Inna from (Alchevsk, Ukraine) and Ekaterina Menshova from Alchevsk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Inna from (Alchevsk, Ukraine) and Ekaterina Menshova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Inna from (Alchevsk, Ukraine) and Ekaterina Menshova`s photo russian dating scammer Inna from (Alchevsk, Ukraine) and Ekaterina Menshova`s photo russian dating scammer Inna from (Alchevsk, Ukraine) and Ekaterina Menshova`s photo russian dating scammer Inna from (Alchevsk, Ukraine) and Ekaterina Menshova`s photo
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Inna from (Alchevsk, Ukraine) and Ekaterina Menshova
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Inna from (Alchevsk, Ukraine) and Ekaterina MenshovaHello, Here is a scam, fortunately I was vigilant enough. I had found her profile on atareksdotcom/view.html?id=7479 (Doing a research on the Internet, I also found her on: russianredrosesdotcom/profile1394.html) Letters:After this letter my intuition told me she could be a scammer, as she was always writing me the very next day after my e-mail, whereas I was answering after 4 to 5 days. But the problem was she didnt answer any of the questions from my second letter: I had asked questions about her and she answered about her brother! My questions were very specific (to see if she does read my e-mails and writes me personally), but had nothing to do with creating families. So, I sent an e-mail telling her she has to answer my questions, otherwise I wont write anymore. In the same time, I started writing her under a false identity. More about this later.So, here is her answer when I menaced not to write anymore:My intuition was true, they were scammers. I stopped everything at that moment. As I said, I sent her two letters from another e-mail address. No surprise, she copy-pasted the same e-mails. Her second letter generally tells all guys how they are handsome and intelligent. Well, I had purposely sent her a picture of a really ugly guy and the two letters I sent her under the false identity prove this "guy" is really brainless. What serious girl would like to hang out with a jerk? Now the ultimate proof of the scam : the fake Inna sent a letter to the fake me on Wed, 28 Apr 2004 09:29:54 +0400 and the e-mail from the "interpreter" Ekaterina Menshova was sent on Wed, 28 Apr 2004 09:29:17 +0400. So Inna sent a letter to the fake me from the same address 37 seconds after the scammer sent (thats the real me) an e-mail where she pretends she has no more money! And if you read attentively, she wrote in her first letter she had a job!Keep Internet free of scammingMarc D. from France

Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 10:25:34 +0400 From: "inna-den" To: Subject: From Inna Hello dear Thank you for your letter and interest in me. I hope that we will continue our correspondence and will know each other better. What I can tell you about me? My name is Inna. It is very old and beautiful name. I was born in April 1978. Last year I was celebrating my 25th birthday and realized that almost all my friends are married and I should think about it as well. Somehow earlier I wasnt thinking about marriage and was very busy with studying in University. After I graduated I was busy to get a job, and by the time I was 25 I realized that education and work isnt enough for me, that I am ready to search for my partner,man who I will fall in love with and create a happy family!!! It is my goal for now and I will try to do my best to reach my goal. I will try describe myself,but dont know how to do that! I am nice,tender,gentle,generous, and kind person. I dream to take care of my family,have a nice and kind man by my side, share all his interests,be his best friend. Be near him in any times of life- enjoy life with him, when it is good time, and support him, if it is bad time. Dear ,I would like to know more about your life? What do you like to do in your free time? What are you looking for in personal life? I hope that I will hear from you very soon and wish you all the best, Sincerely, Inna. P.S.If You interesting in me please write Thank you!!!Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 10:40:10 +0400 From: "inna-den" To: Subject: From Inna Hello my dear , What a lovely letter you wrote to me,thank you. I also liked your photo,you are a very handsome man. I have to say,that you are not only handsome man,but also very intelligent and interesting person. I have a lot of hopes,that our correspondence may lead us to something bigger ,than simple friendship!!! Are you agree with me? Dear,thank you for asking me a questions,I will gladly answer them. I would like to continue introduce myself and tell you more about my family and city,where I live. I was happy child,because I have a best parents in the world!!! I also have a little brother Sasha,who is 12 y.o.,and I love him very much. Of course,we cant be very close with him,because it is a big age difference between us,he thinks that I am an old lady,but I know that in 5-6 years things will be different and we will be a friends. Dear,tell me more about you family? Do you have brothers and sisters? Do you have a dreams for the future? Tell me more about your place? As for me,I live in Alchevsk city in the east part of Ukraine. There are 100000 inhabitants live in my city,but because of hard economy crisis I cant say that all of them happy. however,I am young and full of dreams,and hope that everything will be just great in my life and I will have a wonderful family one day!!! Hope to hear from you very soon. Best wishes, Inna

Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 10:05:10 +0400 From: "inna-den" To: Subject: From Inna Dear , At first I want to say, sorry that I didn;t answer ALL your questions, but it was only our second letter! We can talk about them this time and next time, or do you want to create a family from the second letter?? I dont mind about serious relation, but there must be some mistery in me?? Oh, of course, MEN! You cant agree with me, anyway. I am very family-oriented girl and I miss my beloved and my family. I see that you are looking for the same. I want to ask you one thing. Tell me are you ready to start serious relations with a girl from Ukraine, the girl who does not know your language yet who has different tradition and culture? I ask because I am very serious about you and I do not want to lose contact with you. I believe that thing goes right with us in the future and I think we should meet in person one day and maybe I will stay with you forever. I know that it is not a simple thing to move to a strange country but if we are in love it will not be a problem is not it? As for me - Ive never been to , but of course this country is very magic and Id like to visit it! ok, , I am anxiously awaiting for your reply. I send you another picture with this letter. I hope you like it. Of cousre, Im waiting for yours! With Love Inna Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 09:29:17 +0400 From: "inna-den" To: Subject: From "Diamond" Dear Sir, We are writing to you because your lady Inna has applied to us with the ask to help her with translation of her and your letters but she has found out that she cant pay for our service by herself. And for the moment she cant provide payment for our translations but as she wouldnt like to stay with translations of your letters and as she is very interested to stay in touch with you and develop your relations if you have the possibility to help her you can do it but it is up to you. For more details please contact us. We will be happy to help you. Best regards, Manager assosiation of interpreters Ekaterina Menshova "Diamond"
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