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Galya Volkova (Vladmir, Russia)
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Galya Volkova (Vladmir, Russia) Im a 38 yo single white American truck driver from Virginia.I was contacted by this woman who called herself Avenya. She later told me her real name is Galya but that Avenya was a nick name used by family and friends. She said she had gotten my e-mail address from a friend. I thought it was odd but figured what have I got to lose. We corresponded for about a 7 weeks total. She stated that she was seeking a husband and wanted to try doing it online. So her friend gave her my e-mail to try. Still dont really know how she got it. she started proclaiming her love for me pretty early on within the first 3 or 4 weeks that we were communicating. Which was a red flag for me right away. But I played along to see what she would do next. About 6 weeks into the messages she asked for money to come and see me. She said a friends husband was a lawyer at the embassy and could get her all the documents and do it very quickly. She saidshe needed 340 usd to get a visa and passport and all her paperwork done to come and see me. I told her I couldnt send her money but I would reimburse her for part of the cost once she arrived here. She got upset at first but then said she could get the money from family. very soon after she wrote me stating she needed money for airfare it would cost 900 dollars. And that was on some kind of discount. But we had to purchase it quickly because the discount would end very soon. I again stated I would be happy to reimburse her part of the cost once she arrived here and I could see her. I received only one more message after that and then no more contact from her. I guess I was luckier than some but I think my cautious nature was the main reason. And the fact that not long after we started corresponding I found this site. Although I wasnt scammed I wanted to let the rest of you know who she is. So that will not be able to continue to try with others. Here are her e-mails and a couple of pictures. Letters:

Hi, Darrin! Well that you have answered my message. A pleasant surprise. I did not expect that you will answer so soon or in general will answer. I am a little sceptical about relation to internet. My first contact with internet was not long ago. I want tell you about me. I am Russian. I am 27 years old. My birthday is n the February 25. My physique: height - 5 ft 6 in, weight - 120 lbs. I have blue eyes and light brown hair. I dont smoke and dont drink. I keep active life. I like dancing and walk in a park or forest. My education is a teachers training college. My occupation is teacher. I am working in primary school. I like children. I have never been married and I have no children. I like to listen to music and to read romantic books. Also I like cookery and knitting. Myintentions is to meet good man. I would like to meet man who will be understand and support me in arduous conditions. Tell me about yourselfand what you think. Waiting for your reply. AvenyaHello, Darrin. Thank you for your message. I am very glad to get your letter again. Please tell more about your life. Its very interesting for me. I am very sorryfor my delay in responding. I am using Internet at my work. We had sometroubles with local network and there was no Internet connection.Administrator told dont care about it this no repetition. As for my work. I am teacher who is working in primary school. I teach mathematic for children. I cant say I like my work but its a good work in our city and I like children. Our school is open every day but I dont know can I write you also every day. I dont have computer at home. I am working only 5 days at week.I think I can write you at weekend, but cant promise it, sometimesschoolcan be closed. Also I want tell you about my city. I live in Vladimir. Its small city. It has place at west part of Russia about 300 km from Moscow. The life here is as usual as in the another russian cities. Vladimir is famous as city have a big number of churchs and cloisters. I must ay that it is nice. I also would like to know about your place. I can read and write English, and slightly speak. I dont have a good knowledge about English. I take a lessons ofEnglish but still use dictionary. What you think about my English? Smile. Theschool where Im working was connect to Internet about three weeks ago. I like to travel at Internet, it is very interesting. I must say I ambeginner with Internet. So dont be strict if Im no understand anything. Well, Iam a little confused and I dont know what to say. I hope all this stuff is not tooboring to read. Smile. Darrin, I has told you that I want to find someonethrough Internet. I just wanted to say that it is my serious intention. I am interested in you and I want us to be good friends. To my mind you are respectable and honest man. I think we can understand each other. Waiting for your letter. Avenya. Hello, my dear friend. I am glad to see your message again. Thank you for your letter and your interest to me. Darrin, a placees in a message where you write about yourself and your life is very interesting for me. Please tell me more about yourself, your friends and of all what you do. What is your day today? And if you have any questions to me ask me about it. I will be answered