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She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Elite Brides-International Dating Club
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2001reallady@list.ru north-beauty@list.ru
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Elite Brides-International Dating Club Im an European man from UE, Im 42 and I have a very close friend (from Russia). This girl went to Spain some years ago to visit my country and she liked very much. She travelled for the US and many other countries of Europe. 3 years ago she started to search a man from Eastern Europe and now she is married and she has a wonderful baby. Well, she told me one day why dont try to find a Russian woman. At the beginning it sounded for me like a joke, but she insisted telling me a lot of stories of her compatriots. Last moth I started to search for a Russian woman but I had very bad luck because I see a girl who is a fraud, the same as the "Phantom" Enterprise named Elite Brides- International Dating Club I saw the profile of pretty a woman, Julia Mirnaya ID 277 and I felt interest in that woman immediately. Then I wrote my 1st letter (email) address to 2001reallady@list.ru and they answered me the next day asking me for $20 for her telephone number and address or $50 for those things and for her email and to see all the profiles they have. The letter was written by a "person" telling me this:

You must pay by moneygram or by Western Union to: Ludmila Domashneva Novaya Street, 16 164900-NOVODVINSK RUSSIA On 17/March I sent the money by W.U. ($50) with MTCN: 1046259000 and I have constancy they got the money on 18/March. Then I think??¶if "someone" went to a Western Union office, obviously they must to show its identification!!! The days were passing on and I hadnt any answer. I became to be angry and write letter to them but nothing. At the end of March they sent me another letter (the same Ive seen in you web) telling me I MUST PAY!!! But in this case to other address and person: To: Inga Volkova Elite Brides Lenina Street, 48 163002-ARKHANGELKS RUSSIA I was tired to have no news of this sh??¶ of Company, and anxious to contact with her and then I decided to send the money another time but now to the 2nd address hopping they were a honest persons and they solve "the mistake". Then I receive the 2nd and last email from Julia Mirnaya (it was a copy of the 1st but adding I could re-start to write her all I wanted ( north-beauty@list.ru ) As you can understand Ive paid for 2 times (Im 2 times stupid!) The 2 letter I received were the same as Jeffs letter: PS: I must only say 2 more things: 1) those 2 women I sent money must show their identification. I think it could be very easy to catch them by the police 2) Excuse me for my English I know I speak very badly but I hope you can understand what I tried to tell you My 1st name is Fernando, not Angulo, this is my second name Regards Fernando Angulo Madrid-Spain-Europe (ECC) Dear Angulo Me have told, that you are interested to get acquainted with the Russian girl and I has decided to make attempt. I guess that I should tell you about myself. My name is Julia. I am from Russia. I have been living in city Arkhangelsk all my life. I have never been abroad. I write to foreign man by Internet for the first time now. I don`t think about it before. But recently my close friend married foreign man and went abroad with him. She is very happy now. She sends me enthusiastic letters, tells me about her husband, her new home, her new relatives. She advises me to begin to correspond with foreign man. I was born on April 15, 1980. I`ll be 24 years next month. Im single, without children. My height is 170 sm. My weight is 53 kg. I have long beautiful hair. My friends say that I am very attractive woman. But I don`t know. It is very difficult to tell about myself, but I think I am sincere, intellectual, clever, tender, honest, loving children and family orientated person. I have a great sense of humor. I have easy-going character and I like to communicate with people, I feel that people enjoy communication with me as well. I am kind-hearted and open, sometimes romantic and dreamer. I am looking for a real love. Life is short and it is important to realize that true love, mutual respect between man and woman along with shared hopes and dreams, are much more important than material things in the struggle to survive and achieve true happiness in a fast moving world. Life and love are far too important to get wrong. I speak English well and German a little. I shall finish University and receive higher education this year - children psychologist. I prepare the protection of the diploma. I love my profession very much, and I dreem to bring help to the people. I like to dance very much and I dance very well. When I studied at school I went to the dance school. Also I like to cook. I like to cook for close people.. My friends describe me as an intelligent and ambitious person, kind and considerate and very sensitive. I am an an optimist and a bit of a dreamer and idealist. Sentimental at times, and usually spontaneous. I also care deeply about spiritual things in life. I am somewhat adventurous and like to try new things. I enjoy people. There is so much to know bout each other as well as the fact that we come from such different parts of the world. I like my city and my country, all my friends live here and I enjoy by dialogue with them. In my native city we have white night in the summer - now it is very beautifully. At the night also lightly as well as day, only sun does not shine. However in winter we have very short day. I very much love summer, sun and easy clothes. I love to float in warm water. Except for training I give a lot of time to sports employment. I love swimming and fitness and I think, that it will occupy the important place in my life always. And this sports have learned me discipline and persistence, but I am romantic and pensive and the strong mans shoulder beside is necessary for me. I would like to enjoy life to the fullest. Life is short and every minute of it is worth living and enjoying. Also, I like to think and I have many dreams..? One of the dreams is to meet a wonderful man who will bemy best friend and love, with whom I can share the rest of my life through good and difficult times. I hope, that you will become this man for me. I also dream to receive good, worthy work in the future and it to benefit the people. I dream to meet with a serious man, reliable, faithful, understandable, tender, who can see a wonderful creature, a friend in a woman. A man who I can share my life with in good and bad times and give all my love, tenderness, attention and care. I know that international marriage is special kind of marriage when the confluence of different cultures and languages is held. Its rather sad to part with parents and friends. I know that on removing to another country I will have to change many outlooks and life style. I will close for now. Thank you for reading my letter. I hope you will not leave it without any attention and will answer me. It will be interesting to me to find out more about your country, your family and your life. Write me letter to address north-beauty@list.ru ( for Julia Mirnaya ). Sometimes I shall call and to ask: whether there are letters for me. Hope to hear from you soon. And please send me some your photos. Julia
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