Julia Skvortsova from Nizhni Novgorod a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Julia Skvortsova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 4000

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Julia Skvortsova
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Nizhni Novgorod
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Julia Skvortsova (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia). I am 35, single, going back to school and self employed. I was contacted by this person on 03/22/2004 through Yahoo! personals under the member name of "julyskv". The email gave me the impression of a form letter, but I replied anyway just to see what would happen. Her photos and name were not on any of the blacklists. I have been communicating with this person for a little over a month now. Only last night did I find the posting on 10/03/2006 about a girl named Anastasia Fedorova/Nastya (link: womenrussiadotcom/blackpage132.htm) - the first email that she sent her man, my Julia must have plagiarized - I was in awe to see that even some of the sentences were word for word. The circumstances were the same also - contacted through Yahoo Personals, failed to answer questions that I had for her and that she seemed to fall in Love for no real reason. Although, the person I guess was a little impatient with me because they asked for money in letter 8, not letter 13... She was asking for $750 (payable though Western Union), she said her mother was going to give her $800 that she had in savings - $750 wasnt all that much to me, but apparently to them it is around $4,000 (5 times as much). Unfortunately I sent the money, and to my astonishment she continued to reply. At first her emails were full of "wooing" me - talking allot about dreams, destiny, prince and princesss, fairy tails, etc... After I sent her the money - her letters dried up until it was time to get her Visa, she told me that she needed a round trip ticket and she only bought a one way. She blamed the mistake on the agent because he never told her she needed a round trip. She has been much more talkative since I have been telling her that it would be hard to come up with the rest of the money. From the get go I was very forth coming with her from the aspect that I do not know whether to really believe in her - I thought it odd that she never really acknowledged my concerns - she seemed to avoid it in a way. At one point, it seemed to sink in and she freaked out, saying that she did not want to loose me and the was going to try and call me and tell me how much I meant to her. She said that only after a few days she had quit her Job, and she also had no phone for me to call her. This is all coming to an end with her saying that she was going to ask her mother to sell her house to come up with the money so she could be with me, Ive told her that I would sell my tv and entertainment system in order to pay for it (just leading her on - cant give up the big screen!). This chick was sly, she used photos that I have seen on the internet somewhere before - I cant find them anywhere now though. She even gave me the name of the agency, agent and their phone number - so I could verify it my self, and pay for the ticket my self. - The Rose of Winds Travel and Visa Agency - +7(920)2912656 - Alexander Shurupov I havent called them - but Im sure it is fake. I told her at one point, that I was going to report her the authorities when she did not reply to me for a few days (after saying it would be very difficult to come up with the money) and she did not seemed phased at all, she simply said "Shame on you!" and asked why I was always so suspect of her, and what was wrong with me... She also sent me a picture of her Passport, as one of the first photos. Ive got a few more pictures of her also, if anyone wants them... Fun, fun, fun... Curtis Wood curtis@penguinbrat.comLetters: Letter #1Letter #2Letter #3Letter #7Letter #8Letter #10Letter #30 reply from accusing her of being a scammer...
Curtis! My love.... Honey...What can i say? Shame on you. I can`t write to you earlier and there was a number of reasons. Just can`t imagine how can you thought such a things about me. Whether I am very strongly disappointed in you and I do not know if i`m ready to come to you. For a couple of days my mom felt herself badly. I can`t just left my mom laying in her bed. Yesterday i`ve went to the agency and they give me all the required infomation. Here it is: The agency name is "The Rose of Winds Travel and Visa Agency". Phone number: +7(920)2912656 Agent Name:Alexander Shurupov. Sorry, that i could write to you only this evening, i just was worry about my mom. Why do you always suspect me??? What`s wrong with you? Yours Julia.

Hi Curtis! First of all sorry for not writing to you for so long. I hope it is not a problem. It was a pleasant surprise for me when I found your answer in my mail box. I have tried to write to you but I thought that you will not answer to me. It so is interesting to correspond with a foreigner from America. I know computers very badly but I am taking computer courses. So I now know how to use mail on the computer. As you have understood I live in Russia in the city of Nizhny Novgorod and my real name is Julia. If you want I will tell you about my city. Today I went to a computer club and I have made new photos that I can send to you if you want me to. In this letter I will send you my photo. I am twenty nine years old now but on 5 May I will be 30. Im look for a man to develop relationship, live with and to plan my future life. I am alone but I do not want it to go on like this. I divorced 2 years ago and I havent yet got kids. I have serious intentions and I do not want to make a wrong choice. I have tried to write to you and now I see that you have answered to me, I think we can begin to correspond with you. I have written to you only once and you answered my letter. So I hope that you got interested. Am I right? We are two people in the world who want to meet someone. I think we can try to get to know each other better but, of course I dont insist. Thats your choice. I want to ask you whether you corresponded with women already? Do you have friends from Russia or friends who know Russian people. Its interesting. Can you speak Russian a bit? I studied English at school and university. I hope you understand me and my English is not poor. I have finished university, speciality: economy and finance and now I work in as a financier in an agency. I have computer here and I use it for our to correspond with you. But you must know I cant use it for long time and, please, when you send me photos try them smaller, ok? They do not allow to use internet explorer but e-mail is available. So I write you from work. Sometimes I refer to a translator program to write to you because I dont know some words but mostly I write myself. I can write you 5 times a week, I think I cant write on sundays and saturdays. (I dont work on weekends). Now I live alone, actually rentig a flat. For the first time I hope this information will be enough. If you answer me Ill write you tomorrow. Ill wait for your response. And we will talk about all other details later. And if you are really interested and write me, please, tell me some information about you and if you can send pictures of you. I would like to see them. Best regards, Julia.