to you. I get your picture, thanks for it. Its very nice. You are attractive man. I enjoy review your photos. I want tell you any more about me. I said I like cook. My favourite food is ravioli. Ravioli it is piece of meat packaged in dough. Its very tasty dish. Also I can cook rather many dish: soups, salads and any confectionery. I think Ill prove it in sometime for you. Smile As for fun I like walking in a park also I like sporting actions: swimming, cycling and play any game. Also I like to listen any music. But most of all I like dancing. Formerly I was dancer. I did visit school of dancing. Now I dont to do it. I dance classic and modern dances. I dont think that I am professional - I am an amateur. Its my hobby. Smile. I still no said you about my family. I want to do it now. I have good family. I have a mom and dad. I live with they in two-roomed flat. Its not big flat for three mans, but I have my room. And we live a friendly all together. I tried to rent separate flat, but we decided that it is expensive and I stayed to live with my parents. My mother is a doctor oculist. She treat eyes in a city hospital. And father working is a architect. I had enough strict upbringing. I had been not allowed many thing until I got 21 years old. My parents are old-fashion people. I think it is not bad, but sometimes it hurts when your parents cant understand you. Fortunately we almost understand each other. I love my parents and respect them. We dont have any conflicts. I always try to understand them. They love me too and just want me to be happy. Yesterday I had talk with my parents about you. I said them that I meet a man on dating service in Internet. Also I said that man is not Russian living in other country. My parents said that it is great. I asked them what they thinks if I would like to visit this country and maybe to move there one day. Of course it was not very serious talking and they said that it is OK, if I feel I want it. So, I hope it is not boring to read. Smile. I want only simple things. Happiness, good family, careful husband. I am not looking for better life or getting rich. I am looking for full life. Why I cant find husband here in Russia? I can, but I dont want. I see on my parents, other people who live in Russia. My country has a bad economics and I dont want to live here. I love my Motherland but I dont like the State. I want to have comfortable life and dont always be in searching good job and better salary. I want to dedicate my life to my husband and my family. I dont want to say that I am lazy. I like to work, but I dont want to dedicate my life to my work. I hope you understand what I am talking about. I see that many russian women try to go out from Russia looking for better life. They marry to foreigners to get citizenship of another state. Then they divorce. I dont like them. I believe in marriage for life. I want to marry for love. Darrin, I want you to understand me in full, until we will make some next steps. Tell me what you think about this all and what else you would like to know. Now I must close my letter. Yours AvenyaHello, my dearest Darrin. I have thought a lot about us and came to conclusion. Darrin, I wanted to say that we must meet in person. I want to touch your hand and see into your eyes. Really. I thought is it really so hard for us to meet? We live on the same planet, just in different places. Darrin, I have the crazy idea. I want to visit you. Would you like to meet me in person? Would you like to see me in real? I want. I think if we both will want it we can do it. We met in virtual space. We found out that we have common thoughts and ideas for living. We both need someone in our lifes. We like each other. So we must meet. We ust meet to see if we are persons who we see in our letters and our thoughts. We should meet to learn each other more, to talk, to feel each other. We should check up our expectation in real life. I dont see the sense to continue our corresponds and to make image of our relationship in our minds. I think we must meet and see if the things will work out between us, see if we will fall in love with each other. Without meeting in person we cant create full understanding of person. I want to meet you and to develop our relationship. I know we met in Internet but we met each other. It means a lot. Darrin, I want to meet you. And I want to visit you this year in March. I can take vacation for March and I think it would be good time to meet. Tell me what you think about it? Darrin, I really feel nervous right now. To be honest I am afraid the only thing, that you said something like "Lets stay the friends. I am not interesting to know you closer." You see it is not enough for me. I want more. You may think I am crazy, we never met. I understand. But cant do anything with it. My friends husband works as a lawyer in Moscow. I will learn about what papers I need to make and then I will tell you. I dont know how long it will take me and how hard it will be. Darrin, I want also to enlist your support. Can you help me if I need something from you? I dont know what exactly, maybe some information about you or something else. Do you think it is possible for us to meet? I think yes. I believe in fortune and I think it smiled on us. If we could meet each other in nternet we can meet in real. I am sure we will have happy