for you. What do you want from our relationship???? What weather is in your city?? Do you like animals? I don`t have a computer at my home and I use an Internet Cafe in my city. Oh... sorry for my long letter.. Im very romantic person. I like to write long letters. Now I`ll go home and will prepare supper for my parents and me and tomorrow morning I`ll go to Internet Cafe and I`ll look an e-mail from you!!! Please write to my direct email flower1974rus@bk.ru Many Kisses for my friend!!!! ElenaHello my dear Steve, Im so happy to receive an answer from you! I like your photo so much, you very nice man!!! Your email made my day! I hope our relationship have a future... Today is the 17th of Marth, the weather is very nice +5C Degrees. Yesterday I told my father about my email to you and about you, my parents are very happy that I met you. My father sent you hello!!! I decided that I wanted to correspond only with you and I don`t want to look for anbody else. I hope you will do the same. You are very special for me. I have very strong family values. My mother taught me how to be a good woman. I respect my parents very much and I thank God every day that he gave me such parents as I have. Now I know that you are interested in my person and I can tell you more things about me. Its very important to know each other better. I`m very glad to ead your email. Im ready to tell you more about me. My height is 168 cm (5.6) My weight is 53 kg (115-116) My measurements (bust-waist-hips): 92-60-92 cm Im in a good shape because I take care of my body, because I like sports. Every morning when I get up, first I take a hot shower and then a cold shower.. and Im full of energy till the end of my day. After shower I do morning gymnastics. I have neither time, nor money for gym and I prefer to do gymnastics at home. Im not lazy! I like to swim in the Swimming pool very much. I wish we had the sea here! I like the sea! I finished The Ural State Univercity, journalistic faculty but I dont work on my profession, I used to sit at home and to do all housework: to help my mum, to cook for my parents. I want to tell you about things I like: I like to cook for someone. I like vanilla and strawberry ice-cream. I like to look at stars in midnight. I like walking hand in hand in park. I like warm weather. I like honesty. I like you. Also I want tell you about my dislikes: I hate furs. I hate boiled onion. I hate cold and rainy weather. I hate lies and unfaithfulness. I hate that Im so far from you. What I like in a man: faithfulness, honesty. He have be open- minded nd open-hearted, also easy-going. I have an idea, What do you think about phone conversations? Could you call me ? I want to hear your voice and talk with you so badly. If you can do this I`ll write you the time and date, ok? Please try to check the time difference between Russia, Ekaterinburg and your country. Please write me your phone number too ( home or cell ) and I`ll try to call you too. I hope that we can talk by phone soon. Steve, I want to find a "right" man and spend with him all my life. Tell me what qualities do you appreciate in a woman? Today I`ll send you few photos to you ( my parents and me and photo from Univercity ) Darling, I have to go home now because Im very tired and hungry. I hope you have a place for me in your heart and your mind... All my thoughts will be with you. Let the sun shine today in your city, let your day be as good as you want! ... and keep smiling to make me happy for you! This night I will try to come to your dreams.... and I will smile for you! Yours, Elena Hello my sweet Steve! Im happy to write you again! I miss you very much! I like photo, thank you!!! Yesterday with my parents we visited my granny , She live in Village near with Ekaterinburg. She send you Hello, and she give me warm sweater for you. I returned to city today morning and now I came to Internet Cafe, thank you for your last email. I like to read your email. I want to know all about you. Its very hard to know a person through writing emails, without meeting and personal contact. I want to do all my best to tell you all things about myself. My favourite food is Italian. I like Russian kitchen also. Its my hobby to cook Italian dishes. I like to cook pizza. My favourite one is pizza with mushrooms and tomatoes. Do you like pizza? What is your favourite pizza? I like to cook lasagne also. Some days ago I tried to cook lasagne with chicken, it was very tasty. Have you ever tried Russian dishes? borsch? pelmeni? vareniki? I like to eat ice-cream. We have here Baskin Robbins and I think that ice-cream is very tasty there (but very expensive). When I have money I like to eat ice-cream in Baskin Robbins. Do you like ice-cream? What is your favourite juice? I like grapes and cherry juice. Do you like coffee? I dont like it. I like to drink green tea. My favourite colours are red and blue. My favourite flowers are lilias. I like to ski and to skate at winter. I like swimming. I adore beautiful nature, I like to go to the nature with my friends in summer. Tell me about your favourite things. Today its very nice weather in Ekaterinburg +3 - +5 C degrees, and very sunny. What you think about our meeting? I really want to be with you. I hope, you can understand that we cant conversate only in letters. To know each other we should meet face to face. Ill very happy meet you someday, maybe you can visit me in my city? I can show my city to you and you can meet my parents, or if you dont have free time now for trip, maybe I can fly to you? Write me name airport in your city and Ill check plane and tickets for my flight to you. My kisses and hugs, yours, ElenaHello my sweetheart Steve! I miss you very much. I`m thinking about you all time. I understood that I love you, I realised that I want to be with you. I dreamed about our first meeting... Ill tell you my dreams. I come to you, I tought your hair, shoulders... I begin to kiss your back... Your hand tought my eyes and lips... I want to kiss all your body. I want to make love with you. I want youll be near me, I need you. I told my dad that I found my love and he was very happy when he heard that. Yesterday thinking about you I decided to draw something. I didnt know what to draw but I felt something and I dont know how to describe that feeling, so, I took a sheet of paper and a pencil and I began to draw. I didnt thought about what I was drawing I thought only about you. Do you understand me? I dont know how to describe it but I hope youll understand me. Im so happy I found you. Im so happy that you are exist and I can write you emails. I can tell you everything what I feel. I can tell you all my dreams and routins. I think about you all the time. I think about you everywhere. Today, when I was walking in the park I thought about you. I imagined how we are going there together, we take hand in hand and we are laughing. I was very happy at that moment. now I can tell you that ou are the man of my dreams, You are the ideal of my man. Are you happy to hear that? Tell me more about your feelings and about your dreams. Now lets start lessons of Russian laguage: Ya tebia lublu = I love you. Ya tebia hochu = I want you. Ti mne nuzhen = I need you. Dosvidania = Good bye. Today I visited travel agency, my parents used this travel agency for flight to Island Cyprus 2 years ago. I talked with travel agent, his name is Aleksander, I told him that I want to fly from Ekaterinburg to you. I gave him your email address, he will check today information about visa, tickets and when I can fly to you and he will write you this information. Im very happy that I can fly to you and be with you, Im ready for our meeting. Maybe we can chat online? I have installed ICQ, this special program for chat online, you can download this program from ICQ.com, my ICQ number is 328650958, I hope we will chat today or tomorrow. I have very good news, maybe in Wensday or thursday Ill have cell phone and Ill give my number to you and you can call me in any time,ok? I bought a gift for you and Ill present it to you when Ill come to you. My kiss and hugs, your Elena
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