Anna Alexandrovna Tsareva (Tosno, Leningrad region, Russia) from Tosno a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Anna Alexandrovna Tsareva (Tosno, Leningrad region, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Anna Alexandrovna Tsareva (Tosno, Leningrad region, Russia)
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Anna Alexandrovna Tsareva (Tosno, Leningrad region, Russia) Hi there, just wanted to send this email to say that despite my previous email whereby I said that everything was in order, it turned out that this was not the case and that I have actually been scammed by that person and her supposed brother. Please do go ahead and document it on your web-site but please do remove any personal details about me in the email before publishing it if you please. Thank you again. Daniel i, just thought I would report this scam before anyone else gets hit with this. Out of nowhere I received a random e-mail from a woman who contacted me and told me that she was interested in getting to know me and to find a decent husband in Australia. I havent got a clue as to how my address was obtained, but I figured that I would reply for fun. She would be so nice and kind and after a week or two even started to call me honey and darling. She also sent me 20 questions that she answered and wanted me to answer most of which were written to make you trust her and see that she had good intentions. She would daily send me an email with lots and lots of photos. I must say that I did think the photos were a little too sexy at the time and wondered why she would send me photos of herself half-naked. She even sent me a little video of herself. This correspondence would go on for weeks and weeks and a few weekds down the track she would make the intention clearly known to me. When I wanted to call her she would however make up stories about the fact that her telephone is not connected to receive International calls and that she would have to have it set up. She also said that she could not write from the office because her boss would not allow her to do so but a few weeks before I got scammed the emails were coming from her office during her working hours. She eventually got her phone set up for International calls and I would call her once every two weeks after that but she would hardly be home at reasonable times and specially when she claimed to have a daughter called Karina who was 8 years old. After a couple of months she decided that we should meet and wanted me to pay for her trip to a place other than Australia. She also wanted to pay for her brother who would help her travel to Singapore to meet. I refused but a few weeks later decided we would meet in Bali instead and was asked to send her half the fare. Though being on my guards I unfortunately sent her US$900 via Western Union to the following address. Anna Tsareva 187000 Stanislavskogo street, house 4, flat 41 Tosno, Leningrad region, RussiaAfter the money was transferred I called her to see whether she had the money and had the funny feeling that i had just been scammed. I confronted her and her brother about it and he denied it as well as she denied it and told me she knew about scammers but was not one of them. But that was of course another one of their blatant lies. So I have lost money but I just want to put this out there so no one else gets scammed. I will pursue this further with the Australian Federal police and the Russian police. Anyway these are her specifics. Name: Anna Alexandrovna Tsareva ( Anuta or Anna for short) Birthday (day, month, year)?: 23.01.1977. Mailing address: 187000 Stanislavskogo street, house 4, flat 41, town Tosno, Leningrad region, Russia. "brothers" name: Artur Kalugin Her phone number: +7 812 612 0888 Her mobile number +7 911 933 4435 Brothers phone number: +7 812 612 1875 Daughters name: Karina Email address : mailto:cloud9@rbcmail.ruLetters:Please do publish this so people do not get done like I did eventhough I was so so careful in the past about being scammed. It can happen to the best of us. Thanks Daniel

Hi! Thanks for your offer to correspond. Well, in this first message I want to send you my pictures and to ask to confirm your desire to correspond with me. Your message was too short and I have no information on you. Therefore write me please about yourself in detail and send me your picture, deal? Kiss you, dear. Anna mailto:cloud9@rbcmail.ruHello, Daniel! Good evening, honey! Ive just come back home and I try to unfreeze my frozen body on the radiator. We have quite cold weather, you know. -21C. And I was forced to spend all this day outdoors. After divination night, my friends invited me to go out of town, to the river and to take part in picnic. Can you imagine? Picnic in the middle of ice and snow. But it was funny. We tried to fish. Friends gave me special