Elena Novoselova (Alepaevsk, Russia) from Moscow a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Elena Novoselova (Alepaevsk, Russia) the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Elena Novoselova (Alepaevsk, Russia)
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Elena Novoselova (Alepaevsk, Russia) I??m a 51 year old divorced male with no children in the USA. I was contacted through Yahoo! Personals on March 13, 2004 where I have had a listing for about a year. I had no idea where this was coming from. It wasn??t until after I sent my first letter that I found out ??she?? lived in Russia. I had no idea that there were Russian wife scams and was taken totally by surprise. Also this happened at a most vulnerable time in my life so I wasn??t able to analyze and think things through properly. I kept getting thrown off guard with different crises she reported that kept coming up. Although she usually didn??t ask for extra money I felt compelled to help her. It wasn??t until after sending money in stages for a total amount I don??t even want to think about, that I finally realized there was a big problem. The final letter came on May 4th. At that point I did some searching and happened to find your web site, downloaded your Anti-Scam guide and everything was made crystal clear. The pictures used are of the same girl on your black list called Natalya Romanova - pages 222, 223 and 224. The first several letters (except for the name and place) are virtually identical to those on page 222 (March 25,2004). I have included all the letters sent to me to show the full and subtle progression and the lengths to which they went to get additional money. I hope this is helpful. Had I been tipped off sooner I would have been thankful and not thought much more of it. Having been scammed in such a big way I now will do everything I can to try to prevent this from happening to others. When I spoke to the fraud prevention manager of the US Embassy in Moscow they said there has been a sudden and huge increase in this activity since March of this year. They said there is little the Russian government is doing about this and it is very low on their list of priorities. They said the best thing is to try to get the word out over here to warn the public about what is happening. ??If their source dries up this will die out. As long as this continues to work for the scammers it will only get much worse?? As my time permits I intend to start by contacting all the local news agencies - TV, papers etc. and have them feature stories about this. I will also have a prominent consumer advocate put pressure on the dating services that these contacts are being made through and insist that they post prominent warnings about this on the home pages of their sites. If I had seen a warning I and many others would not have fallen for this. Also I will try to have Western Union post similar warnings an their site. Again, that could have tipped me off as well. I have thought this would make a most interesting screen play. A popular movie would draw a great deal of attention to this epidemic and could prevent many more millions and even billions of dollars from being stolen from American men (as well as Canadian, Australian British, etc.) by Russian criminals who feel they can get away from this. Thank you Elena for all your efforts!Letters:

Hello! I have seen your add on singles. and I think that you are a very interesting person. So I decided to use the chance to get to know you. Hope I will be lucky:-) I dont think that the age and appearance is so important though I am rather pretty. The most important what is inside you and how do you feel about the life. I know this life from many sides and I am rather mature already to know how to make a man happy. I dont know if you answer me or not. But why not to try? I will regret if not to try. I think we should use every chance to find our happiness. Life is too short to use it only for thinking and dreaming. I try to act but not only to dream. So here I am:-) I will not write you much about myself now. I will just give you an idea of who I am. I work to earn for my living. I have a higher education and I am rather intelligent. The only one I miss is a beloved person and I want to have a family . I have really many interests: music, reading, books, computers, movies, good conversations, sports and many other things which make the life wonderful. I like beautiful clothes and things. I cant say that I have many friends. I know many people but I am very picky about the friends. Friend is a person who will be with me all my life. And I am lucky to have some really good friends. But I am very sociable that is why there are many people I have good relations with. I live with my parents and we are very friendly though dont understand each other always. I am rather independent. And work to be able to pay for the things I want to have in my life. In some words I can tell you, that I enjoy the life as it is and I love the lifewith all its aspects. I am very kind ( I am not boasting:-) ) which hurts me often. But I am strong enough to overcome the hardships on my way. Well, now it is up to you to decide to write me or not. Please write to Me directly at lenochka_com(AT)mail333(DOT)com I still hope for your reply. Have a good day!!!!!!! Galina.Hi!! I am very glad to get your answer. My name is Elena, I am twenty six years old. I live in Russia - Alapaevsk city. Its beautiful and green city. Our city is not very big but there are a lot of noteworthy places, nature is very wonderful. We have theater, native museum and many other architecture places. I live with my parents. My father is on pension, mother works in refectory like a chef. I have a high education, but its very hard to find work on your profession, and in this way I work