Elena (Lena) Belova (Samara, Russia) from Moscow a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Elena (Lena) Belova (Samara, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Elena (Lena) Belova (Samara, Russia)
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Elena (Lena) Belova (Samara, Russia) I am a single, white Canadian male, 30 years old. I was contacted through Yahoo! Canada Personals. After a few e-mails (about a week and a half) she was in love with me, and she wanted us to be together. She wanted money for a visa and travel expenses to Moscow ($440 US altogether). After doing some research myself about visas, it only costs about $54 for a visa to Canada. A funny thing is, I even stated to her I was scared of a scam. And she replied "You speak very awful things. You speak that there are such people which deceive fair people as you. I never could think of it. I am fair with you and I love you very strongly. We with mum always spoke only about you while we are familiar with you. She speaks that you very well understand me. Also that we shall be together very happy." I suggested that we wait a while, so we could save money for the visa, the plane ticket and so it could during the summer months. She didnt really answer me on that. Finally, I decided to send her flowers through Russian Florists Network (roses.ru). They e-mailed me saying "Dear Sir, We have difficulty delivering your order. The address of the recipient, the way you have provided it in the order form is invalid. We have received numerous orders to the lady in question, yet we have never been able to find her. However, if you want to have the order delivered, will you please provide some contact phone of hers." So I e-mailed her the info two days ago and she hasnt responded yet and chances are she probably wont because I think shes figured out that I know shes phony now. Then after checking out the black list of your site the signs were all there. And then I read the profile of Inna Konstantinova (Tolyatti, Russia), the e-mails Elena sent me are almost exactly the same! Elenas friend was Sasha (not Natasha), Sashas boyfriend was Frederic from Australia (instead of Frank from Germany), Elena was born on April 1, not April 11, she lives in Samara (not Tolyatti). The education is the same, and she also works in a bar, her family is the same.Letters:

Hello from Russia!!! My name is Lena. I read your structure and it has very much liked me. Many a structure what that usual, but you has interested me!!! I could not find the half at us in Russia. And I have decided to try to search it in internet. As at me the girlfriend too so has made. And now they are very happy with the friend from other country. As you have already guessed I live in Russia, in the Samara area, city of Samara. I want to know yours a full name. If I have interested you also YOU want to learn me better. You can write that to me on my e-mail. Mine email: russian_eva@front.ru. P.S.: I Wait for your answer soon and I promise you to write each day!!!Hello my lovely Randy!!! You asked me about the passport. Yes I have the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. I went to travel agency to receive the information for arrival in you my love. I learned that I need to issue the visa. The visa will be made out 7-14 days. For this purpose I need to collect documents. The list of documents for registration: 1. Wages of me.2. 2 photos. 3. The information from work. 4. A package of documents on the property and the real estate. It is necessary to pay for the visa 280 $USA. The visa is given for 180 days. Also I need to pass medical inspection and to make the passport for travel abroad are all costs approximately 50 $USA. We with my daddy counted what expenses to me it is necessary to do to arrive to you my love. It is dear from Samara up to Moscow costs approximately 45$usa it in one party. I need to buy a return ticket it is 90 $USA. It is necessary for me of an accommodation cost in Moscow while the visa and for habitation is made out. You should me send approximately 440$USA. In this to cost still enters visitings me in internet cafe. I shall write to you each day. That you knew that occurs in Moscow and as there are affairs at me. Excuse but I have no any money. You can help me with it. In bank to me have told that you can translate to me money on system of translations Western Union or MoneyGramm. It is very convenient for me. As money come very quickly. Almost at once as you do translation. That you could send me money to you this information is necessary: My full name is - Elena Belova and my home address is: 11 Pushkina, 310 Samara, 344045 Russian Federation. And still it is necessary for you the address of bank (for Western Union). It: ALFA BANK MOLODOGVARDEISKAYA, 151 SAMARA, 443001 That I could take away money in bank to me my passport is necessary. Also to you in bank will give number of acknowledgement. You should send it(him) to me. Still you should write your full name and a surname which you have written in the form.In Moscow I shall learn how many there is a ticket and what flight of the plane I shall fly. I want be with you all life we can marry and I shall go with you where only you want my love. I think that I want to light all my life to you my love. I want to be only with you and to give you a lot of happiness. I want that it was good you with me. You ask as we can solve our problem. I think that you will help me and we soon shall together. I love you and my love wants to be only with you. Yours on one century Elena.
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