Valerie Gryshyna (Lugansk, Ukraine) from Lugansk, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Valerie Gryshyna (Lugansk, Ukraine) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Valerie Gryshyna (Lugansk, Ukraine)`s photo russian dating scammer Valerie Gryshyna (Lugansk, Ukraine)`s photo russian dating scammer Valerie Gryshyna (Lugansk, Ukraine)`s photo
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Valerie Gryshyna (Lugansk, Ukraine)
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Lugansk, Ukraine
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Valerie Gryshyna (Lugansk, Ukraine)46 yr old single contact originated from her profile was on profile# 12102 reported to the agancy, no response yet, I did NOT SEND MONEY!!!!!!! replied with letter stating lugansk was the scam capitol of europe, she then disappeared, this was 5th letter-she wrote me first seemed like she did not even read my letters never replied to my questions seemed canned would not be surprised if she was doing this with more that just me. Alll things will pass, and learning from experience is better than futilely reliving it.Tomorrow is more important than the past, so plan ahead! Your only easy day was yesterday! Letters:

Hi there,my sweet little Kenny, my little teddy bear, how was your day, swettie have you missed me at least a little bit, to tell you the truth I coudlnt wait till i get to the Internet cafe and get your sweet letter, you are so amasig , have I told you, i have captured myself on thinkin of you more and more every day, what is going on with me , I wonder, maybe you know some magical way to get into someones thoughts , common, tell me, or I would think that it is the plan from above, you know, i have been runing here to get yout letter so fast, that I even managed to slip out and now I have scratched knees like a teenage girl, see, I have never been that clumpsy in my life, always thought I was some kind of gracefull:) Have I made you smile?Good , then my m! ission is done, to tell you the truth,sweetie, I want to add some Ukrainian sunshine in your life, well, well, well,now I have made mysef smile, it is funny and I need your help here, is there any difference between Ukrainian sunshine and sunshine over there, wish I could know, there are so many questions that are left unanswered like what power brought us together, honestly,I do not even want to know the answer, all I know is that I am so thankful we have stepped onto that road, where would we get for here, do you have any clue? Me not, but hopefully where our dreams always come, by the way have you see this movie "What dreams may come", it is my favourite one ,the power of love there is so strong...I have seen it maybe 10 times or more,I think I can never get enough of it:) By the way, sweetie, do you want to hear somethig funny, I used to hate writing letters, but now it seems it is my favourite thing to do,well, it is not just the useless lines but our conversation, hav! e you thought how many miles it would travel before it gets to you,tho ugh it takes just several minutes,hey, Internet inventor, thank you, you did a great job:) Though, one more confession( just wonder why with you I am not scared to embarass myself,see what power you have on me , I am under your spell ,I guess, i knew you were practicing some magic:), so, actually all i know about computers is maybe just how to turn it on:) thanks God created traslators:) Sweetie, so tell me, what is on your mind right now when you are reading these lines, you probably think, gosh,she is crasy, well, I am and I also know that crasy people can do whatever, so I can honestly tell you, i have a crush on you, I cannot explain it, but somehow with you, it feels so easy to talk about anything, to be myself, I feel protected and each time I think of you I get this warm wave coming around my body, it is truly great, I do not know what is going on, but can say honestly, it is more than great to have you in my life, please, dont leave, i think I am getting used to you! and your letters, though with each one you impress me even more, Kenny:) Baby, you make me feel so special, and I love getting letters from you,, you know how to treat women,, baby, and i hope everythign will work out just fine betweeen you and me,, thank you for helpign me with the Internet expences, I asked my translator and she told me the best way to send money to me woudl be Western Union, to tell you the truth I do not know much about it, but I be6 you are much more experienced in this, my translator told me you woudl have to have my adress and here is it Valeria Gryshyna Frunze 4/22 Luhansk Ukraine 91055,, You just check and let me know,, Ok, my sweet, and yes, I woudl love to hear yoiur voic, I would be here at 3 pm my time,, here is the number 380509867484,, you have to ask for me,,you know my name, rihgt,I hope to hear you tomorrow:) Well, sweetie i guess I will leave you for now, but promise you would write me soon,ok, Yours Lerka
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