like waitress in a local bar. I work to be more independent and also I ought to help my parents. I come to internet cafe because I want to acquaintance with American guy, in our country all men are rough, and almost of them always drink. My girl friend went to the USA last year and now live there with beloved man, they met by internet. Its she tells me to find a friend in internet. I saw site, dont remember name of site, and suddenly my eyes stop on you. I cant remember sites name. I like you and decide to write you. And now I want to ask you some questions. Tell me please more about yourself. Where do you live and where do you work??? Tell me about your parents. If I interest you, Id like to associate with you. Yours Elena!!!Hello, dear James!!! Im very happy to get your answer. Now I hope that our relations will be long!!! I want to tell you about my daily life in this latter. I wake up at 6 oclock, have shower-bath, make breakfast and have a tea. Then I have three time from 8 to 14 oclock. At this time I meet with my girlfriends and we go on aerobics, 2 times to a week. In other days I am engaged in domestic affairs, I read books, I listen to the music. I like very much to go to theatre and cinema. In the summer I and my friends go on the nature, there is a beautiful small river near our city. At 14 oclock I should be on my work. I like my work, here during breaks I can observe different sports events, on the TV, we have a cable television in the bar. I like very much your game - American football, it is very rigid and intense game.Perhaps, you and I will observe this game directly on stadium sometime. I finish my work at 23 oclock, and i go home on foot, my house in several quarters from a bar. It is terrible to come back home alone but I have got used already. After coming home I have shower-bath, then I have a supper and I go sleeping, pending see dreams and tomorrows day. Tell to me more about yourself. What hobby do you prefer??? How you spend your free time??? What do you do on your work??? My growth is 5,7 foots, weight is 121pounds. My friends call me Lenochka. You can call me so also. I have not been arried and I dont have any children, but I have dream to find the loving men,and to create a family. Ill give this person all my love and tenderness. I think its all. Ill be glad to get your letter. Good buy! Yours Elena!!!Hello dear James!!! I have not received from you the letter. With you everything is all right? Or you do not want that I wrote to you? I have come to internet cafe again to receive the letter from you. Your letters make my mood magnificent on all the day. I wait with impatience each new letter from you. It is a pity that Internet - cafe is too far from my home and I have no opportunity to visit it every day. Today Ill tell to you more about my work. I have spoken you that I work as the waitress in a bar which name is Sports mooring. It is a bar for sports fans. I have spoken, that I love my work because I like to observe sport meets. But in general it is a hard job because I should work up to night and many people visit our bar, after work I have to go through some quarters to my home. It is hard to find good work in Russia, so I dont want to complain. It is better to work in such place, than to not have work. Many people in Russia havent work, they speak that cannot find suitable work for itself, these are people who dont want to work, they want to earn money and also work as small as possible, I think that if the person wants always earn money, he can to earn but only by work. Are you agree with me??? As we talk about work, tell me please more about what you are doing on work. It will be very interesting for me. Good buy. Yours Elena!!!Hello, dear James!!! I am so happy to hear from you again. I feel so tired from the life here and you are the only one who warms me and gives me strength to live. The life in Russia is so difficult and though we got used to it sometimes I feel so unsafe and tired from everything. But I am lucky one to get $65 a month. This money allows me to go to the Internet cafe to send you letters and to get yours. It is the only one thing in my life which makes me happy. I miss so much being without your letters. And the internet-cafe is the only one place where I can communicate with you. Unfortunately, I cant afford myself to buy a computer as it costs for about 500-700 dollars and it is too much for me. Not so many people in our town can afford to buy a computer. Well, enough complaining.May be you will tell me about the life In your country, it will cheer me up. Also I would like to have your mail address for some case. And this is mine. Russia, 624630 Sverdlovsk area. Alapaevsk, street. Tokarey, 34-45 Elena Novoselova. May be you will need it. I want to hear from you so much... Yours Elena!!!Hello my darling James!!!!! You cant imagine, as far as happy you makes me by the letters. You are very interesting person with high intelligence and sense of humor. I think many women try to win your heart. In Russia speaks: " way to the heart of the man lays through his stomach ". If I could prepare supper for you, Ill certain win your heart. I hope, sometime, Ill prepare supper for you. I dont want to brag, but my grandmother learned me for preparing food. I want to tell you, that I have attached to you very much. I cant explain my feelings, but I grieve very much without you, its at first time for me, because we didnt meet still. I think, I starting to love you. I hope, it doesnt frighten you, because speak not so long time. But in such man as you any woman fall in love in some days of dialogue!!! I can speak for a long time about my feelings, but I dont want to disturb you by my ideas, maybe, theyll seem silly for you. How are you? Its no changes in my life. All days are similar, only your