Olesya Ignatenko (Lugansk, Ukraine) from Kiev, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Olesya Ignatenko (Lugansk, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Olesya Ignatenko (Lugansk, Ukraine)`s photo
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Olesya Ignatenko (Lugansk, Ukraine)
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Kiev, Ukraine
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Olesya Ignatenko (Lugansk, Ukraine) I am a 34 year-old man trying to meet a nice Eastern European woman over the Internet for a while. This experience and the great information about scams posted here allowed me to see through her even from the first letter. She, or whoever is using her name, claims to be Olesya (Lesya) Ignatenko. Her profile says that she lives in Simferopol, but on the third letter she told me that her address is: 22/8 kvartal Bakinzev Lugansk , 91068 Ukraine I wrote to her after finding her profile at the site bride.ru, but I never reported her. Her email address is lig@ukr.net I knew from the beginning what she was looking for, but I followed along to find out how much she was willing to do or say before asking for money. She was in love with me from the second letter, but she never answered my questions. Her letters spoke about her with no relationship to what I had written her. It was clear what she wanted. She sent me a picture with every letter. I am including the best three. t the end of the story she hit me with the Travel and Visa scam. Unfortunately for her, I know how to find accurate information in the Internet. She said that her visa to the US was going to cost her $80 and she needed $300 for the passport and commission of the travel agency making the arrangements for her. She asked me for $380 in total (never sent). She stopped writing when I replied that her Travel Agency didnt have the right information, because the application for visa to the USA at the consulate in Kiev, Ukraine is $100. Besides that, the woman needs to pay $65 to be granted a five-year multiple-entry visa. She understood that I couldnt be scammed, so I never heard from her again. Be in the lookout for these red flags and you will be safe from these scammers. I wish there were something else we could do to make their lives a nightmare. I did my best to annoy her, but I am sure that my story is not going to deter her from trying it with an easier prey.Following is a copy of her last letter. Thanks for your help. Letters:

Hello,my dear ******! Im sad to hear about the situation at your job. I wish you all the best! Soon everything will be better! I feel it,dear. What is new in your life? I hope all is well and your mood is better today?!Im thinking of you every minute and you are always in my mind. I know when we meet ach other we will be happy! My dear, I went to the best travel agency which is connected with the embassy in Kiev. I know all the details about the trip and I can get the visa.Its cost is $80. But I need $380 as I will have to get the passport and to pay for the agency service. The most important is to do everything in time and to visit the consultation often. I will do my best to arrange everything in a short period of time as I look forward to spend the time together! I appreciate your help with the trip. I went to the bank today and I have found out how you can send me the money. I was told that the best way will be Western Union system. It must be in your bank. To make the trunsfer for me you need the following details of myself...my full name Ignatenko Lesya and my address is 22/8 kvartal Bakinzev Lugansk , 91068 Ukraine I will be able to get the money the same day. Let me know what do you think of this way?! I had a good day . I spent most of it at university and than I was sent to practice to school. I work as a teacher already but today I had to give lessons in another school. This is like a credit on my practice. I did it very well. I communicate with children without any problem. I love them and age doesnt matter. In the evening I played tennis with my mother. She is a great player but this time I was more lucky and I won! My parents send you a big hello and they always ask me about you. I want to wish you a good evening and how wonderful it would be with you giving a relaxing message.I do it very good. When we meet I d like whatever you want. The most important is to be with each other. I like to be outdoors very much. I enjoy traveling. I like to go to the theatre,cinema . I like walking very much and my dream is to walk with you to the places you would like to visit together! Ok,dear I need to go now but I will think of you a lot! Always yours,Olesya
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