Anna Zhulina (Lugansk, Ukraine) from Lugansk, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Anna Zhulina (Lugansk, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Anna Zhulina (Lugansk, Ukraine)
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Lugansk, Ukraine
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I thank you very much and want you to know that you are doing a great job for the women who are honest about wanting to find a real man.Carl (USA)Black List - page 233:UPDATESMay 14, 2004 - page 1To send your own story, please click hereAnna Zhulina (Lugansk, Ukraine) Elena Vetoshkina (Novosibirsk, Russia)Julia Egoshina (Lesosobirsk Russia)Maria (Masha) Korobova (Novosibirsk Russia)Natalya Demidova, Olga Konopatina and Ludmila Travel Agency (Sarov Russia) Olga_Koryakovo (Koryakova Russia) DISCLAIMER: This page is compiled from visitors comments only. All messages posted tell about personal experiences of their authors, and not necessarily reflect the position of Russian Brides Cyber GuideAnna Zhulina (Lugansk, Ukraine)First I want to thank you for your site. It has saved me time, money and my heart. My name is W and I live in Sweden. I had written to this girl, Anna Zhulina from Lugansk, Ukraine, for about a month before she finally sent that classic "My Mother is dying, I need money"-letter. First, when we met on the internet, I didnt notice anything suspicious, but after a few mails she asked me if I could send her money so that she could buy a cell phone. I thought it was an unusual request from a girl I didnt yet know. However, I sent her $200 through Western Union. Attached you will find her letters and pics, if you want to put her in your site as a warning to other men. She is very pretty and have no problems at all to get money from many men. Regards W. Stockholm, Sweden Letters:

1st Hello my dear W, Thank you for your replying on my letter. Its so nice of you. When I knew hat you had sent me one more letter, it pleased to me very much. Im so glad that among such beautiful girls you however paid attention to me. I would like to know you more and I hope one day we can establish a serious and long relationship between us. I believe that relationship is a goof foundation for any relation what so ever. In this letter I would like to tell you more about myself. I am creative and curious by nature. I love to travel, to discover new places and meet new people, open mind and heart to the rest of the world and get enriched by its marvels and wisdom. I am fun loving, but quiet and romantic in the same time. My friends say Im old fashion in a certain way. I like and value sophisticated as well as simple things. I like climbing mountains as well as walking along the beach. I like drinking a glass of red wine while listening to good music as well as sharing intellectual conversation. But times comes when friends love is not enough anymore, you want the kind of love to make the sparkles light in your eyes in that specific, unique way. Especially I like autumn and rain, because its time for reminiscence. I like just sitting near the window and see the rain. As every person I need in close relationship, do everything together, live and desire of life together. I learn to trust my instincts. I am interested to know you more. I believe in love and all the aspect of love and my heart is open now for a real relationship with you. Best regards. Anna. P.S. Please, I would like to have more pictures of you. Thank you in advance. 2.nd Dear W! How I was happy to see your letter today. I really made my day. I am like on heavens. You know words cannot express all my feelings but I will try tell you, I am not for pen relationship but something that could be a reality - a relationship that could lead to being together as one, and, share all the treasures in stock. I feel I am so similar to you. I feel as though Im a fairly simple person. When 2 people "fall in Love" there are a lot of things going on emotionally, physically and hormonally and eventually this conditions settle down and reality of real life sets in. It is easy to fall in love but it is hard work to stay in love and to keep the fires of passion burning brightly and requires both parties participation to make it work. When we fall in love, we as humans often overlook or not pay attention to qualities or traits of the other person that might be a source of concern. Now that there is mutual respect, trust and unconditional love present, there is nothing you cant talk about, work out or accomplish and there is no limit as to how far your love can be taken because there are two people living for each other and with the desire for the common goal of eternal love for each other. There is nothing more rewarding or satisfying than when 2 people from their love for each other, make love, create love and extend their love through their children. What do you think? You know, as for experience with a man. I had one person in my life who I thought I loved with al my heart and i though that he was also sincere to me. We were together during a year, but then everything was broken He broken my heart. I though that time that all my dreams and wishes and plans for the future was dead. I though that Ill not love any man, but people say true that time is a good medicine. I think that I am young and nice person and now I have a faith in my heart that I could find real person who could really love me as I am. You know, such pretty girl like I am could find man with whom she could spend good time. But Im not interesting in such light dates, because such man is not interesting in me like a person. Im very serious about any relations and its very difficult for me to find a real friend, a person who could understand me, support in a hard minute. I want you to be a person about whom I could care. I want to begin