future together. Darrin, I am so excited thinking of it. Yes, I surely want to embrace you and I will everything that depends from me to make us met. Please, write sooner what you think. It is all for now. With love. Yours Galya. p.s. I want to visit, but who know maybe I will stay with you. Smile.Hi Darrin. I want to tell you very serious thing. Darrin, I have done some research for coming to you. And I have good results. I told that I talked with my friend about it. Her husband works as a lawyer in travel agency in Moscow. His company helps people to solve all questions about travels, organized tours and immigration. They also make all paperworks and passport required for travels. I got his professional advice about my wish to come to you. He said that I would need visa and passport to come to you. His company can make all these papers in 10 days. This company is connected with American Embassy. Thats why they work so quickly. I asked what I would need to do and he told me about all stages in this process. At first I need to apply for visa in this company. They will make an inquiry into embassy in Moscow. Usually it takes about two days. After they will receive authorization for my visa I will need to contract for their service. Then they will start their work. I will get visa, all papers and passport in 10 days. Then I can get ticket for a plane and fly to you. This service costs $340 USD. I know this is a lot, but it is fast and reliable. The lawyer said I can try to get visa by myself but it will take more time, about 8-12 months. I will need to come to embassy and apply for visa. The pay is about $150 USD. Then I will need to come there some times to sign different papers and wait. You see it could take more time, money and nerve finally. What do you think of this occasion? Ithink it is great chance for us to meet. There is the reason we must hurry with it. This company have a licence to issue visas. But the government of the USA decided to limit number of visas since next quarter. This company will not issue visasany longer since April 1, 2004. The only way to get visa will be the embassy and it is very hard, almost impossible for lonely young woman. So I will not be able to get visa next quarter. Also the lawyer said that they have limited number of visas they can issue for this quarter. This is the rule of US Embassy. Now they have few visas they can give. He said if I want to get visa I must do it as soon as possible. You see we must hurry if we want to meet in person. I must say that I have already applied for visa. Dont you mind? Darrin, I love you and I need to meet you in person. We must do it as soon as possible. You know I havent $340 USD. It makes me so sad. What can I do? I hate I have no this money. If I could pay for it I would do it without any doubts. I can get about $40 USD for visa but I need another 300. Darrin, I know we will be happy together. Please, help me with visa money, help us to meet. As for visas period of validity it works for 3 months. I can prolong it if I will need. And I also can marry you if we will decide to do it. Darrin, please, think of it. It is our chance, we cant miss it. I must pay for visa in next week. You see they take payment in advance usually. But the lawyer made an exception for me, because his wife is my friend. And I promised to pay in these days. I cant let him down. Trust me Darrin. It is the best way we can meet. If you want to meet me, please send money these days. I count on you to help with the expenses. I have no one to do it. Use western union. We ave several western union agents locally here. So I will be able to receive your money without any problems. I have some opinion about this company at my friends. They are very fast and reliable. You will need to put in order my name and location. Name: Galya Volkova Location: Russia, Vladimir. I will also need your data to receive transfer. - money transfer control number (MTCN), you will get it in the receipt. - your name and address (as it appears in transfer order) - control question and answer (if you will use it) Write me this information in your email after you send money. Also you can send money online from if you have credit card. It is much faster. Darrin, I understand that it is maybe too fast, but we need it. We can meet and we must se this chance. I know it is much money but I cant get them here. I was trying o borrow this sum, but I couldnt. My friends dont have such sum. Darrin, you see it will be the first step to our future. I must get visa at first. I understand that it may take some months to save money for ticket. I will try to find them here, at least part of them. But I cant find money for visa in such short time. Help me. I do it, because I love you and I trust you. I believe in our future, I believe in you. you doubt in me? Can you trust me your life? Write me. I feel very nervous about your answer.I love you.Your Galya.Hi Darrin. I still feel uncomfortable for asking money from you. Probably I hadnt do it. I dont know. Darrin I can imagine how you feel. But see I have a risk too coming to you. I have told to many people about it. And I have heard some negative stories about girls coming to another country. The usual wasabout Americans who invited Russian girls to come to America. Then Americans took girls passports and made them to work as