Dear Curtis. I am very glad to have received your letter, it was very nice to have heard from you and enjoy hearing from you. First of all I wanted you to tell, that I work the seller - adviser in shop of home appliances... Earlier I worked the tutor in a kindergarten, but I had to leave from this work.. There paid very little and me did not suffice for a life. I love very much children and it was difficult for me to leave from a kindergarten. I like to cook very much, it is very pleasant when is tasty cook also for you praise. And what it is pleasant to you from products? I love ice-cream about strawberry jam, chocolate, pelmenis. You know, what such pelmenis?? It is tasty very much!!! Here in Russia it is very difficult. Earlier to us at all did not allow to speak about a politics, and it became now better, but authority in hands of greedy and bad people. These people have forced me to throw favourite business, I had to leave from a kindergarten. People at which authority think only of the purses, they constantly deceive us and it is difficult for us very much. Tell it the truth, what at you the good government and it thinks of you and cares? I want to live very much in the country where the government thinks of people. Our city beautiful very much, here is a lot of very much trees and colors. It is old city and at him the big history, we have ancient fortress which refers to the Kremlin. It is beautiful also to me it is pleasant to walk about walls of the Kremlin. I do not have not enough person with which I can walk in the evening along the street with which I can sit on a bench and put the head to him on a shoulder. Tell about the city what beautiful places at you is? It seems to dear me, that our meeting is destiny. Today at night dream has dreamed me... To me dreamed, that I walk with the person and it is good me near to him. I have woken up and have understood, that did not see his person, but it seems to me, that the destiny has happened us not, well and which I was possible you that person with which to me is possible to trust. I want to trust very much to the person, I want to present all caress to the favourite person, I am tired to be one. And you, you can believe in destiny? I wait from you for the answer, Julia.

Greetings my lovely Curtis! How are you today? I have missed you very much! For this time I many times re-read your letters, I understand yours English well enough. Today I have tried to recollect, why I have written to you. I do not know... It is as a whiff of wind, as movement of energy invisible to us, I already had similar sensations in the past and never was mistaken. I trust this feeling very much! And at you it happens such? I write only to you, I like to write very much to you!! And do you write to other women? Please tell to me how you like to spend time? I have a small apartment, cosy very much and we like in the evening to meet with friends and to sit on kitchen!! It is very cheerful, when all of us gather and we drink tea. We joke, we recollect different histories, I am a cheerful person. Yesterday I told my friends that I got acquainted with you. Friends understand me and say, that in the USA men treat women well and if we are born for one another there should not be any doubts about our choice. Is it true that in the USA you are all sport fans and you frequently go to see sporting competitions? In Russia it is dangerous to go on sports competitions, there are a lot of fans and they drink much beer and get drunk, and then they start to shout, swear, and sometimes fights begin. My former husband from the start was tender and kind, but he started to drink alcohol and bring home drunk friends. I worried very much and spoke to him, that it is not necessary to drink alcohol, but he did not listen, but only shouted and beat me. Then he started to use drugs, I could not sustain it and left him. I am afraid of men from Russia, they drink much and sometimes beat women. I cannot imagine my life without sport, I visit swimming pool 3 times a week. I was professionally engaged in badminton, I was engaged in it since early childhood, but I play it only with my friends now, after that I together with my friends go to the sauna (it sounds "banya" in Russia), it is our tradition, it is so funny! We do it every weekend. I got a letter today, it was from my school friend Masha. Buy the way, she have met a foreign man, he was from England. She moved to him, and they got married! I did not believe, that 2 people can meet each other, and fall in love, begin relations, and create a perfect family! But they have done it! She is happy now, and we keep corresponding regularly. She helped me to make my first step, you know, this step is the most difficult, so I decided to search for my best half in the Internet:) I think, that it was a perfect idea, because we began our conversation, and it means a beginning of strong relations, and may be, new feeling between us. Do you feel something? What do you think? I think, that Creators hand directs us, and He helped me all my life. I believe in God, Im Christian. My mom is a very believing woman, and I have been brought up in Christian family with strong traditions. You know, my Mom have brought up me alone, and she only relied on herself, and God always helped her. I visit church every weekend now, and I pray, it helps me to cope with difficulties in my life. Yours Julia