letters bring pleasure in my severe everyday lives. PS.I liked your poem of thank!!!!! Yours Elena!!!Hello my light James!!! I dont want to frighten you, but understand me please; I need to know your intentions to me. I dont want to wound my heart. I wrote to you in the last letter about filling my heart feeling of love to you, today, at night I think for a long time, I feel love to you. Such situation wasnt with me before, I dont know when it has come to me, but I cant without your letters any more. I wait for the moment when Ill receive the letter from you with great impatience. I want that youll write about your feelings to me. And if your intentions are serious, and you as well as I wants to meet for learning each other, write me and well start to decide this problem. Youll arrive to me, or I arrive to you, well decide further. You know, I am very sensual woman and if your intentions are not serious stop write to me please, I am afraid that my heart will be broken and Ill suffer for a long time. I know that you are good person and you will fairly answer on my question, I am only afraid, and that you dont have such feelings to me. We could meet and then decide how we are necessary to each other. I dont afraid that after our meeting you reject me, but Ill damn myself up to the end of my life that I and havent met with you. Probably it is destiny!?! So youll decide. I have completely opened for you. Ill wait for your following letter with impatience. Yours Elena!!!Hi, sunshine James!!!!!!!!! I never was such happy in my life!!! Its very good solar weather here. And the main thing is that YOU are!!!!!!!!! I have suchstrange feeling inside. I grieve without you awfully. I need you very much. I want to be with you, to give you all heat and tenderness which for a long time I saved inside me. I love you!!! I love you!!! I am ready to shout about it for the whole world. I think its time to solve what we will do. I think, it will be better, if Ill arrive to you. I know agency through which my girlfriend Anna has received the visa and tickets. Visa was making for very short time, and a month later she has departed from Moscow by airplane. Tomorrow Ill go and I find out all about the visa and how can I arrive to you. In the following letter Ill tell to you all about it. Write to me about yourself. Is all good with you??? My parents send a regards to you. I send you a photo, where we are together. They are very glad, that I am happy. I love you. Yours Elena!!!Hello, sunshine James!!! In the first lines of my message I want to tell you that I miss you so much. You are the most important and best part in my life. And I just adore you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, Ive got to know what I need to come to you. I need to do all the paper work to get a visa and then to buy tickets to come to you. As for visa, there is a Fiancee visa but it is not the best variant for us as we havent met yet and we dont have the documents and pictures to improve our meeting. They will not allow me to go there as a guest but it is possible to get a Labour or visa for Work there. I can get this kind of visa very easy and quickly now. But the only problem now is that I dont have money for it ( I need $284 for visa ). It is very expensive for me and I cant find this money now. So I ask you to send it to me by MoneyGram as it is the most safe way to send money. For this purpose you will need my precise address: Russia, Alapaevsk, 624630, street. Tokarey 34-45, Elena Novoselova. And in a week I will have this visa if I pay for it in some days. So everything depends on you now. I miss you so much and I want to see you as soon as it is possible. Just think.in some weeks I will be able to hug you, to kiss you, to feel you near. Love you and think about you all the time. I love you!!!! P.S. Trust me and in some days I shall be with you. Yours Elena!!!Hello my angel James!!! I enjoy by thy letters. Thy thoughts are very pure and are good. I admire with you.Yesterday on my activity, there were large problems. One of the visitors of a bar of saws there is a lot of vodka and beginnings to all to go combat. The guarding of our bar has deduced him from a bar. However, he at first did not want to leave. He has made combat. Then by his force have dragged on a street. In one hour, he has returned, but already with the drunken friends. There was a large combat. Then there has arrived police. We were compelled to stop activity of a bar. Our chief was very malicious. I am very much disturbed. Because one of gangsters has given to my girlfriend, (she too there works) on a head a bottle and she lies in hospital. Today I shall go to her. She the very good girl. Our bar cultural putting and we do not start up the drunkards. It happened in maiden and I to have because of it poor state of health. Only your letters and hope about our future occurring do to me well! In Russia, there is a lot of disorder. It is country of chaos. I shall not write more about poor. I only shall write to you, that I love you! VERY VERY! Moreover, very much I want to be near to you! I hope it soon will happen!!! MISS YOU!!! PS.I have received all your letters of thanks!!! I am glad to each your letter!!! Loved it is very a shame to me. But not I at my parents do not have bank account. Love is address of bank which to be near to my work. In this bank the western union works. Before writing to you the letter. I went there. And they gave me the address where you can learn{find out} all about the western union. They speak what probably to transfer money from a credit card. In bank which settles down near to me URALPROMSTROYBANK SAFONOVA, 54A ALAPAEVSK, 624630 Elena Novoselova. It is their electronic address!!! westernuniondotcom/ Yours Elena!!!Hello my dearest James!!!! I want to tell to you one of my