Lyucia Daminova (Kostroma, Russia) from Moscow a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Lyucia Daminova (Kostroma, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Lyucia Daminova (Kostroma, Russia)
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Let me make it clear from these letters: This is the work of a person preying on peoples loneliness and they dont care about anyone they are in contact with. I got off easy, I just hope people like this can be framed for the cons they really are. Good luck to you all, and dont send any money. ScottBlack List - page 231:UPDATESMay 7, 2004 - page 2To send your own story, please click hereLyucia Daminova (Kostroma, Russia)Natasha Kremlevo (Moscow, Russia) also Avakyan Areg (Armenia)Nazhiya Hairutdinova (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)Olga Solodkova (Ekaterinburg, Russia)Olya P, (Cheboksary, Russia)DISCLAIMER: This page is compiled from visitors comments only. All messages posted tell about personal experiences of their authors, and not necessarily reflect the position of Russian Brides Cyber GuideLyucia Daminova (Kostroma, Russia) I would like to report the following scammer, Her name is Lyucia Daminova. She comes from Kostroma, Russia My name is Edwin. I am 50 year old Swiss National, living in Munich, Germany. Luycia, "befriended" me on on April 15th 2004. She is a gold member, by Name Lonely 987 (PHOTO ATTACHED) i.e,.she could send messages. But she did not. Her profile is compleately empty. I immediately thought that she was "scumming" since she was 22 years younger and instead of answering a very simply worded message, which I finished with my name, (whisper) I received the following mail:Letters: For me it was clear she was a scammer now. A gold membership costs more than what she earns as a seller in a small shop per month! It is a typical letter found on your homepage. I did reply, as I wanted to peruse the matter. Knowing your homepage, I was warned and I persued the conversation in such a way as to get answers to questions which should clearly show if she was scumming or not. For example, she made me believe, that she has an aunt who used to work in a travel agency and now works for the government, so that she can obtain an instant visa to any country I wish her to come to, e.g. USA or Europe. Very rapidly she was talking about love and more (sex) and that I was the only one love in her life. Initially she pretended that she herself would try to find the money to come (she refused to see me in Russia or Byelorussia), since "Russia brought he too much pain and afflictions", but very quickly, all her letters were geared to getting money transferred to her as quickly as possible, trying to make me feel quilt if I did not, as it would lead to her aunt having problems etc, as the latter already started to try and get visum and make travel arrangements. My offer, to send ticket to her was declined also. ("for me it not work") Her second letter below: In first letter she writes, that her father threw her out, ("My father has thrown us when me there were 10 years. It is unpleasant to me to recollect it but if you want I I can to speak you about it later.") now she speaks with great love about him (" When my father was alive. It spoke me that I the beautiful girl and that I should be happy. I think that it spoke all the truth. Now I always recollect his words") But maybe this is just a misunderstanding. Below her third letter:4th letter4 days later she already proposes to make love5th letterAnd again next day: 6th letterI then told her that I would like to kiss her, make love to her. Her answer below7th letterI then asked her to meet me and offered to come to Russia. She is really scared that I would come to Russia8th letterIn a later conversation she said she would on no account receive me in Russia or Ucraine. It is obvious now, that she was a visa and ticket swindler, although in her next letter, she first pretended that she could find some money herself9th letter:I offered to see her in USA or Germany, and she said it makes no difference, since her aunt worked in tourist agency and could organise any visa, which I knew was not the case. 10th letterI then asked her where I should send the money to and she gave me address belowSeveral mails reached me within 24 hours 12th letter13th letter14th letterThe following are MSN conversations , where she clearly shows her intentions. I asked for copy of her passport, pretending Western Union requires it, but she said it was too complicated to do, how she missed me and if I did not transfer the money immediately, we could not see each other, which would make her cry etc..Interestingly, MSN cannot confirm her e-mail address.I pretended that I need a copy of her passport so that Western Union can verify the receiver, and here her answer!The following message was sent at the same timeToday, 30th April, she sends following letters after I told her that if she really loved me, she could put in a little effort herself and that it is not too much to ask to have her passport scannedFinally she did send the copy of her passport late at night the same day, and after I wrote to her, that I will come to Russia within the next 5 days to travel back to Germany, I received the following letter.On May 1st, received this letter, although I told her that I will be in France. Her aunt was, according to her, making arrangements, although I told Lyucia, that I will not be in Germany during this time. As to my question, when exactly she will come, she says that I will have to pay first.I asked her for another photo, repating that I will come to Russia, but not to see her, simply to look at the town she lives in, and received this letter Signed Edwin

