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She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Nina Simonova ( Im a 44 year old Immigration Officer from Nebraska. I have already reported this lady once. Now, I have a better picture and last name to add. Every couple of days, She asks me for money. One day She needs money, I dont send any and somehow She finds the money for the thing She needed, but wants more for something new. ninushka@fromru.comLetters:

My darling William, Again... There is one more problem. I cant leave my country without having $100 or $150 money cash with me. There is the rule of the custom. I think that is done only for Russian people and for the citizens of the third-party countries. A person should prove that he has enough money to come back to his country and that he has money for the back way ticket. That is very important. I will give this money back as soon as I meet you. I just need to have it with me while going through the custom. I already have everything, visa, ticket. That is the last thing we need to do. I hope you understand and will be able to help me. That is the last step on our way for the happy future. I love you and wait for your soon reply. Nina.Sunshine William, I do not know that to me to do, and where I can take money. Probably, I should go back in my city. It is a pity, that my visa of all is valid only 1 month. Why you do not trust me?????!!?? You do not want to send to me money of what you do not trust me??? It is very a pity, because my visa is valid, only 1 month, and I to spend money and time for it Vainly. My hopes were not justified, and I pay because of it!!! To me that you do not trust me is insulting not for the spent money and time, and. Very sadly to hear, when to you do not trust and count you the liar. I shall come back back to the city. Because for me there is no sense more to be in Moscow. You use double system of standards, on the one hand you consider, me very good, and with another you do not respect me and do not trust me!!! I need you so much. It is so hard to be far from you. I need you, rally need you so much. You drive me crazy. I cant think about anything, only about you. How did I live without you my life before. I dont know what is going on with me. I just want to be with you so much. I cant wait till the time I will be with you. I need to touch you so bad. To understand that it is not a dream but you are real. My friends say that I am a weird one already. As I can speak only about you, about our future. I am sure the time will work for us and everything will be fine. That is my inside feeling, that it is our destiny and we willbe happy. Just we need to wait for some more time. As soon as everything is ready, I will come to you and the new life will begin for us. I love you. nd you are the only one I need in the whole life. Take care. Nina.Hi, honey William!!! To me has not sufficed on the ticket because it is necessary to buy a roundtrip ticket of trip at once!!! I did not know it. To me will sell the icket only one way because it is your local laws of immigration. Without the return ticket of me will not let in your country. I did not know about it!!! You should understand, that I have no place to take more money. I in a desperate situation. My visa is valid only 1 month!!! And it will quickly pass, therefore my works to be will be vain!!! I can hope only for you!!! Please, understand and help me!!!! I shall wait your money. All this time I shall live in hotel in Moscow. Because I see sense to go home, and then to come back back to Moscow. You will send to me of money??? It is exact??? You can send money: Nina Simonova " Alfa bank " Ostashkovskaya 22, 129224, Moscow, Russia. or " Moscow Industrial bank " 1 Novokuzminskaya 21, Stroenie 2, Moscow, Russia. I can receive it without problems. You can send in any Moscow bank. For me it is necessary, there will be only your address and MTCN to receive money. I wait for our meeting!!! The first thing I would like to tell you is that I love you so much. I never I thought I could have such feeling like this. This is great!!! Love to you makes me feel the happiest woman in the world. And though we are still far from each other, there is only a distance.You are always in my heart and that makes me closer to you. No money or wealth can make a person happy. But love!!! And I feel rich as I have you and I love you and I want to hear from you that you love me too. I can tell you every minute how much I love you. And only this feeling makes me complete. And the only thing I need now is to see you in person, to touch you. To do everything what can do people being in love. I hope you understand me and dont think that I am weird!!!! I love you with all my heart and soul!!!!!!!!!!!! Hug and kiss you. Nina. My sunshine William!!! Do not worry about me. I am in Moscow already. I have the visa!!! All has passed well and without problems has received the visa. I want to write to you earlier but I could not do it faster because here are a lot of people. I have never seen such lot of people. I think about you everyday, every minute and it is very pleasant that we will be together soon. You cant imagine how hard it is to be without you here. I want always to be with you. And i don t want ever lose you. Life without you will have no sense for me. I love you so much. I get all the information about the tickets today. There are no problems with the tickets yet before the holidays so we should hurry. I am confused to ask you but I don t have money for the tickets and I hope for your help. I have a problem. I am so much upset. I dont know what to do. You are the only one who can help me right now. I didnt expect it will cost me more. But I dont have enough money for ticket. I need 217$ and I should get the money as soon as possible. They will not wait for me in the ticket window. They told me I only have some days to pay for the ticket. So you are my only hope now. Please, do something. We cant miss this chance........ The ticket costs 847 $ for me. It there and back. It is a trip of an airplane from Moscow up to Omaha. It is a trip on April, 10. It is the cheap ticket. I to find it through travel agency. It is a trip Aeroflot. It is cheap the company. I consider that this version better and more cheaply. Money as soon as possible is necessary to me. Or it is the ticket will sell to other person. Therefore to decide to you. I LOVE YOU. And it will be better to pay for the ticket this week as it is reserved already. Dear, we will be able to see each other so soon. Just one more attempt. I love you... I need you... When I went to Moscow I slept and I saw a beautiful dream about our meeting... The girl who sat near me said after that I smiled then dream. I said to you about us and she said that it is very romantic story. I was proud for us. I understand them also... I love you.... I miss you... I adore you... Nina.
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