imaginations concerning us.I rise early in the morning, I go on kitchen, I prepare for a breakfast, coffee or tea. I bring to you a breakfast in bed when you still sleep. Then I start you to awake, shower with gentle kisses your lips, then a neck, then I kiss your breast, I tender kiss your dummies. You start to wake up. Then I start to fall below, I kiss your tummy. I feel, how you start to want me, you want to take me in the embraces and to love me right now. I continue to kiss yours tummies, and then slowly I fall below and below... Then we are engaged love... After that, we together with you have breakfast, we joke, we are dared. Then I see off you for work. When you will leave, I shall do work in the house. When you will come evening, on a table will be a supper prepared me. We let us have supper at candles, romantically and gently to talk. After a supper you will include music and will invite me on dance, we shall dance and to kiss each other, you will slowly start to remove from me a dress, I shall be to remove your shirt, we shall undress, each other and we shall dance absolutely naked. Then we shall go to a bed and we shall make love. Such imaginations at me, I very much would want that every day at us was such. In addition, if you on for a long time leave, during your absence I shall try to prepare you for a surprise to please you, and to wait that you too will have for me surprise. PS. Loved I am happy. I have come to the Internet of cafe. Also has seen that you have sent me of money for the visa and the passport!! Thanks loved!! I tomorrow shall be I shall go to agency and I shall give money. THAT my visa have started to do as soon as possible!!! I love you!!! Lovely I is happy that we very soon shall together!! Yours Elena!!!Hello my love James!!! How at you weather as your affairs my sun? I so am glad that today I can to write to you. It is the happiest oment in my day!! Because I can write to you. I want to repeat it again and again I love you!! You the est the man all over the world. Loved you have occupied all my heart. Now I do not present the life ithout ou!! I want you each second. Very pensive person loved I probably. But while it is all that I can allow yself. But I think very soon ours with you of dream. Will turn in a reality!!!! I am right? Lovely each night to e to be taken off such remarkable and beautiful dreams. In each my dream there is you my loved!! If I ead before dreams the historical book I see you in the dream by fantastic prince. Which flies on a white orse. Towards to loved. Ready to give for it both life and freedom. Loved I so want to tell to you about the ream. Forgive me loved. But I would like to tell to you about all that occurs to me. Simply this dream so as strongly remembered to me. Loved to me has dreamed that I am in what that beautiful restaurant. eautiful music plays. What that the voice speaks me Elena sing!!! And I begin to sing. To me why it was emembered that I sang a song about the love to the person which to be so far from me!! And as strongly I iss on his kisses and caress. My sight loved then has seen persons. Which sat opposite to a stage. ovely ever before saw your person so clearly. It seemed to me that you are in several centimeters from me. ovely I was it is simply happy that can to see you. Lovely you have run up to me have embraced me. And e have begun to spin with you in magic dance. It seemed to me that we have come off the ground. Also e ance with you in air!!! Lovely this was so wonderfully!! Loved I have woken up also to me it seemed that our hands continue to concern my body!! Loved today at us such sad weather. In the sky grey clouds. nd such feeling that they now will fall on you. Also will press you. In such days loved to me to become specially sadly from that that now I was not present with you beside. I like in such days there are houses. nd to not leave on street. If I should not go on work!! I today have made a dough in the morning. And after hall write the letter to you. I shall go home and I shall bakee pies. Lovely I now try to prepare new dishes ery much!! That when I have arrived to you. I might be going for you. Yours a loved meal. Loved to me s very sad to finish the letter. But it is time to me to go. Loved I so wait for our meeting. I think of this day lways. Lovely I shall write to you tomorrow. I think that can receive from you letters!! I Love you!!!! Yours Elena!!!Hello my love James!! Forgive me that I can not write to you each day!! I am happy that you are at me!!! Because you the best the man which are at me!! All over the world!!! I feel such excited when begin to write to you the letter. For me time when I am in the Internet of cafe. MOST the best time. When I can share with you the ideas!!! And feelings. Loved today at us by the TV set showed film about Robin God. I do not remember as he referred to as precisely. Though I looked it on am black the white TV set. I liked this film. He tells about the young man. Which helped Poor. But the main thing not it to me has liked as he concerned to the girl. It so is fine!!! I think that the best in the world feeling love!! And I am very glad that is in the world of persons to which my heart and love is given!!! It you my love!!! At us it became again cold. Snow already began to thaw and now has again dropped out!! It so is awful. I was already bothered with winter. I so faster want on to get in your hot embraces!!! That your gentle hands caressed my gentle body those minutes when behind a window bad weather!!! I want on to feel taste of your gentle lips faster!! They will kiss me!! And to speak me I am tender my small Galina love you!!! Also I shall answer you a hot kiss!!! I know lovely that you will love me just as I love you!!! When to me especially to become to grieve for you I begin to draw. My parents