Natalya Kisyala (Chelyabinsk, Russia) from Moscow a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Natalya Kisyala (Chelyabinsk, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Natalya Kisyala (Chelyabinsk, Russia)
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Natalya Kisyala (Chelyabinsk, Russia)Bogacheva,19-25,K.Marksa,ulitca,Chelyabinskaya,Ozersk,Russia Hi Iam A single guy white Australian 29 years old I was first contacted by this woman on the 10th of April through We emailed each other from the 10/04/04 through to 9/05/04 we talked about our lives and our interests and then it became serious Natalya was telling me that she wanted to have a family and to get married witich I also wanted.I then said that I wanted to vist her and i was now planing the trip to Russia,she then informed me that it would be very difficult to vist her because she lives near the town of Mayak and theres A "Nuclear Factory" there and it would be impossiable to vist.Natalya then said that she wanted to visit me but she had little money and asked me to help with her airfair here,well I myself being new to this thought nothing of it and sent over $2,300 AUD through a western union money transfer.Natalya then gave me her flight details so I checked them and they all checked out and she told me she had to go to Moscow to get a visa to travel here.Then she sent me another email saying that she has to have money in the bank before she is given a visa so I then sent over $1,400 AUD to her then a few days went by and I didnt hear from her,2 days later I got a repley from her surposed friend Olga saying that Natalya had been hit by A drunk driver while returning from the bank and was in hospital and could die.Well thats when I started to think that this was A scam I contacted the Australian Embassy an asked if any one by the name of Natalya Bogacheva had applyed for a visa thay said no one has by that name,since then I had found A new profile on of hers with the same photos.I have informed both agencys about her and soon to send A formal statment about it all to the Australian Embassy and to the Russian Embassy and now waiting for a reply from them.Iam still looking for A Russian wife but this time I will be prepaired and i shall be going through an agency Sincearlly BrendonLetters:

Hello Brendon! I am very glad to start to communicate with you. I am a newcomer in such relation in internet and it is all very difficult for me but I hope thet I will know about internet more and it wont be a problem for me... Anyway I want to tell you about myself...I am afriad of that it sounds ridiculos but I really dont know how to start :) My name is Natalya and I am 25 years old but everybody tell me that I looks more yonger. I live in Russia in city called Ozersk)first namewas Chelyabinsik-65 but since 1993 it called Ozersk) I think that you have never heard about this city. I was born here and all my life bound up with this city. I live with my parents - my mother and father. My mothers name is Maria.She is 54 years old and she is best mother in the world :) I think that every children tells same words about mother...My fathers name is Leonid and he is 53 years old. I love my parents very much and I am doing my best for their happy. I am a single children in my family.When I was a little girl I wanted to have a brother or sister but my parents decided that I will be a single children in our family. All our family live in apartment which we rent.First of all I want to tell you that I don;t want to play game and I am serious in my search and I want you to know all truth about me. I hate liars and I hope thst you will be honest with me. Anyway I am optimist and I trust in light future. I forgot to tell you about my work. I work as a seller in parfume shop and I have been working here for 5 years. I like my work and here is very friendlyy labour collective.My boss...sometimes I have problems with him but I understood that he strict but equitable man.My free time I spend we my friends and we sometimes go to clubs or bars.I have many friends and here in Russia we have a proverb:"Dont have 100 rubles but need to have 100 friends..."I agree with it 100% and friends often help me in hard minuites of life. Oooooooff, :) I type very slow and i just tired to type. I will write to youu more soon. Please tell me about yourself, what do you like to do, about your friends and family what you like and dislike in yourself... Also please send me your pics.May you will write me soon.bye. Natalya Thank you for your letter my darling Brendon and I am very glad that we will meet each other soon! I am feeling myself the happiest woman in the world that I will spend my vaction with you and I am sure that it will be a great time in our life.I am glad that your mother dont mind if I stay with you.My dear I have just returned from Olgas work and found out all what I need for trip to you.Olga told me that it is very difficult to get a visa in your country for russian citizens but she has friends in Moscow who are able to help me with it and I think that it is great. Olga told me that for getting visa I will need to go to Moscow in embassy personally any way but if I will make a payment in the beginning of week then i will be able to go there with Olga (she will go there with her business)and she told that the best if Iwill go there with her and it is a great chance for me because I am new with such things and it is great that she will help me. But I dont know if you are able to help me this week>Olga told me that preparing all documents will take about 2-3weeks and so I need to make a payment in the beginning of next week if I want to get all papers in time and I really want it because I want to spend as more tine with you as possible. She told me that all documents (foreign