I ask you write me on my address email clever2004 (at) bk (dot) ru Greetings my distant friend. I am glad see your structure. My name is Lyucia, I live in the city Kostroma . I think you know where it be. I very much love the city it very beautiful and has many interesting places. My birthday on may, 25, 1975. We lives in the apartment together with my mum. My father has thrown us when me there were 10 years. It is unpleasant to me to recollect it but if you want I I can to speak you about it later. Since then we live together with my mum. I very much like mum and she loves me. I work as the seller the goods in small shop, I like my work. During free time from work I like walk on our avenue, she have very beautiful kind especially now . Also I very much like be in charge housekeeping. To me like much and is tasty prepare. I very much like bakee a pie with apples. My mum speaks that it at me well turn out. My hobby it travel, me very much like go for a drive on the automobile, the boat to go in for sports, I go in aerobics and run every morning, I watch over the health, I the cheerful girl. I not drink alcohol and never smoke I consider that it is a bad habit and she to ruin many people. Very much like me flowers, is especial me very much like red roses. In the days off we with my mum go church. To me to like communicate with the god and I hope that it to help me to find good and decent the man which will always love and respect me. I very much to hope for it. Therefore I to decide write to you. To me has simply bothered to be one in this world. Also I very much love children and in the near future I want have them and to bring up together with my favourite person. I never write the Internet earlier and not try there get acquainted. My girlfriend to find the love in other country and now she is very happy and have which fine husband very much likes. I am very glad for it. She to speak me that I try find the love in other country and I decide do it. I will not know what turn out from this but I very much hope that the god help me and I shall be happy. In this letter I try you it is a little speak about the life and I think that you to understand me a little. I was not so good speak in English but I shall improve the knowledge and I think that you can help me in it in the future. I hope that you can answer me soon on what I very much. Sincerely yours Lyucia. I ask you write me on my address email clever2004 (at) bk (dot) ru

Hi Edwin and huge thank. I am glad that you answer my letter. I thought that I can not receive your answer. As I do it for the first time. But now I am happy. I have told the mum that has written you the letter. She has told that I do correctly what want find the love. I even went in church and ask the god that it helped me. I think that we can do our friendship and largest love.I to want tell you about myself. I love be engaged in sports. Morning jog on target. I visit church. I the christian. I trust in the god and I trust that it help me to find you. I love is tasty prepare food. At me it very much turns out. I not have the native brothers and sisters. I one in family. I love the mum as she do for me all. She bring up me. When my father was alive. It spoke me that I the beautiful girl and that I should be happy. I think that it spoke all the truth. Now I always recollect his words. I write you the letter because you approach mine dream. I think that you will understand me. I want from life most good. It is love and understanding. To be near favourite male is like you. I write to you only for the most serious attitudes. I not want game in love. I love only truth. I despise that man which deceive. I not love a deceit. I love much carry out time on a nature. To listen to birds. To be about water on lake. I love quiet slow music. Foreign. I love slow dance. Hope we can dance in a place it? I not love the noisy company. I not visit a disco. I love cinema and theatre. It is the most important things which I love. I to want you to ask. What you to want about life? What most important in your life? What your work if not a secret? I shall wait your letter and I hope that at us all will turn out. I wait your letter. About love Lyucia,

Hello????????????? I nevertheless hoped that you write to me and we shall learn each other. I want it. Lyucia

Hello My male. I ASK you write to me when you has time your letters will do to me huge happiness. You ask questions which want to know. We can therefore more learn each other. A thank you in my heart. Lyucia

: "I Hope to do with you real???n?...I want to make with you And ON MUCH MORE"

My Edwin, I have received your letter. I am very happy that you have answered. How you? How your health? How your family? Transfer them hi. I really very much hope to do with you real ????n??. I ask you understand. I want to write to you and to receive from you the answers. I want more to learn each other. You would like it? I ask you to answer and to speak with me. Write about itself. Set questions. I want to make with you And ON MUCH MORE. I ask you I want it. Also I speak you from pure heart. Lyucia

Hello. Today at us warm day. The sun shines. I with the mum went in shops and bought some things. I spoke it about you. And she is glad that we write each other. She has transferred you hi. Also has told you a thank that you do my life cheerful. Really thank you give to you that to me chance. I need in the close man. I need in love and caress. So I hope we can do it in a place? Lyucia.

