Lena (Moskow, Russia) from Moscow a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Lena (Moskow, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Lena (Moskow, Russia)
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lenochka766@yandex.ru mineforever@rambler.ru mvgajr@aol.com
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Lena (Moskow, Russia) This woman is very good and i wish there was away to let all men know of her. I would say clever, well spoken, good english and she defies all scam alerts. if it wasnt for your site I would have been scammed for lots more that 400.00 dollars.this woman contacted me at americansingles.com. She claims her name is Lena, she is from Moscow but she is living with her uncle in Armenia. her known email addresses are lenochka766@yandex.ru and there is another wich can be the most recent mineforever@rambler.ru be very careful as she will even go as far as to call you and send you e-cards. I have gotten qhite a few emails from a few women who are scammers so I am aware now of them, here are some of the letters and some pics. if you need to know more please feel free to email me at mvgajr@aol.com, I am Mike. IAM HOPING SHE GETS CAUGHT, IT IS NOT REALLY THE MONEY BUT HOW THEY PLAY WITH PEOPLES EMOTIONS. Letters:

Hello my sweet dearest Michael:) i am realy very happy get your answer so much sincere and kind letter thank you very much....So its realy very difficult find person whom you can share your life. sweetheart I feel the same way as ou..may be I am also a little girl who fell in love with her price?:) About our meeting I realy think from your letters that you are very sincere person... and you think very far and serious, its realy nice. my dear i never care about age difference..it is not important for me..I need you..and it is all I want.. you are lucky:)you have kids whom you love:)I know I can become good frined for them if no more,of course if they want:)) your mom is sweetest woman,because she wants to see you happy that is why want to marry you:) today my uncle was in agency which prepare visas for education in USA this is government programm for exchange and my uncle ask for a! ll, this programm gurantee to get US visa 100% without problems, this programm is onre time every year and for this year the registration time is limited till 03 of April I vcan come direct to you as soon as I get visa, this visa valid in USA 6 month and after it may be continue,I have saved money and my uncle can give me which I can use for comming to you, but its not enough sum, the full programm including ticket,visa, travel charges, taxes and programm al together cost 1850 dollars, I have my only 1440 dollars all together with my uncle savings... Tell me your opinion? , gency prepare visa during 25 days max time... but if we deside we need hurry as I said the time for registration is limited... So I need 410 dollars for have complete sum for comming to you... Are you able help me arrange this way comming to you? this is only way I can get visa... May be you will prefer come here to Armenia meet me? and afte! r we go to USA together...? Tell me which way better for you meet we will do so for me its like a dream meet you and start relations, and I make my fingers cross for all be ok:) So I am realy happy to get your letter. I wait your letter yours Lena p.s.sweetheart thank you so much for e-card,I know I love you...my man my uncle dont have phone at home:(i will try to call you from post office..although it is far from mu place but i am ready to do everything for you:) hello my lovely Michael!!! my sweet man my uncle was in bank and they told the easiest way money get here is westernunion,they told him after you send it it will be here during some minutes... my dear for money send you need address and name here,so i will give you my uncles name and address:) my uncles name is Avagjan Areg my uncles address is Republic of Armenia,Yerevan Zejtun 36 str,bld 23,aprt 33 sweetheart you ask me what i will do when i meet you?i cant stop thinking about that momnet..i know first of all i will kiss you,no i will kiss you twice:) and than i hope iwill feel your arms my man...i am dreaming about that moment so much!!! my sweet soon we will be together and i know that we will ike each other:)) cutie boy,i will come here tommorrow for read your e-mail...love you more and more...yours Lena Hello my dearest Michael:) How are you? I miss you much and think of you alot, I am happy we can meet and start relations... So everything is ok my uncle get money and we finish complete payment in agency! and all is finishes for my omming... But there was an unforeseen problem wich make my mood bad:( Agency said everyone who go USA by this programm must have at least 150 dollars chash, not for spend simply this money I need show in agency for proof that I have enough founds to enter USA, my dear I am confused dont know what to do... This conditon was writen in papes I miss this moment not understand it was writen in English all:( I am so nervious and dont know what to do:( If I dont show it in agency thay will not prepare visa for me, I need show it as soon as possible! Tell me are you able borrow this money and send and I will bring it wi! th me when I come, I have few jewelers I can ask my uncle sale tommorrow but they little and bring very little money I think... Wait your soon reply your sincerely Lena.
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