passport, visa, tickets to Moscow, tickets to ypo and back to Russia, medical insurance, different inquires, etc) will be cost 1625 USD. Also she found a flight which she can book for me immediately after the payment. But when I heard such amount of money I became very sad because it is terriable money for me and for you I think and I dont know if you are still want to help me with my trip to you... I really dony know what to do now but I really want to me with you my darling and hope that we will find a way for solve this problem.I also asked Olga if you want to help me with expences then how you can do it and she told me there are two wats for it:first - you can make a wire transfer on the companys bank account and the scond you can transfer monry directly to me by transfer systems called money gram or Western Union.I don,t know what it is if you dont know about it too I will go to Olga once again and found out it in deitails and imform you. Olga told that second way is faster because I need to make payment as soon as possible if I want to have my documents in time. She told me thant if you will use Western Union then you need to know my full name and home Address and I need to know the same information from you too. My name:Bogacheva Natalya Address Russia, 456787, Chelybinskaya., obl.,Ozersk, ulitca K.marksa,19-25 Also Olga gave me an information about flight which they can boo on my name after payment and here is it: To Brisbane: Company: Aeroflot Flight number:SU521 Departure: 11 May,12:00 Sheremetyevo Arpt Arrival: 11 May,17:04 Dubai Intl Arpt Change city:Dubai Cpmpany:Malaysia Airline Flight number MH157 Departure:11May.20:35 Dubai Intl Arpt Arrival: 12 May,08:00 Kaula Lumpur Intl Arpt Change City Kula Lumopur Company: Emirates Airlines Flight number MH135 Departure:12 May,09:20 Kula Lumpur Intl Arpt Arrival: 12 May,18:49 Brisbane Intl Arpt Back to Russia: Company:Emirates Airlines Flight EK431 Departure:12 June,20:29, Brisbane Intl Arpt Arrive: 13 June, 06:24 Dubai Intl Arpt nange city Dubai Company:Emirates Airlines Flight EK133 Departure:13 June, 09:30 Arrive: 13 June, 14:55 Domodedovo ArptMy darling I have to go now I willbe waiting for your answer soon. Just remember that I am missing you very much and want to be with you...Hope that you have a common feelings for me and I am wating for your letter with great impatience. Your Natalya. Next sent to me 3/05/04 Hi my love Brendon. I have just recived aletter from you say that I am missing of you too. Me and Olga just returned from meeting with his friends and I have two news- one bad and one good. First f all I want to tell you that everything is fine and I wont have a problem with visa and I will get visa on Friday out of turn and thanks Olga very much for it But my love we really have a problem now because he told that there are some rules for getting visa and one of this rule say thet everyone who wants to go to anada need to show 100 australian dollars pre each day of staying in your country.I have already filled the form out of turn that i will be with you for 2 weeks and so I need show 1400 australian dollars for getting my visa and I need to have this money befoer Saterday.I just dont know what to do and I am really in a panic now because it is terriable amount of money and I cant imagine where I can get this money :( Olgas friend told me that need to have this money only to show that I have them and also I will need to show them in the airport.I dont know what to do because I dont have any resort excapt you but I dont know if you are able to help me but if you can please try to do it because I need to have this money for getting visa and without them I wont get it. I dont want to lose you because I cant imagine my future life without you my dear Brendon and I am afriad that I will die if we wont meet each other...I am missing of you and I am in bad mood now because I have this problem and it became a wall between us but I want to tell you that I needto have this money only for showing them and return you immediately when we will meet each other in the airport.I understand that I created a great problem for you but please my love try to understand and help me because if you wont help me then nobody can do it...You are my the only resort and I promise that I wont waste this money and return you immediately in the airport when we will meet with a lot of kisses. I will be sit here and wait foryour answer.Please answer me as soon as possible... I love you my darling Brendon your NatalyaHi My name is Olga and prpbably Natayla told you about me - I helped her to prepare necessary documents for travel.We have terriable news new. Ywo days ago Natayla came from bank also was brought down by car.Behind a rudder the drunk driver was.Now Natalya is in very heavy condition also in reanimation.Its her mum has asked me to write to you the letter because you had very warm relation.She is not overlooked about the aunt and before failure constantly spoke that you soon will meet also she shinned happiness, But now she can die. These are terriable words but unfortunately it is o.All our friends by turns are on duty in hospital. Doctors of nothing speak particularly.All of us pray for her ,and we hope that all will be good. Natalyas mum asked me to come by the library each day and I hope that you will recive this letter and will pray too for your love.She really loves you .Excuse me for my english - I use the Translator,but I hope that you will understand about what I have written.Well I have sent 3 emails since I recived this one and still no reply I also asked for my $3,700 Aud back and havnt heard back she has currently has an active profile on by the name of kisylya I hope that no one else gets scamed by her like I did. Yours Brendon
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