Tanya Vaskova from Cheboksary a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Tanya Vaskova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2009-06-12 , financial damage US $ 250

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Tanya Vaskova
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To whom it may concern. Her name is Tatyana Tanya Vaskova, age 27 years old I met her through RussianEurodotcom, her first letter was of some one that had not much experience in the dating game very innocent, just a bit of an introduction really. She did say that she was an only child in her family,live her mother mother divorced and father got married to another woman in an apartment of one room, and with a lot of relatives and visit grandmother often and that her mother work at night in a bakery. The second, letter asking not to play with her feeling and also she noted that she had a WEBCAM and a mobile phone. She let me know that she was from KSTOVO and her address was: TATYANA TANYA VASKOVA 7 - 30 ZELENAYA ST. KSTOVO 607650 RUSSIA. PHONE 796 133 694 83 PHONE 749 566 002 00 Her Email address: tatyankasweet@yahoo.com Yahoo messenger I.D. tanushasweetyy This woman answer every single letter and every question I did ask. Sometime after I did asked for her phone number which she gave to: +7 96133 69483, she ask to call her after 9:00PM Moscow time. I finally decided to caller her, but I there was a massage at the other side of the line saying that the number was not available at the moment, please try latter, in Russian and in English. I send a lot SMS, at the beginning, the first SMS I did send ,she did reply, but after that she did not replay them, I did asked in one of the letter what happened to the SMS that I did send, she answer as being received but she did not answer them because she had to paid and she had not much money, which it make sense to. I have been told by other sources that when you receive a call in Russia, the receiver has to pay, which is different with us here in Australia, the caller pay but not the receiver. The lady sent me more than 30 photos plus a VIDEO done with her camera. Then about about the 10th letter she start to fall in love very slowly. About the a month latter she mention that we have to meet, she did not care if I go the there or she come to me. At that time I was tired up with work, so for me was difficult to go, she coming to me was the most practical thing to do. She mention that she was up for 21 day of holidays and ,she wanted to spend them with me. I said that was O.K with me. She let me know that she only have half of the money for the ticket, and if I could help her with the other half and if could not do not worry. So I send half of the money. To which she replay that the travel agency was to handle all the paper work. I did ask her when was her to get the visa, she reply that she was getting ready to go to Moscow to for the interview and to receive the visa and from there fly directly to Japan and then from there to Australia. At the very last moment she SMS me asking to call her, which I did, then she explain to me, that she can have the visa, but that she have to show that had money to bring into the country, and the problem was everything happens at the very last minute, she did not give much time to think about anything. I remember after I have sent the money, she call me again saying that at the airport she fined $300.00 USD for trying to pass some gold chains, and without that she could not take the flight, I did send the money but I did not tell her, when she called me she used a different phone number, which I goggle it and guess what, the phone number was there, and the number is : 749 56600200. I did find a web site where I got some advice about Western Union, the advice was to ask to W.U. where the money was pick up, which I did, and guess what, the money was picked up from a place called CHEBOKSARY city and country is CHUVASH in Russia, but she was supposed to be in Moscow getting the visa, that was too late for me. I did managed to cancel two transfers of money that I have sent After she got the money there was no way I could contacted her. The problem with all of this, is that I did search for her on all the web site where are the SCAMMER, in many web sites, I have search for her phone number, her photos, but with no lack, I know that other people been scammed by this lady but nobody have the bolls to report her. I guess that people from poor nations where there are no other means to make money, the theft is the only resource they have to make ends meet. I have the felling that this woman does not work alone and they are very skillful must say . woman. My only hope is that letter will stop another idiot like me been scammed. I do have some photos if you are interested. P.S. I did find the street in Chebohsary, I supposed the address should read as follows: TATYANA TANYA VASKOVA 7 - 30 ZELENAYA ST. Cheboksary, Chuvash.
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