fishing-rod for ice-fishing. At first I tried to pin the long red and terrible worm onto hook. It was horrendous, horrible sight. Real thriller. Ugh. Yikes. I do not want to recall this murderous deed. After that I should put worm on the hook into ice-hole. After that I was lowering a dead body of a worm into an ice-hole. (listen, very funny word - "ice-hole". It sounds as "ass-hole". Right?) Ok, and after that, I was sitting and I was waiting when any fish will be interested in horrible dead body of worm. Do you know how many I have caught fishes? Nothing. Alas. Snooks! amned fishes totally ignored my bait! Now I look like Amundsen right away after discovering of North Pole. You asked me - yes, I have drive license, but I have no practice because I have no car. How we say in Russia - "this girl is able to drive up to first telegraph pole". :) isten, concerning your appearance in my mirror last night - it was you. Yes it is. You was in tuxedo, with the ring with huge diamond, and you told me - "Darling, my heart is broken. My heart and my hand to your service! Welcome! Just say." Thank you, Daniel! You are so cute! Thank you kindly for your words in the mirror! :) I kiss you! I look forward to your answer! Anuta Good morning, Daniel! Thank you, honey, for your message! Dear, its my secret message, because I write it in my office. My boss forbids to use the Internet in the personal purposes. As a rule I write my letters at home. Daniel, today I have the reduced working day, because of Friday. Today the working day is shorter, I shall finish work at 16-30. Ill write you tonight! Cheers! Kiss you! Anuta Good morning, Daniel! How is your weekend? Now I look forward to the springtime, because weather here - is real crap. Too cold. -20C - 25C. A lot of snow, a lot of ice. The half of my friends are sitting at home because of flu.Daniel, today I should go to Saint Petersburg. I should accompany some documents to our Central office in city. I want to take advantage of this occasion and to meet my girlfriend also, who lives in Peter. She has suggested me to stay for a while with her in this week-end. We want to take a walk on city, lengthways the Nevsky prospectus. Probably, well go to a cinema to see new film. I shall write to you about my impressions about some new Hollywood masterpiece. If, certainly, we shall not fall asleep like the dead at a cinema:) My girlfriend want to instigate me to embark on adventure - to visit a national restaurant. We have not decided what, yet. Can be in Mexican, can be in Japanese. It is a real adventure for me because I was never in such institutions dangerous to a life. Also it is very expensive for a usual life. The visit of such restaurant is as Russian roulette. Or I shall receive remarkable memoirs, or.... :) I badly know any cuisine, except for Russian. I heard, people drink warm vodka at the Japanese restaurant.??? For the Russian person, it ow to spit in an icon. I know, I should eat with special sticks (it means - I should put on something usual - all food will be on me). I do not know, what dangers trap me at the Mexican restaurant. Wish me of good luck. After that, we shall chatter with the girlfriend, so long as our tongues will fall off. ell, now - concerning opportunity to meet in real life. I should write in detail about my opportunity, because its too important to understand each other in this question. I perfectly know hard situation with deceit in Internet. Therefore I have two offers - you can pay my trip directly to tourist agency or I can borrow needed money till our real meeting. I had bad experience already. I corresponded with one man from Sweden last spring, and he persuaded me to go to Sweden embassy and to apply for Schengenvisa with his invitation, because he did not want to pay my tourist trip. Sweden embassy rejected me without any explanations. I lost money for visa, ticket and medical insurance, which I should have before applying for a visa. This man sang as a bird that its very easy and his embassy never reject people. But he disappeared in one moment as soon as he heard about my rejection, having left me alone with my problems. Possibility #1 - Im not against to meet in any city and country of Schengen union (Europe), if youll arrange my tourist trip. With pleasure. I have opportunity to come to any place of Europe if you can pay my tourist trip directly to tourist agency in my town, or you can find any tourist agency in St-Petersburg which you prefer on your own. Ill not borrow such big money for arranging trip to Schengen countries. They do not return money for a visa, insurance and tickets in case of rejection, and tourist agency will not give me money back if embassy reject my applying for a visa. Possibility #2 - I agree to borrow money for meeting in any country with free-visa mode for me, when Ill sure in 