the morning with you, to kiss you, to prepare a breakfast for you, to wait for you after your stressful work with a beautiful dinner. Ill be waiting for your letter. Sincerely yours Anna. 3rd. Hello, my dear W, Thank you so much for your letter. It is so warm and nice that I was really impressed. Ill do all my best that youll not be disappointed, because I think one of the most awful and painful things, which can happen with a person, its when his hopes and dreams are broken. But by the other side, our heart can love and forgive and its great. And I wonder to ask you for what you can forgive your close person and for what cant. I like your condor. It gives an opportunity to get to know person better and to avoid of making mistakes. It seems to me that candid relations, when people dont reserve their feelings and intentions, are like bright, sunny day and this sun warm both. I want serious relations. Im looking not for a boy friend; Im looking for a husband for me and for father for our future children. You know that my intentions are really very serious. I absolutely dont like when people cant trust each other and I hate when they lie. I think nobody can tell the truth all the time, because sometimes you can hurt someone if you tell the truth, there are situations when you tell lie youll save persons life or maybe his feelings, but its also very important. But I want to tell you that I always TRY to tell the truth only. I also want to hear only the truth in answer. I think that its very important, because every relation friendship and love also has to be built on trust. I think that its a very good foundation. I also want to create my own family with children, of course. You know I think that children are the best we can have in the life. They are the flowers of our life and our happiness. They are the only we need to live for. So I want to have a whole family, a husband I can trust in everything and he also can trust me and our children. I would like to ask you what holidays and with whom do you like to celebrate? Do you prefer to live in a big city or in a village? Why? Do you want to visit different countries? If yes, what countries? How do you like to see your house? In what moments in your life did you feel yourself very alone? When do you feel support? How many children do you want to have? Why? For what reasons are you become angry? Ill be waiting for your letter. Sincerely yours Anna. 4th. My darling W, I can assure you that my life has change after your appearance in it. My mood is good and fine, because Im waiting for your next respond and I know that Ill receive it. Now I began to love and to value life more because I realized that there are so much wonderful things and remarkable people in it. I read your letters and I feel your energy in my heart, inside me. Dear if you can value a woman, if you look for warmth, passion and caress, if you can love and want to be loved then our meeting may become a gift of Fate for both of us. And I am very happy to know you are romantic person. If you look for a woman who would make your blood run faster and your heart beat stronger then you might have found what you searched for. Ill be glad to share with you my warmth and saved passion and tendered. I can be an embodiment of your hidden desires. My romantics and tender raised by your love and desire may turn into intoxicating magic cocktail with the taste of happiness. Youll become an owner and tactful keeper of secret nectar of love. Ill of romantic and woman secret. Well present a new world to each other full of bright colors on the shining lights. Well rise to the top of love on the wings of passion. Do you want there with me? Do you share my thoughts? Have you saved the passion and desire I search for? Do you want to try to create a new world with me? I cant give you my phone number. It is not because I dont want. I really want to hear you voice and to speak with you, but two difficult problems appear in our relations. First of all I have not a phone at home. We must have the phone this year, but there is a big turn and in our town people who can pay have the phone at home. It is a pity, but our family hasnt such money. The second problem is that my english is so bad I can rate my English as on the scale from 1 to 5 as 2. I studied it only at school 5 years ago and I just know simple sentences like "Hallo. How are you? What is you name? Good-bye." But its not enough to correspond with you. Through such phrases I cant tell you about my feelings and my thoughts. I really want to hear you voice. I think through our breath we could feel closer to each other. I want to hear your voice and just say hello. If you dont mind, I can give you the phone number of my friend and if you would like to call me, please first write me the day and the time. Do you agree? Let me know?My sweetheart, Ill be waiting for your letter. I miss you so much. Your Anna. P.S. Can I have some your photos? 5th. My dearest W, You mean so very much to me. You are my sunflower delight. Just like this beautiful flower, you make my days so bright. You show me such tender loving care. My days are never blue. I cant begin to tell you, just how I feel for you. I give you all my love. My heart belongs to you. And every day I hope and pray, that you feel the way I do. I always dreamed of finding someone really special who would come into my life and love me, someone who would understand me, encourage my efforts and share my dreams. As a child I dreamt of a man that would make me smile and laugh. Someone I could trust, someone who would never hurt me. I dreamt of someone who would hold me close when we danced, someone I could be myself with. You have made my dreams come true. You are my dream. I promise to share all my hopes and dreams with you. I promise to share in the joy and happiness life