I and friends speak that I well draw!! But it seems to me that it is possible to draw and it is better. I especially like to draw a pencil!!! He leaves on a paper all shades which to me it would be desirable to transfer all my ideas!! To me very much to like to draw a nature and animals. Earlier I did not like to draw people. And yesterday I have come strongly tired home. I so strongly would like to sleep. I have lain and might not why that fall asleep. In my head there were what that images and ideas!! I have risen also the beginnings to draw in the album!! Figure I draw all in an album. Lovely I drew the whole 6 hours!! I even have overlooked about dream. I drew and drew!!! Lovely I shall tell to you slightly that on her is represented. I have represented the man and the woman. THEY stand having embraced!! The man (Lovely I wanted to represent you) I think that he is similar to you hardly hardly!! The man gently presses the girl to the breast. On a background I have represented domes of churches. And in the sky to shine the bright sun!!! On eyes of the girl tears flow. I even have drawn in a corner the plane which come in the land. When I shall go to you loved I shall take this album with myself!! To show you. I think that my figures to you. Will like!! I draw in this album since 10 years. In it all my figures!!! I want that you have seen them. I shall bring them to you necessarily!! Lovely to me it is time to finish to write to you the letter!! to ME very sadly that to me is necessary to leave. But my time of a presence in the Internet of cafe comes to an end. I love you!! I shall try to write to you tomorrow. I think that you will write to me!!!!!!! Yours Elena!!!Good-day my lovely James!!!!!! Lovely as at you an affair? How your health? So that I can perfectly write it to you. Excuse that I did not write to you earlier. The Internet - cafe have been closed. I have just now received the letter from you. Im fine. Only it is sad from that that we not together. It so is sad. But I believe in that that we shall with you very soon. You my love!!! We like each other and it is fine!!! Loved I the happiest woman all over the world. I thank the god that he has acquainted me with you. I so am happy that I have you!!!!! All that is necessary for me in a life. Now I have all!!!! I have you!!!!! This that of what I dreamed. I dreamed of which person I shall like also which will love me!!!!!! It you!!!! You my prince!!!! You my air!!!!!! You my life!!!!!!! You my angel!!! I am ready to repeat these words every minute!!!! Everyone ?▒treyle!!!!!! I want to shout for the whole world!!! I want to tell all that I love only you!!!!! You bring to me pleasure!!!! When to me badly I think of you. As soon as I close eyes I present us together!!!! It so is fine!!!! When I sleep I think of you. All my dreams about you. I very much frequently see us in dream. It so is beautiful. We are always happy. Probably you think that I shall go from mind. It so. I shall go from mind on you. All my familiar speak me. Lena - you will go from mind. All your ideas only about your loved. But I want to speak about you always. It so is fine to love you!!! When at me the guy I was did not test such feelings as with you!!! With you all differently!!!! I can give a life for you!!!!! Yes!!! It so!!! I am ready on all!!! If only to be with you!!!!! LOVELY it so is beautiful. Our love as a pure spring. Our love same big as the sea, as ocean. I can compare her to the universe!!!!! Yes so I love you!!!!!!!! I dreamed of us today night. It was as in a fairy tale. You know that I romantic. I want to tell to you this dream. I think that it is pleasant to you. We were together. We were floating on sea by the steam-ship. Music played. Around there were many people. We stood on a deck. Music played. Some pairs danced. You embraced me for shoulders. You stood behind of me. Also whispered to me on an ear of a word. You spoke me that I am beautiful. I was thrilled with these words. It resulted me in excitation. Your hands caressed me. I have turned to you and we have kissed. Your lips have stuck into my lips. I have felt excitation. You have approached me to the body. I have felt palpation of your heart. Ooo!!! What passion has inflamed between us! Language turned yours around of my language. Your lips were so sweet. I could not come off them. Some people have noticed and looked at us. I have laughed. We began to laugh. You have invited me to dance. We have left you has taken me arm and we have begun to spin in dance. We danced most beautifully. Evening in the street was when we have come in a cabin. It was the beautiful room. There there was a bed and a bath. The bath stood in the middle rooms. You have approached to a bar and have poured champagne in glasses. You have approached to me and have kissed me. We drank champagne. You have included music. I have taken your hand and have pulled you. We began to dance in a room. Your hands caressed my hair. You spoke me words of love. When music has ended. I have suggested to take a bath. You have filled in a bath water. I have approached to you. Yours hands have touched my breast. I stood and did not move. You have removed clothes from me. I stood completely naked. You have taken my leg and have put her in a bath. I have risen in water. Water was such warm. I have plunged into water. You stood and looked at me. Yours hands have plunged into water as. You caressed my body. My breasts were firm. You have removed clothes from the body. We were in a bath together. I felt your excitation. You have told to me Galina - I love you my princess!!!! We made love. I groaned. It was so perfectly!!!!!! You have left a bath and have taken me on hands. You have wiped my body a towel and have incurred me in a bedroom. You have put me in a bed. I am tired. You have lain