Edwin. YES I WOULD LIKE THAT we DID IT In a PLACE. THAT you TOUCHED me. LOVED me And RESPECTED it my dream. It is real? Lyucia

I now shall go to sleep. I shall wait your letter. You in my heart May 25. We can meet in the other place except for Russia? It is important for me. It is a Ipity. But I shall to you then tell why ask you only not in Russia. Russia has brought to me a lot of pains and afflictions. The meeting would be Ok where be in your edges. Only not in Russia. If you want. Yes it raises Thank you in my ideas. I shall wait your letter Lyucia

I spoke with the people which will help me to do it. I can have the visa the passport and ticket to you. But if you wish to meet. And if you wish to help it of OK. I too shall find money I talked to the mum. We can find some sum. It of Ok for you. I hope it not game?? Lyucia You have MSN Messenger, my the address there

Edwin . I have received only your letter of a thank I all I understand what you write I hope you understand me? OK I am glad that all goes Ok, and yes I very much wanted to see each other. Because it is possible to do real love and feelings when the man sees eyes each other I am right? So I already have told that I can all do concerning the visa. As you wish. In usa or Germany. My the aunt worked in tourist Firm. It she will make to us for very short time I already spoke with it about it. All of Ok. So we should discuss details. We can speak about it. It raises me that we can meet. And for me the meaning and distinction of our years has not. (I asked her why she wrote to me, knowing that I was 22 years older) Main that all was Ok and we could understand each other. The main love and respect I am right? Lyucia Hello you received my letter? You can speak now in MSN with me? Lyucia

Daminova Lyucia kostroma city Volkova street 12-93

Hello Edwin , at you all OK? I wait your letter. How your health? How you? I wait your words. A thank Lyucia

Edwin. I have decided write still short letter. And to tell that I is exited by all by it. A thank. Tomorrow I shall go in church and to speak the god of a thank that it it has turned out. It gives me happiness. I send you a photo. I hope it of OK, I studied banks not much. And me spoke that there are those which I has told you. (On MSN. First prtended she had no idea as to how receive money, but then sai that it would only take 4 hours thru western Union) I shall speak the aunt that soon all I shall begin. So Ok, I can prepare things. I wait your letter really soon Thank. You will be proud of me promise. Lyucia