brings. I appreciate your love and support. With you by my side nothing is out of reach. May our lives grow together and our love bring us closer. I promise to always honor and listen to you. I chose you because no one else me like you do. No one else could understand and support me like you do. No one else could be as giving and supportive as you. I wouldnt share my heart with anyone else but you. I chose you to share my life and love with. I would choose you all over again. My darling, I wish also to hear your voice and I spoke today with my friend and she allowed me to use her phone. May darling, may be you could call me on Friday at 5 p.m. my time. Her phone number is 38-0642-596-506. You know I always dream to have a mobile phone and I think that it could be wonderful to have it and to hear your voice each time when well need it. My darling, I feel so sad that I cant buy this phone by myself. I think that our talk will bring us closer to each other. this Sunday it will be a great holiday - Easter. I like it so much because this is also a big chance to me many close people, dearest and nearest people. Do you celebrate Easter and how? Do you like this holiday? I have some questions for you. Who are your 10 people who played and still play a big role in your life? What do you value in people? What dont? Where do you want to live? What year in your life was the best? Why? How can you complete this sentence "Man is??"? What event in your life gives you the most pleasure? Ill be waiting for your letter very impatiently. With all my heart and tender kisses, Your Anna. 6th. My darling W, You do bring me the most pleasure a woman could ever have! You are my morning sunrise when I wake up and you are my sunset when I go to bed. I find myself thinking of you so much! Throughout the day I constantly think of you. I can be in a meeting at work and my thoughts drift to you. As I go to work I think of you. As I did my thoughts shifted to you, and I started to wish so much that you were there with me. I thought of you next to me, with your beautiful smile as we admired the beauty. It gave me many warm feelings! You are such a special man and I enjoy this feeling of falling in love with you! My sweetheart, I was so happy to hear your voice today that I felt like on the heavens. And even if I could tell you more and I couldnt understand you more, but I know that to hear each other brought us together. My dearest, You know we humans are very funny creatures with one (invisible) wing. Unfortunately none can fly with one wing only. But if one finds his better half and they hug each other, they will soar together like the two happiest people who can fly. First of all I want to say that I treasure the value of family, want to create my own strong family and fill it with interesting life, music, laughing, harmony, love and happiness. I know that you love me and I feel that my heart is open for your love because every time when I receive your letters and read your words, I feel that my heart starts to bite faster and faster. I know that this is because there is love to you, my darling. Thank you so much for your kind to sent me a mobile phone, but you know I think it will be dangerous. The post in my country work very bad and I know so many cases when people just lost their letters and packages and they never receive them. My darling, I think may be it will be better if I could buy a mobile phone here in my town and then we could hear each others voice when we want and to talk with each other much frequently. What do you think? My sweetheart, thank you so much for your kind to help me to pay for my letter for you. Yes, it is not very easy for me to pay for them but I dont want to ask you about it because I was afraid that you will think that i am using you. My darling, you know, I found out that there is English classes near my house and it costs $150 per month. I think it will be wonderful to learn English and to write you by myself. And more over I wish to tell you what I feel personally when we will talk by phone. My sweetheart, could it be possible for you to help me with it? My sweetheart, you told me that you need my postal address to send me a mobile phone, I give it to you, but please think about it very attentively because i am afraid that I could never receive it because of our bad postal system. My postal address is the 16th line, St.,38 Lugansk Ukraine My full name is Anna Zhulina. My darling, Ill be waiting for your letter and Ill be missing you so much. You are in my heart and that you so much for the wonderful poem that you sent to me, It is really amazing and honest, because it shows what love really is. I am thinking about you all the time. I imagine together and Ill cant wait till the moment to be with you. Your Anna. 7th. My darling W! I am so happy to receive your letter, because I missed you so much. My holiday was very good and pleasant . Easter is a great holiday for my family and for me. You know this is a great chance to meet all relatives, friends, nearest and dearest people. I wake up very early in the morning and went with my family to the church. There were so many people and it was great Easter ceremony there. Then we went to the cemetery where we honored the memories of our nearest and dearest who passed away.In the afternoon we went to the forest for the picnic. The weather was so nice and warm, that it seemed to be summer not a spring. I miss so much my family and I was so happy to see them together. We talked a lot and we discussed some problem and I felt myself like a small girl in my childhood. You know, I remember that when I was a little girl, every week my family and close friends were together. We usually had a dinner on Sunday or went for a walk to the park. But then my friends and some people of my family went to live in another