100% of success. For example - we discuss country and city of our meeting, Ill borrow needed money, Ill pay my trip, and youll give me my travel expenses back as soon as well meet. I think my offer is very honest. If to tell more briefly - if well meet in place with free-visa mode or easy-visa mode - Ill borrow money and pay my trip and youll not need to send money. Youll help me during our real meeting. But if well meet somewhere in Europe - any city of Schengen countries - you should pay my tourist trip from your country directly to travel agency in St-Petersburg or my town. As a rule - travel agency can arrange any trip during two weeks since moment of payment. I need your ideas about it, ok? Main question right now - I try to realize your wish in this question. I want to meet in February I agree to meet after February,15 in any big city in Europe, which have direct flight connection with St-Petersburg. Daniel, my phone number is 7-8126120888. But I hink you should wait a little till beginning of February, because I change my local hone connection onto long distance connection. You can try right now, but Im not sure youll have opportunity to reach me. Daniel, dear, Ill come back home at tomorrow morning. I look forward to your answer! Anna Hello my dear, Daniel! Thank you a lot for your letters, honey! Im very glad to get your messages from America and to know that you are thinking about me. Daniel, I tried to call to your hotel in America last evening, but my phone have very bad long-distance connection. I asked my brother to call you and to say "Hello" for you from me. He tried to do it. He told me he reached your hotel and guy in reception connected he with your room, but I think, you slept already. Brother told to auto-answering machine that he is my brother and he give you best egards from me, and you can try to call 7-8126121875, if you cant reach me by my phone number. Daniel, did you received this message? I hope yes. It was so funny. My brother is afraid he mixed up something and you have not received this message. o, Daniel, honey, can I ask you very important question, which I tried to ask you right before your trip to America? I want to ask you - what way is more interesting and more convenient for you? First - we can meet in March in Thailand, in this variant Ill search for money, Ill borrow money for payment of my trip through tourist agency. Second - Ill have opportunity to come to Singapore. In this variant Ill need help of my brother, and well need two return-tickets up to Singapore. If youll have apartment of your friend, well need tickets only. Daniel, its all the same for me what variant is more convenient for you. But I would like to know about it, because I should or search for money or ask my brother to prepare for trip. Can you write me about it? Listen, yesterday, our office-driver forgot to place the car of our office into garage. And our car has stood all the night long in the street, next to office. Our office car is simply old rusty trough. Prehistoric flea-pit. But someone has coveted this treasure, and has stolen headlights, a portable radio set and steering wheel! Our office hadnt a money to fix it, and our driver placed the handle bar of his bicycle in place of steering wheel. With a bicycle bell. Its so funny! Now he looks like baby into the toy-car. :) Today Ill go with daughter to buy new video cassette about dinosaurs. Holy mackerel! Yesterday I have bought for her the new thick book with pictures about dinosaurs. My daughter has gone balmy concerning dinosaurs. he dreams to become the paleontologist. In result, I have a great lot of questions on dinosaurs and prehistoric times. I feel myself like Spielberg in Jurassic Park. Really. Can you imagine - she asks me to buy to her a shovel and is going to begin excavation near to our house, in hope to find bones of prehistoric monsters. If events will develop in the same direction further - I am afraid that it there will be my bones. OK, I kiss you and I wish you good luck in searches of digital-camera! I hope well make a lot of pictures during our meeting! Hello, Daniel! Thank you very much! Dear, its urgent request - I do not know, maybe its not important, but as a rule WU-bank ask about exact sum of transfer. Ill go to WU-bank this lunch break and if you have time - can you write me about exact sum of remittance in $? Kiss you! I look forward to your answer! There are lots more emails but please contact me at if you want them and I will send them to you. I have attached a few photos of her brother, herself, her daughter so they can all be identified.The funny thing is that she disappeared from the scene and her brothers number remained unanswered. As to her she was replaced by a rather rude male voice at the other end of the telephone.
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