near to me. Your head laid on my breast. I caressed you. I have fallen asleep. But when I have woken up I have understood that it was dream. To me began so it is a pity, that I not near to you. I cried. From eyes tears have spilled. Lovely but now I am sure that we shall together very soon!!!!!!! So it is not a pity to me that I can write to you more. It is time to me. On it I shall finish the letter. I love you!!!!! My parents send the regards to you. They love you as. Lovely I want to send you millions sweet kisses!!!!!!!!! Millions embraces!!!!! All for you my love!!!!!!!!! For you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shall wait for the letter from you!!!!!!!! Your woman!!!!!! PS.Loved I went today to agency in which I make the visa and the passport. Lovely they have made to me the passport. Loved to me have told that it is necessary to pay for the ticket now and then they can make to me the visa quickly. Process of preparation of the visa loved without tickets is very much combined!! Loved In agency to me have told that is necessary to pay 1536 dollars that they have bought to me the ticket!! Lovely in agency have told that it is necessary to buy a roundtrip ticket. This obligatory condition. But to me have explained that when I shall arrive to you I can hand over the return ticket and will receive back money!! Lovely I do not know what to tell to agency when we can pay for the ticket!!! Yours Elena!!!Hello my sun James!!! Loved!!!!! I am happy that now I will have true man which me to like and protect!! I am happy that I have you!! To me to become so it is sad in the evenings. When I remain one. When I am with in public. I still as that try to constrain the feelings. But when I remain one to me become is very sad that I cannot to embrace and on to kiss you loved!! Loved I feel today such tired. I slept today only 2 hours. At me even eyes now stick together. But I so want to write to you the letter!! That has come to the Internet of cafe. Because when I read your letters. To me to become very easily on heart!!! Yesterday at our neighbours which live on one floor above us. That was what holiday. They so it is noisy celebrated a holiday. That I could not fall asleep!! They probably have drunk a lot of vodka. Because very loudly sang songs. Also danced. I the daddy even went to speak them that they behaved more silently. But they at all did not begin to listen to him. I at all do not know that they have made. But then in my room from a ceiling water began to flow. They probably that be have broken. Has run so a lot of water. While ours I the daddy was knocked to them. They at all have not noticed that at them water ran. At us has flooded. One room. In our room even wall-paper have come unstuck. And I had to wipe water all the night long. I was so evil on them. And they did not come at all have apologized for that that have put us inconvenience and damage. Lovely forgive me that I tell to you. About the troubles. Simply I very much would like to share all that occurs in my life. I love you!! And I think that people which like each other can share with each other the ideas and that that occurs in their life. I am right? Loved to me it is very a shame that to me to have to finish the letter on such sad note. BUT I know that when I shall come next time I shall come to the Internet of cafe to write the letter to loved to the man. I can read some tender words. Which will force me to look at the world. In bright paints. And all this due to you loved!!!!!!! PS. Loved I went today to agency to me have told there that I should pay now even for an one way ticket!! Otherwise they cannot continue to start to do the visa further!! it about 760 dollars. I should pay loved for the ticket till Friday!!! Lovely so it is a shame to me. Lovely write for what day I should reserve the ticket!!! Yours Elena!!!How are you James? When I have seen you for the first time I have understood, that you that person about which I dreamed all life. You that The knight on a white horse. Yours eyes Have pierced me up to depth of my soul. I as if the bird who has escaped from a cage . You have forced to beat my heart more often, Which lives one you. I so would like to appear with you Beside to feel your heat and to overlook With you about all on light. Everyone Night lies down to sleep I thinks only about To you also I can not fall asleep. Us divide Thousand kilometers, but I feel Your presence, you, as if The angel - keeper who preserves me. When I do not receive your answer, something Breaks at me in a breast and it seems to me, That the ground leaves at me from under legs. All my life was grey and boring, While I have not found that who have changed mine Life, has brought happy minutes of my life. I waited for you the whole eternity and at last There was this MIRACLE!!! I am grateful for this miracle To destiny which has helped us to find each other In this huge world. I so dream of our meeting, me most of all On light it would be desirable to meet you. For the sake of You I am ready to offer everything to be Only with you. I would like to fall asleep in yours Strong embraces and to feel sweet taste of yours Lips and each morning to wake up with I think, that Beside that the man without which my life Simply does not represent sense. PS. Loved to me have told in agency that I should pay cash. Lovely I would like that you have specified exact day when I precisely should arrive to you!! Because I and so deliver to you so much efforts. I so would like to pay honey tomorrow!! I shall come tomorrow to the Internet of cafe. I think that you will write to me!! Loved you probably so get tired after concerts? So it is not a pity to me that I can make to you massage after the difficult working day. When I shall arrive to you I shall always do to you him. After