prostitutes. It was very hard decision for me to come to you. I thought a lot about it. And it is not irrational decision. I understand you are careful and you cant trust me completely, but what can I do to prove you my intentions. I just was trying to be completely honest with you so you could see my real soul. I am sorry I couldnt do it. I know only one thing. If you want to get something you should do it by yourself because no one wants to help you. Ive done big work to find the way to come to you, Ive prepared all papers. To be honest I expected your help. I dont know if you will help me with money or not. I dont care about it. I will do everything by myself. I dont know if I will find money here or not. We will see it this weekend. I must pay for my visa paperworks next week. I will write you later and let you know if I have visa or not. arrin I just cant understand your words. You said come to me. But you dont believe me. How can you know that we will be happy together and I will not run from you with all your money. I ask myself why people are so distrustful. Is the reason money? I hear words about love and trust about future life but when matter is money I become a fraud. I hate it. Money rules the world? Do you think so? When the matter is money other things disappear. Why? You can check me, my words, my background. I dont care. I am not afraid because I am honest with you. But it is annoys me when I know you do it. Well Darrin I finish my letter. I dont want to say something offensive for you. You are the adult and you make your choice. I cant judge you. Your love Galya.Hi, Darrin. I am really glad to see your letter. It is the only reason for me to check my email box. Today we have good weather. I have a great mood. Darrin, I must say to you some words. I love you. I dont know how you react to it. But these words are sincere from me. I told you about my mums words. She advised to hear my heart. You see my heart says that you are my right man. I had some doubts. But I decided to say it to you. I understand that it is too fast to fall in love with the man that you have never met in real. But also our meeting started not from flirtation but from honest words. We have been sincere with each other. We both need some one in this life. We both like each other. We started our relations from learning our thoughts and dreams. We both know what other wants. We hared our thoughts and we have a lot common. I dont know what do you think now of me. Maybe you think I am crazy or you share my opinion. You see if the man knows what he wants he must do something to get it, but not to sit and think of it all time. I know that I love you. I know you are careful, honest and strong man. You cannot deceive me. I know that you are the man that I have been searching for. To my mind this situation about Internet helps us to develop our relations in shot time. We just jumped the long period of acquaintance and adaptation to each other. At first we started from the point that other people reach in some months or more. See Darrin, people meet, adapt to each other. Then after some time they begin to consider their common goals and intentions. Then they decide possibility of living together or having some kind of relations. So the endpoint of this situation is exchange of thoughts. We reach it without preparatory stage. To my opinion, the most important thing in relations between man and woman is spiritual contact and understanding without words. Other things are less important and some have no importance at all. For me love is the thing you cant describe. It comes from inside of you. You just want to make happy the man you love. And there is no any criterion of appreciation to it. Well I said enough for now. Darrin, I love you. You see it is true. I will think of you and wait your reply. With love, always yours Galya.Hi, my Darrin. I am so happy to receive a letter from you. I miss you whole days. I am very excited to see an e-mail from you! Darrin, I am dreaming of you constantly. I have told my friends about you, and they are also excited for me. I dream of touching you and sleeping with you in my arms. I want to be with you, to keep you warm, to hold you and never let you go. I want to be with you forever, and I know that the time will come true. We just must do the things that depends from us. And finally we can overcome all obstacles. Darrin, yesterday evening I thought of you and wrote a little poem. I dont know how it is correct and right. But I think it can express my feeling very well. My dear, dear, dear, dear! I want to see you and to hear! My life is filling with the mean When I found you, and you found me. I want to hold you by the hand. Oh, man! How much I want your hand! Id like to touch all your fingers I feel the sorrow, Im sad singer. y friends said me: "It is a rise! There is the happy in your eyes!" But they dont know why Im such. It is, because I love you much! But Im sad singer (I wrote you) I can not hear and see you I can not hold you by the handBecause I know how far is your land! Well, dont be very strict judge. I am just a beginner. Good news. My visa will be done very soon. Darrin, I asked my lawyer to check prices for plane ticket. He said that I must have the discount for plane ticket. You see my father has good services and great experience in designing our city. So he