town and now it is very difficult to meet them, but Easter is sacred holiday. The only one person that I really missed is my beloved person. I wish to be with him. My darling, first of all, I think it is great that you could give me the phone when well meet, but I wish to hear you voice more and more right now, because I dont want to disturb my friend. She has a little baby and for me it is not very convenient to come to her and to use her phone. Thats why my darling, if you could, I would like to buy a mobile phone here. I was in the shop and find out that it is costs about $250-300. I think that it will be better to buy it for myself here and to hear you so sweet voice every day. My darling, I appreciate you help to pay for me letters but you know that this is not agency or organization. This is a girl who makes a translations and I pay directly to her. And at last, as for the English courses. They dont have any brochure and you know that my friend ended this course two months ago and not she speaks very good English and it is only because of such course, thats why i think that it will be very helpful and useful to entered this course. I know that may be the price is high, but this is individual work. So, my darling, I think you must decide for yourself what to do and how it could be right to do, but be sure everything what youll say, Ill understand. I am missing you so much and I cant wait till tomorrow to hear your voice. I miss you so much and I am thinking about you. With all my heart, your Anna. 8th. My darling W, my love, my tender dove, I love you more and more and I am thinking about you always. I feel so sad that I didnt write you early and I feel myself twice sad that we couldnt talk by phone today. I was out of town and I came in the Internet quite late to send you a letter that Ill be waiting for your call in my friends house. I went to Kharkov and there I was in competitions of singers from around Ukraine and i am very proud that I took the 1st place. You know I sang my favorite song about true love and when I sang it I was thinking about you and I feel that this thoughts helped me to won. The miracle of life shone in front of my eyes when you entered my life. Nothing can be compared to this feeling of filling up somebodys life. The excitement, which tortures me while waiting for your letters every day. The feeling that you know every corner of my heart. All these things are the most beautiful signs of my love for you. Every single word you write every day is a part of my soul, as if I already know what you are about to say. Every step I make is safe, because I feel you around me. When we first met on the Internet, I didnt even suspect what a great person you were. But apparently life can show us such wonders, that we can stay amazed like children, wondering how this could happen to us! Well, I want to thank you for being my best friend, for being my angel, for being my soul, for being my life! And I want you to know, that I have never felt like this before. Nobody has taken me so far, except you, my prince from the clouds. You brighten my days and give me the strength to carry on, fighting every day for you. You revealed the deepest emotions and feelings Ive kept inside of me for so long. Feelings I didnt even suspect to be. But most of all, you showed me the real taste of love. You are my best friend and the one I want for life, my yesterday, my today and my tomorrow. You are the one I love and I want everybody to know it! I love you more than anything! I havent had a stronger feeling than this one I have now, that I want to face eternity with you by my side?? I want to wake up with you. I want to lay by your side, I want to feel every beat of your heart And throughout the night I want to hold you tight. All the love inside me has been sleeping and waiting till you came along. My sweetheart, I told you that I appreciate that you wish to help me with my letters to you, and I told you that I dont use any translation agency. I pay exactly to the girl who translates my letters. So, I dont know may be you could send me some money for our correspondence and Ill pay exactly to a girl. The same, we are starting talking about money and I feel myself not very good. You must decide what you do by yourself, OK, my darling? I am thinking about you and I am missing you so much. I wish to be with you. This is all that I wish right now. Forever yours Anna. 9th. My darling W, my beautiful love, Let me start by saying that I thank God every night I found you. You came into my life when everything seemed so dark but you provided the light to find my way. Ive never been so certain of anything in my life like I am of us. You have totally changed my outlook in life and I thank you for that. I never thought that someone could love me like you do, but guess what? I love you that much too. I feel as if Im walking over clouds just thinking about you. You make my life complete. I know youve said we could do foolish things while in love, but you know what? With you I wouldnt mind being a fool for the rest of my life. I love you so much and I know you love me too. I know that others looking into our relationship might think that were saying too many foolish things too soon but they just dont know how we feel about each other. Theres nothing foolish about the things Ive told you, I meant every word I said. I love you and I would do anything for you, I love you so much. I LOVE YOU!! When I knew that you wish come to me in June, I felt myself very happy. Ill be the happiest woman to meet with you and to introduce you to my family. There is only one problem, I think it will be better for you to rent a flat here in Lugansk, because it is impossible to stay in my flat. It is very small. And my darling, please understand this what I wish to say. My parents know that