work!! Yours Elena!!Hello my love, my husband James!!!! Thank you for the frank letter, for beautiful words. It is very I would think, that wakening in the morning and supervision of you near to me will be remarkable experience. I would not wake you but only to observe, that you sleep, and surprise, that you dreamed. I just would lay there and to think as far as the successful person I should be with you. Then in cool of morning I would slide from, cover and to go in kitchen. As soon as there I would do you by good breakfast and a place it on serving tray. The tray would have your coffee and a sandwich which I would prepare itself for you. I would bring it in a room of a bed that you have not risen yet. Then I would wake you with gentle kisses, and whisper " i love you ". I would observe your frank beautiful eyes open for morning light, and then I shall speak you loudly, how many the happiness you has brought to me. I would be down of a pillow behind of you and then am similar to the employee, I shall serve my prince her breakfast. We would speak, and a bit later I shall pull you in a hot bath. The bath with bubbles and colors which float on water, very much is pleasant to me it. I would like to wipe your body gelem, and then you might clean my hair. You would be endowed and with noble kisses, I shall come back to make preparation within our day. We would be then to mountains to go and take pleasure in clear air of mountain. If you would like, we might go on a bicycle all day. Would find Lake it sine-green in colour and surrounded it is white - barking Aspens. Their tiny green listya are displaced by extremely small wind. The sky would be bright sine with white dance of clouds. Air is cleaned also fresh. We would go for flotin cold water of lake. Only to tease each other in cool water. After navigation we would lay on the towels which are heating up us is direct on the sun. And nevertheless I would kiss you and you kissing me. What you would do then? You finish a history. My dear I want to give you the life, so full remarkable things and to present you a lot of happiness. I want to do you by king of my heart. I want to love you am similar to you, always wanted. I want for you happiness which life expectancy will last. I also want, that you loved me is similar to you, never loved anybody before. I want to be the centre of your life and some, as we should do the child to like. I want that you were the first to hold our child. I want to give the baby to your desire of hands and to see brightness of you a smile when you see our child. I want to acquaint them with their remarkable father. You do not know, how many I want, that the child liked but then that I want family. Loved father; loved mother and the beautiful child doing our lifes, bright with pleasure. I shall love you in my dreams and I shall wait your letter my dear. With all my love and heart, Your wife. PS.Loved I am happy I have received money!! I now go to agency to pay for a part of the ticket!!! Lovely I love you!! I shall write to you tomorrow I love you!! Will pass not enough time and we shall be together!!!! Loved I am happy that I have such person as you. Thanks you honey that you is!!! Yours Elena!!!Hello dear James!!! James, James I write you my letter with tears on my eyes. Yesterday I had very unpleasant story. Nobody opened the door, I rang for a long time. But then aunts husband opened the door, he was very drunk. Aunt was absent at home. He took my hand and dragged in the kitchen and wanted to make me drink vodka with him. But I used the trick. I went for him in the kitchen and asked the glass of water. And as soon as he was distracted, I have run away. Then I called my aunts friend and she told me that aunts husband knocked with fist his son and aunt went to the hospital with her son. She told me that my aunt with her 3 children will be stay at night at her flat, because they dont want to return to husband. Friends flat is very small and she has husband and child. So I couldnt stay at night at her flat. I did not know where I go, James. In the night I tried to sleep in the Moscow railway station, because I dont have money, James (I spent extra money for gift for you). There were many alcoholics and homeless people. It was cold there and I couldnt fall asleep for the whole night. I do not know where Ill sleep in the night. I do not know where I should go, James. Ill try to find my aunt and borrow money for one night in the hotel. It costs 55 dollars per day. Today I have headache and temperature. But tomorrow Ill not have money completely. I very need your help. I have counted expenses for living in hotel and, food and transport. I think $840 is enough amount of money. I dont want to ask for you about money, James, but without your help I shall not be able to stay here without money and I shall have to return in Alapaevsk. But I can not leave Moscow because sometimes I need to go to the embassy for drawing up the documents. If I shall leave Moscow, drawing up the documents will take very long time and I shall not be able to do it by 20 of October. I really need your help, James. I love you very much and I very miss you, James!!!! I am feeling bad without you here, James Yours Elena!!!Hello my life James!!! I was so happy found your letter with good news. Yesterday after the night in the station I had neck ache and backache but now I am better. This night I slept in the hotel. It was so comfortable. The room in the hotel is not big, but I need only bed and warmth. After all I am not going to stay here all my life. I am so happy that you help me. For this night I borrow money from my aunt and tomorrow Ill give her money. You do not present how I love you. For all this night I thought of you, how well be together soon, how well see face to face, how youll hug me, keep my