could have the discount for one flight in a year for him or for any member of his family. I have already talked to my father about it and he is eager to help me. It works at Russian airlines company Aeroflot. My father will need to request to his trade union for some documents and then my lawyer will help me with papers and orms to get this discount. I need to know what is you nearest airport. My lawyer must know it so he could formalize the papers. Darrin I think I must try to get this discount. It is about one third of full cost of ticket. I feel very uncomfortable you have such expenses for me. I want to help you. See what is exact prices for ticket from your side. I want to see how much they cost here. Maybe it makes no ense to get this discount. Darrin, I dont want to cut my letter. Id like to write it forever. See you soon. I love you. Galya Hello, Darrin. I love you. I miss you very much. Your letters do make me feel good.My parents really happy for me. Smile. Darrin, I have learned about plane ticket prices. I can buy ticket from Moscow to Norfolk Virginia for 900 USD. It is the prices with my discount. But I have bad news too. My lawyer said that it is special offer from Aeroflot. It is time limited. It works for Russian citizens until April 1. The tourist season is begin since April 1 and they will rise their prices and this special offer will not work until winter. My discount also will not work until winter. He said it works only in winter and first part of spring. The lawyer said the better way will be to reserve ticket in advance and try to buy ticket until April 1. We can buy ticket for any day in month. I think we must obtain this discount. What do you think? I am ready to come to you at any time I get a ticket. If we reserved it I would be sure we will meet soon. Write me what you think. Yesterday I had very nice day. I met my old friends. We were friends about 10 years and a year ago they moved to St. Petersburg. They are Natasha and Sergey. Very happy couple. Natashas mother lives here and they came to visit her. In the evening they invited me and few another friends. We had very warm talking, nice supper and relaxed atmosphere. I enjoyed the evening and thought about you. I thought how it could be if you were here with me. Of course in short awhile everyone noted my mind absence. I was with you. Smile. Yes, I still hadnt told anything about you to Natasha and Sergey. Then I told them everything. They were happy for us and said that they would be glad if we could visit them in St. Petersburg one day. Natasha were happy sincerely. But Sergey told me to be very cautious. I assured him that you are very reliable and careful man and I trust you. But Sergey asked me to give him your phone number and let him know when I come to you so he could call to me and make sure I am OK. Darrin I have so strange feeling. I am already not here and I am not there with you yet. I cant wait to meet you. Today I had a conversation with Maria Ivanovna. She is a teacher of the English language. She is my mothers friend and often come to us. She lives alone and we are like her family. Maria Ivanovna is 65, shes going to retire on a pension. We discussed with her the problem of language barrier. She has told me, that when she was on training in England, she has fallen in love with an young teacher (Englishman). They had a love-affair. In that time she had poor nglish, but her friend understood her. When they remained alone, she did not use her knowledge of English. She understood him without any words. Smile. he said it is not a problem to communicate in English when you are in language atmosphere. She also thinks that I have very good skills in English. To her opinion I will need only about a couple of weeks to adapt the situation and then I will speak fluent English. It is a psychologic adaptation. And it is all right. Now I am sure I will not have any problems with English. Also I hope, you will help me to take possession English in perfection. Well, I close my letter. Think of me. I think of you constantly. I get very excited thinking of our meeting.I love you. AvenyaHi my love Darrin. Today I thought of you the whole day. I love your name very much, as well as you. Your name reminds me something very good. I know, that you are very good and kind person. You are my choice and Im your choice. And I am very happy with it. I love you very much my dear. Id like to tell you it again and again. Do you believe in my love? I see you have already told it, but I want to hear it again. We must fix feelings personally. I so hope to see ou soon. I will be ore happy, when I will see you near to me!!! My mom said Hi to you again! She is very happy for me, because I have found my love. She wishes us to be together and have happy life. I often dream about our meeting, when you will meet me at the airport, and we will go and we will talk. I think, that we will understand each other, because it will be language of love. Please write me your answer as soon as possible. I will wait for your response. Please, dont worry if I cant write you soon next letter. You know I dont have constant access to Internet and sometimes it is difficult to check my email. But I will try to write you everyday. I love you very much! I will think of you Darrin. Your Galya.
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