Edwin I wait your letter. Inform as there is a business. I ask you to write and promise that when will not throw me. I want to speak today with you. I wait your letter OK? You in my heart. I have told all that I shall be soon meet you. And I went in church Lyucia (E-Mail-Adresse nicht best?¤tigt) sagt: ((E-Mail addresse not confirmed) says) hello Edwin: hi. How come you have so many different e-mail addresses? I am glad that we write each other. You give me pleasure on heart Edwin: you too, my sweat heart I am not able to do it. It helped me to do my familiar female Edwin: I would like to go to Crimea. Can we not meet there? Thank. You too. I think of you. Also I think of you at the night and day. You read my letters. I read yours. I hope you understood me? Where it? Edwin: with difficulties. But I can. Will you answer my question? in Ukraine I answered your questions. Edwin: on the beach in Crimea no! never! For me there will be no opportunity Edwin: it is not Russia! sorry.For me Russia. I worked on Ukraine 2 years Edwin: I would like to see some more photos of you 1975@mail: I shall do. I wait your photos as Edwin : I am looking forward to it. Do you always have red dyed hair? I wrote to you that the aunt can to me do that that we wan do it There is no I change it Edwin: I am talking about your hair! What do you need to get a visum? I shall receive the visa. The passport (she actually had a passport, which turned out later) But I see what you do not want to speak about it? I am right? Edwin: you are not right. I am just asking what you need from me? Invitation or such like : Excuse. Simply to do all here. I should find money. To earn You should simply meet me. At the airport. In what? edwin: how can you get visum without invitation? Can you buy it? In Munich, M??nchen yes Edwin sagt: how long will you stay? I spoke that the aunt will help. Because she works on government. How many you want? 3 months OK? Edwin: I see. How long do you want to come for? Do you not have to work? I shall have the large rest Though it is complex to me to find this sum. I would like to be in a place of May 25 Edwin: what happens if you get a baby? From you? I do not understand Edwin: from me of course To marry you.? You want? Edwin: may be. We have to see Here therefore at first meeting I am right? We should make all for this purpose. I do not want to play in games. All is serious Edwin: sure What to do further? Edwin: get a visum Where we shall meet? An exact place. I can tell how many it will cost Edwin: Munchen Edwin: I can send you the ticket germany Edwin: yes. Southern Germany ok But for me will not it work. I should pay on the visa the passport and ticket. It is a pity It is a pity. I should at first search for money. Edwin: Does your mother help you? Because of the visa it is necessary to do all here no.He the old man. I can not Edwin: find out how much it costs I should to it Help Edwin: I do not understand I studied all. I to speak you Edwin: when? My the mum old. I can not ask her understand You want to know how many? Edwin: yes usa 850 ??? usd, germany 680 usd Edwin: just send me an e-mail with the neccessary information. Account number etc Cannot wait to see you I do not understand you Edwin: I need information where to send money It is a joke or game? You do not know me. How you can send money? Edwin: I thought you said I must send, that you cannot afford it I have told how many. But I did not speak you. Because it is a shame to me to ask about it Edwin: sometimes we have serious missunderstanding You really want. Edwin: I will come to Russia then For Germany 680 Usd you understand Edwin: I understand I do not understand you. You have the opinion. You wanted to help. Already refuse? oh Edwin: But you do not have 680$ not have But I can sell some things Edwin: Listen. You better send me a letter by mail so that there are less misunderstandings you decide what you want I want to meet. I want to meet at you. You can help?. It is a pity what we poorly understand each other excuse? sorry, please sorry What you require to help? Edwin: If I help, I must send you money . I need your address, your full name It would be OK. Also has sped up meeting very quickly. But I promise that all to return soon to you back Edwin: please send your address so I can forward the money! And you to me given I am right? As I can do it. To receive in bank explain? When? OK now I shall do in email Edwin: As soon asw you give me all neccessary information Edwin sagt: ok. love you. Wait for your letter. Byeee Edwin: please enclose some photos in e-mail! kiss you byeee I write you now. When you me to send the letter. Edwin: As soon as possible. Will read it later on (E-Mail-Adresse nicht best?¤tigt) sagt: What me to tell to the aunt? When I can pay the sum? Edwin: Need to telephone now. Money will take about 1 week to come Next day: kisssssssssssssss Edwin: kissss to you, all over your body, your lips I am glad. A thank I too wait it. I have received your letter Edwin: that was quick Edwin: can you send me some more photos? What is fast? Edwin: arrival of letter ok Edwin: do you use computer to translate? I understand that you will have work. But how to be with the aunt. I spoke with it and it was necessary all to do now! Edwin: but surely you need the money first no Edwin: no what? Can you not come to Paris instead? Why you so ask? I spoke that the aunt will make to us cheaply. But she is able to do it now Probably Edwin: you said she did it already Oh she will do it. When I can pay the sum. She is not able to do it without money.: We can meet earlier? You studied banks? Edwin: thats what I mean. So she has not done anything yet. I have appointment with bank on Monay. Was not possible before Monday She will do. All on ??????. I studied banks. Edwin sagt: I do not understand Russian word "All on "? Who is a lot of the people wants to leave from Russia on summer. So there are a lot of people. And it was necessary to do it now you are ready?? Edwin: ready for what? You can take Lufthansa or Air France. I will be ready on Monday We can meet there? Edwin: In my house, which is close to the airport. We will make love all day I can to you explain now? OK Edwin: explain what? The aunt informed me today. That if we solve to be in a place. It is necessary all to begin now. Because for it will be on later much more complex Edwin: I understand. But I have to wait till Monday So if we solve to be in a place that we can not pull time. Lets all to begin and life in a place then. Where it is convenient. Because I very much want it Edwin: which is only 4 days. I see that you are online every night. Will you visit other men as well? You can do it through internet? To send the sum? If have a credit card. I learned today in bank Edwin: tell me but answer my question please Where? There is no I write you. I answer the people that already has found you. Also that I do not need any more in search Edwin: Shall I believe this? I answer them that I write you. Also I do not need more in search you understand? ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Edwin: I trust you I ASK you TO TRUST ALWAYS me. I WHEN HAVE NOT DECEIVED the PEOPLE And FOR me IT IS OFFENSIVE ok ?????????????????????????????????????? Edwin: ok, darling: Hope we can speak about meeting. Also what I studied today? Edwin: Do you take the pill or shall we use condoms? What did you study today? I want to you to tell the truth. Also I ask you to not laugh at itOK ? Edwin: of course. Tell me I when had not sex Edwin sagt: you mean you are still virgin? I when did not give the body. I whole: virgin Edwin: does that mean we will not make love? I always was decent. It of OK? Edwin: ok Nooooooooo you will train me. I am ready. Therefore I have told you that I need in love and caress and did not want to do it in Russia Edwin: will you marry me then first? I will be very gentle with you From a beginning we should understand it. We live in the modern world Edwin: kiss you every where, your mouth, your tummy, your..would you like that? yesss Edwin: so you are not afraid? Therefore I need in you. The spring it is time love. I trust you Edwin: will you kiss me too, everywhere? I ask you to wait meetings. And all of you will see. I promise what you will be glad to this of OK? Edwin: cannot wait. Ask your aunt for visa to France Lets talk that I have learned today Edwin: ok (E-Mail-Adresse nicht best?¤tigt) sagt: For the beginning you to have a credit card?? Edwin sagt: yes (E-Mail-Adresse nicht best?¤tigt) sagt: visa ? Edwin: master and visa ok. You can send the sum through Internet? Edwin: why do you ask? I guess I can. To whome? You can make it directly now. What I tomorrow began all. If want France it. OK. But only that we were there in a place OK? Edwin: in what place? France Edwin: in my place? Send the sum now. If there is a desire? That all began tomorrow. What for to wait I am right? Edwin: you are right. Do you have an account. I can send it straight away No I have not the account. You can it do through banks which I to you gave. I studied all today: Edwin: and just add your name? edwin Edwin: I am at home now but will go to the office, which is just round the corner, to do it on the business acount There you can all see OK study it. Me have told that it difficultly Edwin: what difficulties. Surely I need account number? Understand. It can be made of houses. Now. Me have told that I shall require number from 10 figures that could receive your help Edwin: what numbers? But I ask you. To you the account is not necessary. You should add my name and surname. I ask you. Understand I all learned it easily edwin . Go on ???? which I has given you of OK? Edwin: What about your address. Surely there may be others with your name? no Edwin: go on what? You there will include all my data. Which I gave to you Edwin: your e-mail? I have studied all. Understand. You do not want it to do? There all is written I ask you understand Edwin: I will do it later tonight or early morning when I go to the office my cards are there ok ok ok sorry I simply wanted you to explain OK? I love you. You too me? Edwin: very much so. I better go now France means? OK. But it was not much more dear Edwin: youll have the money tomorrow. You can pay the difference. Ill send you 650$ I ask you. You should to me send all data. The address. A name and surname. That I could rec