hand, how Ill feel your warmth. I very miss. Every day I look forward to your letter. Loved to me have told that mine my visa and tickets will be ready on May, 4!!! Loved as soon as I shall shall find phone I to call to you loved. But at me is not present while money to call to you. Loved I shall be calls to you very soon. Loved I counted the charges on residing and habitation. Loved to pay for the rest of the ticket it will be necessary 200 more but it is possible to pay them in day of reception of the visa and the ticket. Loved I went now to bank and to me have told their LENINGRADSKII PROSPEKT address, 60 KOR.2 MOSCOW, 125167. VNESHTORGBANK Yours Elena!!!Hello my love James!!! I am so happy. I have received your money, thank you very much. I very value your help. I very needed your help. Now I do not have any problem with living. Now everything will go right way. Today I have already given debt to my aunt and paid for the hotel for remained time. So I have all possibilities to get visa by nominated time. So how are you? I hope you are Ok. As for me I am fine. Your help very warms my soul. Don??t miss me, soon we??ll meet and it will be the day of beginning of our happy life!!!!! But dont care, I miss you very much, James. I love you very much. Loved I cannot call you yet. Because I have repaid the aunt and have paid for 5 days of hotel accommodation.Lovely I still had 10 dollars. It is necessary for me to pay tomorrow for the ticket of 500 dollars more and I think that 200 dollars will suffice me. On residing at Moscow before my flying away to you tomorrow. Lovely I considered all sum necessary me to arrive to you on the next week. I think that it will be where that Thursday or on Friday. Now there is a specification of concrete day I shall write to you about it tomorrow. All is necessary to make honey tomorrow because at us in Russia I begin holidays. And banks will be closed till Monday. And to take off without problems to me it is necessary to saddle all tomorrow. Yours Elena!!!Hello James!!! Loved forgive me I could not write to you because at us in Russia the holiday on May, 1 yesterday was. It is a holiday of spring and work. And at us all institutions have been closed.I have received honey of money of thanks!!!! Lovely I the happiest person. Because already on May, 6 I already shall be at you. At once as soon as I have received loved money I have gone and have paid for the ticket!! I am happy!!! Loved to me have told that I came behind the ticket and the visa in May, 4. Loved} I find out the information. Honey I have asked for themthe information on the ticket. I shall depart to you Czech Airlines. Flight of my plane OK4893. Loved in agency to me while only have reserved the ticket. When my visa will is ready on May, 4 they can to tell to me precisely number of a place. Loved it is very a shame to me. I yesterday tried to call to you. BUT why that could not. In my hotel there is no phone. It is very cheap hotel on surburb of city of Moscow. I went on the central public telephone booth. I tried to phone to you 2 hours. So it is a shame to me. I have spent 600 roubles but could not talk to you loved!! LOVE can be at me turn out to call today to you. I shall try. James I to a shoulder to you with changes by different planes. Salt Lake City Intl Arpt I shall arrive on May, 6 20.57. The same airline Airline: Czech Airlines Flight: OK3090. LOVED at us in Russia the days off proceed. I all time think of that moment. When I meet you. James I shall write to you tomorrow!!! I think that you will write to me. There were all some days and my lips can touch your lips!!! I love you James Yours Elena!!!Hello my husband James!!! At me very bad message to you. I today went to embassy. I was so is afflicted. When I have learned it from me the head has begun to spin. To me have told such news after which I has thought that we cannot will meet. To me have told that to fly to you. It is necessary for me to have cash. They have explained it to those that your government cannot admit that that citizens of other countries which arrive abroad will be without money. They demand acknowledgement of that that I can live in your country. The sum which I should have at entrance to your country is very great. To me have told that 1500 dollars USA are necessary for me. When to me have told it to me it became bad. Lovely as to me to be? This money to me are necessary to arrive only to you. I have thought that you can send me it. I only shall show money at the airport and I shall bring them to you. As soon as I shall leave from the airport I can give money to you. When I shall arrive to America. Me will ask to show money. I will not have problems. LOVELY I cannot find such big sum. I have thought that you can send me of money as when I shall arrive to you I shall give them to you in hands. I shall not spend money at flight. It is not necessary. At me one hope for you. Excuse that I have not told to you it earlier. I did not know that it is required. I have learned it just now. Lovely I think that you understand me. I ask you to hasten. To me was so alone without you. Lovely you my happiness. You my life. I am sorry about you. My sweet I love you!!!! I so am glad, that with you everything is all right. Lovely I is very glad that we shall meet very soon. I so am glad. My love I want to be somewhat quicker with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It so is bad to be without you. I shall finish the letter on it. I shall come tomorrow. I love you my angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Parents transfer mine to you hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I send you one million kisses and embraces. You my husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yours Elena!!!
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