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She appeared in our database from 2007-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Natalia Kovalenko
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Natalia Kovalenko I am a man of 57 years from Finland. I contacted Natalia in Absolute Agency in August 2003. Our correspondence took place for 7 months and we met two times. I sent her money to help our correspondence, visa and ticket costs several times for about 500 dollars + tickets to Finland. Additionally I used money for her presents and trips to Sweden totally about 2000 $. Natalia Kovalenko uses the traditional and well planned scenario for cheating men. She contacts older men, makes them believe that she likes and loves them and cheats money, presents and trips. I lost 2000 $ to this deceitful woman. When she has got enough she says simply "Good bye!" LOOK OUT FOR HER !! She is online again! Janne. And some of her scamming letters (totally were about 60-70 letters and 50 SMS messages).Letters:

Hello, My Dear Janne ! I right before returned home. I saw off my mother at home. Hereon I went to the shop, then to the drugstore of my girlfriend Elena. Thank you, I have got 2 your letter with pictures! Yes, its really ! You have so much snows! Here is much heat and constantly it rains. My Janne, I worry about you !!! Take care, please ! Id like to see each other soon ! With smile !! You asked about my food. I cooked the new dessert. Regrettably I have put a little bit honey. And dessert was not too sweet. I cooked first once this dessert and now I will know exactly how much honeys I have to put. My Janne, on past lesson we studied the articles ( at, in, on ) and countables-uncountables nouns. Sometimes, some rules are need to remember and no need to try to understand them. My Dear, certainly we spoke of you and about us ( you and I ). You ask about sufferings of my mother. I tell good things about you and she does not worry. My mother wishes me a happiness and she will pleased if I shall find my happiness!! She worries if I am sading or I am crying.... Now she supports my choice ( YOU )! She will always entrust me and she always complies with my decisions in life. She always respects my opinion. If I choose the person, this signifies, I feel well with him. And my mother never protests. And I am pleased that my mother always understands me!! My Janne, I will answer on questions of your test a little later today! Is it OK? I send you much my gentile kisses, embraces !!! I miss you !!! Love you !! With tenderness, NataHello, MY DEAR JANNE!! How are your eye? How do you feel yourself now? How did the operation passed? I hope that you are OK !!!! Though certainly you must repose more after operation. My Janne, I understand you when you write about solitude. My Dear, possible you will not believe... But I also feel here solitude. Though I often visit my parents, I live with sister.. But I want to be each day with loved man and do any things together !! I should like to have persisting my family!! I feel this desire inwardly of me. And I am being one also gravely!!! Sometimes, the other girls speak me that I must enjoy my free life. And they do not understand me when I speak about creation of family. But I have a natural desire to share my life with loved man. My Dear, I want to be with you each day and evening !! Do you believe me? I send you first part my letter and through several minutes I will write else. I miss you so much!!! With love, the tenderness and kiss, NataDear Janne! I value your sincerity! I have read attentively your letter! Janne, why you ask SUDDENLY this important question? Why now you speak of difference at age between you and me? In your first letter you wrote that : " I am looking for a young and mature woman for a serious relationship and marriage ". Why you speak that there is reason on which after meeting I dont like you? I am sorry! But I can not understand this reason.... Excuse me! In the first my letter I wrote you that I hope on sincere and serious relations between you and me. And I wrote you that I should like to only honored relations! I can not play with my feeling and with my fate in internet since I hope to find my loved person REAL! I hope real to create the family!! Janne, I have a natural desire to be a mother, be a wife! Since I know that I am mature for serious and long relations. Previously than answer your first letter I have well thought. I have believed you that you also want sincerely to create the family! Probably I can guess about your enxiety... Maybe you think that I am " huntsman " for money............ Well! We can write to each other much years! But if we are interested for serious relations, then we shall also are interested meet and hear each other closer... I feel that you has a doubts... But I also have caution since many men are looking only sex or only interesting correspondence in internet. But I am looking LOVE, FAMILY! My Janne, here is my opinion.... Well! I shall wait your new plan of our meeting! And I understand that you has a financial problems now. So I am agree that you must reduce the costs on organization of our meeting. With gentile embrace! Big kiss! Nata.Good evening, My Dear Janne ! Today I have not been able be met with girlfriend Elena, because suddenly her have caused in drugstore to work. So we have solved be met tomorrow afternoon. And today I concerned with by household. Hereon I did and do now a homework in english. I have plenty of tasks. My Janne, I shall so much grateful you if you will be able to bring your translator for me. Enormous thank you for help !!! Such help ( the vocal translator ) is required for me !!! My Dear, on cause telephone: Yes, I like your SIMENS! But it is heavy possible. Do you remember? I wanted to wear telephone on my neck. And I think that NOKIA will easier be for this. But we have solved to buy the cheap telephone ( about 20 or 30 dollars ). My Dear, you can choose such telephone itself. I have written you some beautiful models, but regrettably I did not know their prices in Turku. I am sorry, please !!! My Dear, maybe you can not find any easy telephone NOKIA for 20 or 30 dollars.... I am sorry, my Dear !! Probably I deliver you much trouble now... My Janne, you asked me : can I love you? I will tell you my sensations about our meeting. I feel the tranquillity with you, I feel your understanding, I feel your protection. I feel lightness in contact with you !! You are gentile, sexual !! When we bade farewell on platform... I do not know... but I felt the oppressive feeling in my heart..... I did not want to leave you !!! I wanted to be with you! My Dear Janne, possible sometimes women need a little time to be sure of feeling of the man. So we need meetings, but I have a serious intentions in the future about us. I value our relations!! Well, I must finish to write! Already its late here! I miss you so much!! Have a pleasing dream!!!! I think about you! Many kisses! NataMy Dear Janne, I am sorry !!! Simply recently I have met other man..... And these days we went in the other city... JANNE, forgive me... But life gives us unpredictable situations. And I do not understand why, but I think about the other man. Dear Janne, I want that you has also found happiness in lifes !!! You can not use detective. I have told you truth. My big mistake - I have not told you about this earlier !!! Please, forgive me !!!! You are very good person! I am sorry! Nata
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