Olya (Cheboksary, Russia) from Cheboksary a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Olya (Cheboksary, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Olya (Cheboksary, Russia)
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Olya (Cheboksary, Russia) Looks like Olya is at it again. I am 32 living in oregon, and have had similar contact with Olya as John from Alabama. After corresponding for 5 weeks, she mentioned coming to see me, and said she needed $440 for passport and visa which she could get in 8-12 days. I did some research on visas and passports and found that single women of her age cannot get a simple tourist visa to the US. and fiance visas would take several months to acquire. This sent up a red flag in my mind. and after searching several russian bride blacklists, i was surprised to find her EXACT letter to me posted to someone else, which hefound was posted to someone else 2 years earlier. attached are all the photos she has sent to me so far. Is there any way to catch this person? I am still in contact with her. My most recent letter to her was that I will pay for everything on my end, and need to visit her to get the proof of relations for the fiance visa, and asked for her address. I expect a response in a couple days if she keeps her monday/friday schedule of writing me. I havent been scammed yet, except for my time, but i dont want her doing this to anyone else. Letters:

Im so pleased that you can understand my not so good English language, that I has learned in school and in College. Im 166 centimeters tall, my weight is 51 kg, I work as a cosmetologist is a shop. I live in the city Cheboksary. It isapproximately in 650 kilometers from the Moscow city. I want to say you, that I love children very much. I have an experience of dialogue directly with Russian people, but they are not adapted, it is serious also. And theydrink alcohol very frequently and it not so is pleasant to me. I think, that such habit is not a gift. I want to inform, that I do not smoke, and I do not drink strong drinks. But sometimes I like to drink in the good company a small glass of grape vine, though it happens very seldom. I want to say, that Im able well to play a piano, I have finished musical school, Ive studied for 6 years. I Want to inform,that I live with my mum. I dont have father. My grandfather unfortunately has died, 7 years ago. I want to say, that I like various music, but mostly classical. I want to be serious. My relations with you are to find love and to create happy family. I will be pleased, if you want the same. I want to say, that I write to youfrom an office computer. Unfortunately I have no the computer at home. I hope, that it will not be a problem. I hope youll answer me soon. Yours, Olya. And finally...Hi my love Dan! I want to be with you no matter where do you live. Ive understood from very first letters that youre that man who want to make me happy. I think that youll show me all beautiful places , I simply could not evendream to visit it before. My love, I want to be with you forever, true love comes only once in life, and we have no right to miss it, we have no right to miss our happiness. I have visited travel company today and they explained me that I have to get visa and passport, it will cost 440 dollars and will be ready in 8-12 days. They also can do express application for additional 50 dollars charge and it will be ready in 5-7 days. Darling, I cant pay for visa without your help. If you can help me with that, we can make more plans for our future. And when Ill be with you, we can marry without losing a day if you want. Im waiting for your answer very impatiently, forever yours Olya.
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