My love it is a pity to me to inform you that it do not ask in my city. I do not know what to do because I at first should search for the scanner. IT FOR me WILL BE WAS AWFULLY DIFFICULTLY. Oh I hoped that all will be OK. I ask you to try to send the sum. I do not understand why it to ask? Lyucia. I love you.

MY love I do not know what to tell. I NOW AGAIN WENT In BANK. And I WAS TOLD THAT by they WHEN DO NOT REQUIRE a COPY of the PASSPORT. IT IS A PITY. IT IS a PROBLEM FOR you. But I was sure that all goes OK, as I can have a copy of the passport. If I have not made yet it? To you the foreign passport is necessary.? So explain to these people that I can not now make it. And I asked you to do it through Internet. There you simply could do it. Ask you to make all to send the sum. Differently we simply can not be in a place. I am a pity to me have tears. Lyucia

OH I do all. I try much. I ask you understand me. I shall do utmost. I the gold member. But I ask you. Business not in money and in the scanner you understand? I shall use the best efforts.Lyucia Write me urgently!??? When you can send the sum? What to me do? What me tell the aunt? I shall pay your help tomorrow? I am right? I worry. And I do not understand not much? I hope for you. I have sent that you asked. It is strange in Russia it do not ask. But OK. I trust you. Because I love. And we should not have secrets between us. You my male I wait your letter.Lyucia Edwin. I ask you when to not speak that I have money do gold membership. Business not in money. I had not the scanner. For me it was complex find it. It is complex to me to explain. I have found that. Also I think what you will have it now? And I at last can pay the sum? Or it is at all not real? I send you a copy. That that I could make. So now all depends on you.I wait your answer and I hope news?I worry. Lyucia