My dearest Curtis! First, I want to say to you, that I thought a lot about you, about us, and the distance between us, you are so natural and full of love, that I want to be there right now with you. I want to feel you, smell you, touch you, hear you... Its not possible for this moment, and this hurts me. This makes me suffer! Im dreaming to be happy in my life, I want to make you happy, to make you feel comfortable with me without fears, that you can trust me. I want to love you, like you have never felt this before, doing everything together and having fun. I have so many ideas in my mind, that you will never be bored, life is a serious thing, but it must be surprising at the same time. You live only once. I want to surprise you, I am your surprise! My feelings to you are so big, that you cant imagine. But sometimes the love and feelings are painful for me. What if I dont get you? I dont want to think of it. You are only one man for me in the world, you have all the things, that Im looking for and want to have. My dreams are becoming to reality, because of you. Thank you for this! If I could give you one thing, I would give you the ability to see yourself, as other people do, then you would have seen, what a dear and special person you are...My sweet, I asked God for a flower, he gave me a garden, I asked for a tree, he gave me a forest, I asked for a river, he gave me an ocean. Asked for a friend and he gave me YOU. Sometimes my eyes are full of tears, when I think of you my love. You are my only Love, and will always stay in my heart. I will always love you, today, tomorrow and forever. I will never do something, that could hurt you, never. My dear! I went to travel agency this morning, and I found out all conditions of my arrival to you in details. Frankly speaking, I was in shock! If I am able to pay for visa with help of my mother, I wont be able to pay for tickets (even for cheapest!). But I cant get visa without buying tickets in this travel agency. Getting of visa is not a problem, agency takes care about it, and they can get it quickly, but only if Ill buy tickets there. My problem is only a tickets. I feel so bad, I even could think about, that tickets to USA costs on 5 times more, than tickets to Europe. I really dont know what to do! Im afraid, I feel scared by my feebleness. Now I can only dream about my arrival to you. My love, its a pity, but if I want to buy tickets, I have to save up my years salary (and dont spend it even for food!)! Im so sorry. Your, Julia.

My love Curtis! Now I absolutely have no doubts, that my intentions are very serious. Thank you for taking the time to write me, If you only knew how happy your letters make me. Thank you for being so sweet. Every day I find myself, spending more time thinking of you. Every day, before go sleep, I imagine our first meeting. How I come from airport, and I see you at the first time. I really cant imagine how many emotions Ill feel, because even thinking about it, my heart beating is becoming faster and faster. It seems to me, that I did not want anything in my life, as to meet you. My de ar Prince, your letters are pure inspiration to me. I want to see you, and tell you, that I miss you more and more as the days pass. I want you to be my happiness for ever. A lot of time has passed, I feel nervous, because I think that love has finally found me, can this be Love? Yes. My inner feelings never liar. I think of the future, many years from now and I see you and me, together, married, our family, I know it may sound a kind of silly, but it is my dream, you are my dream, a life by your side. My dear Curtis, I wonder how will it feel to have you in my arms, to kiss you, to love you. It makes me crazy, no, YOU make me crazy! I can stay with you 6 months, then if I wont want to come back (or if well be married), Ill be able to stay with you, and do everything for new visa or something else from USA. I already got a passport, so I have it, and I need only to buy ticket and visa. I need 350 $ for visa, and exams for getting it. And I need about 1200 - 1400 $ for tickets, it depends on a date of my arrival.I think, that we have to divide charges, because my mother saved some money 800 $.My dear, so, I need 750 $. now, may be I have to pay more, but for getting visa, I have to pre-pay for tickets 1200 $. But the agency will not make visa if I will not buy tickets from them. This is obligatory condition. I hope, that itll be a good news for you, as for me, because nothing can prevent us to be together. Yours Julia.

My dearest Curtis! You are the one, who makes me so happy to write you these letters. All your letters are so nice, and you give me the feeling, that Im flying in the sky. I can imagine always very well, what you write me, and it gives me the feeling of warmness, happiness and power. You make me so happy, that it is not easy to be expressed in words, I cannot write it in words, but I think you feel it. You had gave me the feeling, that you are the person, which is my other half, and I know, Ill never lose my other half. Im not surprised about the situation, that Im so sure about you, somebody I never talked and saw. I think our relations, became something special now. How can I tell you, how much you mean to me? I never thought, I could have such feelings of love and romance for a man, I have never met! It is tempting to think we have the perfect relationship, and I know we do! My dear Curtis, about my ticket and visa. Today I was researching accessible ways how you can help me. It is Western Union. I found out that is working in America and in Russia too. You can send money to the address nearest to me bank: name of the bank: NOMOS-BANK Street address: STUDENAYA, 32 City, zip: NIZHNY NOVGOROD , 603000 My full name: Julia Skvortsova. I can receive this money and I will immediately go to the Visa Agency and will buy ticket and pay for the visa application. When it done, I will inform you about my trip to you!
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Date: 2016-07-29 | Name: Dirk Viagie | Email: hidden
I have a Julia also from Nizhni Novgorod. She paint her self as a dentist and want to come and visit because her boss surprised her and said she has leave for a month. she is currently busy with the plane tickets $1030 and did her interview for the visa. I expect any time the question. Why I think she is a scammer? She did not give her surname, she does not answer questions I ask her in my letters. Her e-mail address is Zomjulia@mail.ru

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