I love you and that you love me with all my heart, but when Ill tell them that I wish to stay with you when youll come in June, they said that they couldnt allow me to do it, because my parents are old fashioned and it will be very bad if Ill stay with you when youll come here. Please, understand. I dont want to hurt you and your feelings. My dad said that first of all they must know more about you and then well see what happen. My sweetheart, I am so sorry but I didnt receive the flowers that you sent to me. I dont know what happened. May be there was nobody at home when they deliver your flowers to me. My darling, I think that it will be better if this flower agency called to my friend whose telephone you have and told when they wish to bring me your flowers and shell tell me and Ill be home to receive them. My darling, I spoken to the girl today about English course and I asked her to write you about prices, but she said that she doesnt understand why she must do it. She said that if I wish to learn English, I must pay $150 for her and Ill start. My darling, I dont know what to do. What do you think about it? I know that how it will be wonderful to have privacy correspondence. Only you and me. My sweetheart, I wish also to hear your voice, because I am missing you so much. When can you send me money that I could buy a mobile for me? I wish to have it as soon as possible, because I am thinking about you and I wish to hear your voice every day and night.I love you with all my heart. I cant live without you. Forever yours Anna. 10th. Mij kohanij, mij edinstvennij W, I love you and you love me. And I am sure our love is the best that can exist in the world. You asked me why you love me. I will answer you. You love me because I love you. You love me because you are very very very good person. You love me because I cannot live without you, your letters ... Why do I love you? This question is really hard to answer. because you are the best man in the world for me... because you care about me and support me... because you wrote me such wonderful and beautiful letters... I dont know the reason of love but it exists (I mean - love). It is the greatest feeling of human being... My dearest W., I want also to tell you that I liked your words about us and about our life together in our home. I hope we will be together as soon as possible. I want you to be with me. I have never wanted any man to be in my life but from the time Ive met you I want only one thing. I want you to believe that I love you and I also want to be with me always. It is the greatest dream of my life now. I know that you love me with all your heart and soul but I want to feel this love in my real life not only through our letters in the Internet. My dearest and lovely W., I want to tell you million times that I love you and I adore you with all my passion. I want to be with all in every part and event of your life. I want to help you with your work, I want you to know that I will do everything I can for you and me to be happy during all our life. My darling, I really dont understand what happened with my flowers. I wrote you correct address. May be they couldnt find my house. May darling, may be it will be better if you could tell them my friends phone number that you have and they called her and tell when they could deliver your flowers to me and my friend will tell me that Ill be at home. Or may be you could give me their phone number and Ill call them and explain how they could find my house? What do you think? My sweetheart, i wish to hear your voice, because I am missing you so much. My darling, when can you help me to buy a mobile phone that we could hear each others voice when we wish? I am missing you so much and Ill be waiting for your letter. With all my love and true feelings Your Anna 11th. My darling W, I feel so awful right now and I have a strong pain in my heart. My mom is in the hospital now. When I came from my work today she was getting worth and then she had a strong pain in her right kidney and she lost consciousness and he called to the ambulance. The doctor told that she needs immediately surgery.She had a problem with her right kidney about 5 years, but it was not so difficult. She took medicine and the doctor said that one day she must have an operation because her right kidney will not work. But my mom had a strong belief that everything will be OK. More over this surgery costs very expansive. And now this happened. She is already in regional hospital and she need immediately operation, but we must pay for it. It is really really expansive. Today all our relatives, friend try to get necessary money but still, it is not enough for this. Now she is in the hospital and I couldnt see her because she is in very bad condition and her doctor told me that on Friday will be the surgery and we must have necessary money till Friday. I dont know what to do. We found a little money but we need $1000 more. Oh, my God, where could we take such huge money? This is really huge money for us. I was crying all day because this surgery is only one chance to save the life to our mother. If the right kidney will not be deleting, the intoxication will come and she could die. I couldnt over come her death. My sweetheart, I dont know what to do and I wish to safe my moms life but without money this is impossible. Please, what could I do? Could I rely upon your help? I am going crazy. If Ill loose her, Ill loose the part of me, the part of my heart. Please, please, help me. I love you and I know that my mother is also very important for you. Please, safe her life. Every minute I am praying for her life. I must come back to the hospital now. I wish to be with my mom now. May be today I could see her? I love you with all my heart. Your Anna.
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