My Edwin, I have received your letter. A thank. I want you to ask and I ask urgently to try to send the sum earlier. As we have holidays. And all is possible on Monday I will be closed I have tears. I hope for you. You I hope have received the passport? I hope yes? And at you all turns out. I ask you. We have agreed. That we shall meet at you. I hope it will be so. And I shall all begin. I ask you. Then we shall decide and visit my mum. I ask you understand and remember that I spoke you concerning meeting. I have told you the opinion. You have told that we shall meet at you. I hope you to constrain a word. (Keep your promise) And when we shall in a place I shall to you much to tell. And you will understand why I did not want meet in Russia for the first time. I ask you understand and estimate my feelings to you of OK? I love you and I wait your letter. I ask you do that that you owe and I ask you always to trust me. I respect you. You in my heart. Lyucia

My love Edwin. I have received your letters. I am glad that all Ok and tell to your children hi from me. And so! I have told that I shall pay the sum on Tuesday. I have told to the aunt that she should all begin already. I have asked her when I shall go to you and when I can be at you. She has told me that on mine day birth we already shall be in a place 1000000000000000 %. Even it is possible earlier. So I hope for you. And I want it as it is possible soon. Concerning the chamber (I asked her if she had web cam)I have not it. I write you from Internet cafe. Here is awful old computers. Here there are no chambers. So excuse. I shall do for you new photos. I shall try I promise. Also I ask you. Sometimes I do not understand you. We nevertheless shall meet at you how you have told? I am right? I ask you. I all have told the aunt and she begins all. I promised it that the payment will on Tuesday as you promised. Therefore we should not make her. You understand? I love you and all my heart will belong only to you. When we shall meet. You will know that I really love you. You will be proud me. And we together shall decide remain to us on always whether or not OK?Once again want you remind that I wait your kisses and still I hope for you. As you also have told that I shall receive your help on Tuesday and at once pay. I ask you only not change the decision. Because we shall put the aunt in a silly rule. She will do all for me. I wait your help. I wait your kisses. And very much is exited.Rather flight. I shall about it inform when I can pay the sum. When I shall know it I at once to you I inform. All that for this purpose is required. I ask you trust me and be patient OK? I trust you.Yours Lyucia.

My love Edwin. A thank to you for your warm words. A thank that all have explained. OK I understand that I shall have your help on Tuesday Ok. I understand a thank I shall begin all. I shall as it be possible be soon do for you a photo. I shall do it for you. And I dream to make a photo with my by the mum OK? In my heart and I happiest of female I am ready to shout at all world that you of my love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!On a holiday I shall go with the mum in village to the grandmother. I shall inform there too that I am happy and that soon we shall have meeting. You will come to Russia on what numbers? I hope that at us all goes by the plan.?? A thank to you that you do my life happy. I love you. And it speaks my heart.Bye bye Lyucia Again, on May 2nd, she put a lot of pressure on me getting money immediate I have remained not for a long time to speak with you Edwin: received my letter? Edwin: you must be tired yes ok I want to like you. When we shall meet I want to you to show all beauty the bodies promise. Edwin: Will stay in guest house provided by your town for visitoes from Achen Edwin: Why did you write to me? I am so much older? I wanted you still to ask today Edwin: what? Because I wanted it. And it asks my heart. I love you You received my the passport. For what it to you? Edwin: I have to show passport You could not send it on a card? Edwin: send what? the Postbank asks for recipients passport You tried to send it by a credit card? Edwin: I was not able Edwin: what is this? You could do it there. And it would be without problems Edwin: You will receive Tuesday with as we decided Icould even bring it and leave it at your place I simply did not understand what for passport. Though it is not important. But Ok. But you has my the passport Edwin sagt: I could bring money personally Explain last I has not understood. I should know your complete name. A surname. And the complete home address that could receive your sum Oh sometimes I do not understand you. All of you want to bring it personally? Or as we have agreed. I ask you? Edwin: Does it make any difference? I ask you to send email how I did you of OK? Edwim: what do you mean? I do not understand Edwin: "i did you of ok?" Simply I thought what we have decided and spoke about it I am right? But this your right Edwin: What is important is you receive money, my love
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Our site is a free access website where any visitor can make a scam check or leave a comment about a person (possibly a russian dating scammer) whom the visitor got acquainted with through the online dating agency.
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