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Is Alexandra Kotegova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2010-03-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Alexandra Kotegova
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20-01-10 A little bit about itself. My name is Alexandra, me of 39 years. I am a rather self-sufficient woman, as well responsible and easy-going. I enjoy my job and my surrounding I am a helpful person and I wish to make my dear people happy. Though I do not have beloved but hope that by means of this site and acquaintance I will find the simple man that with it to create a family and friendship with mutual understanding! I prefer active way of spending free time and sports occupy important place in my lifestyle. I adore going for a walk on nature and dream. Not looking on all of it, I am a very domestic woman. I am very kind, educated. I like to keep order in the apartment. I like a comfort and cleanness. On it I stop to write about myself and more about myself I will write in letters to learn each other better! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 09-03-10 Hello my love Klaus! My love Klaus I is glad from you to receive your letter! I think about you a lot and more I think the more I love you. I can feel that I love you Klaus! It is so strange to understand that I have now a love and you Klaus. My love Klaus I as understand you that you now worry about a state of health of mother and I wish to wish your mother of health and that all was good? My love I as promised to make to you my photo, and I houses have made last night a photo with the poster and an inscription that you will be glad to receive my photo from my heart! I hope that our future will come soon and we will have an opportunity to talk face to face. I want you to know that your happiness is very important for me and I will try to do all to make you happy. I can promise you this. My love Klaus I this morning was on work to receive my salary to plan arrival to you and me the manager has given the salary and now I can arrive to you and I hope that you my love will be glad me to meet soon! Our first day will be so exiting for us and we will never forget it in any case, I love you sweetie and I wish you to have only good time. My love Klaus I will go to the travel agency to learn what papers I need to come to you in the the country, ok? Also write to me please Klaus your full home address and number of your phone that I knew where do you live, and the nearest airport in travel agency and have booked a ticket the plane to you to arrive well? And I hope to you to arrive and I hope that you my love Klaus will be glad to my arrival to you! With impatience I wait for the information and of the answer? I love you Klaus with all my heart and soon we will together. Wish biggest kiss from your Alexandra. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15-03-10 Hello my love Klaus! My love Klaus I am glad from you to receive your beautiful letter and thanks as for your information for arrival to you now I know where to you to arrive! My love Klaus I as wish to hear your voice and to talk by phone and please in the following letter write me necessarily your phone number well? And I to you will call from a public telephone booth tomorrow and all of us will talk about our meeting ok? My love Klaus I this morning was in travel agency to begin documents for arrival to you! As I have already written I began to learn information about my arrival to you and Germany. I want to ask advice of you. Well, in Visa Agency they said I need to do visa, passport, air-tickets, insurance. Visa costs about 110$. As I have never been abroad and I don??t have foreign passport, it is necessary to do it, it costs 130$. Insurance costs 50$. It is rather expensive but it is obligatory. I am sure the travel will have no accidents but in case of any problems with my property or health it will help me. Air-tickets cost 450$. All together it makes 740$. It is very big sum for on necks of the country, but I could find it. But there is one problem. That I could arrive to you to the country, it is necessary for me to have money for confirmation of my solvency. This sum makes 600$. I don??t know, if you have ever heard about it, but it is necessary for everybody who leaves Russia (as other countries, I think) to show a certain sum of money that calls solvency. It will prove that I will be able to live abroad for several months without material problems, that I will be able to provide myself. My colleagues and the aunt agree to lend me money, but even this sum of money is not enough only to pay to pay all documents and tickets. But to save up money for solvency is impossible for me. I am not able to pay everything I need for travel. It is not right from my side but I am afraid I have to ask your help for solvency (600$). Of course it is a big sum of money, but without you I don??t know what to do. It is not in my forces to pay everything myself. Otherwise I will not be able to arrive to you. I think that you understand me and support in this situation as you always do it. If it is much for you, for me it is unreal to ave this sum of money. I need this money only to show it when I will leave Russia and enter your country. I will not spend it, and when I arrive to you, Klaus, I will give you this money. Custom-house will not permit me to go to you without solvency. Do you understand what I mean? I am very upset by this fact. But I am sure it will not prevent us from meeting. I have done the utmost, that we with you could be together, but now all completely depends only on you. I very strongly expect for your help. In fact the future depends on it. Well, dear, write me what you think on this account? Do you agree to can me solvency? And I shall wait from you my love of the answer and then I shall arrive to you ok? With impatience I shall wait for your answer and good news? Your love Alexandra. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18-03-10 Hello my love Klaus! My love Klaus I it is glad from you to receive your letter! Klaus I as at you asked your phone number and why you do not write? And please in the following letter necessarily write me your phone number ok? As I wish to call to you from a pay phone and seriously to talk about my arrival to you to Germany well! Klaus I to you in the previous letter wrote that I already have bought the ticket of the plane and it is necessary for me only to have solvency 600$! Me the contract with travel agency and till on March, 27th remains only 8 days before my arrival, at me already in embassy in Moscow do the visa and Next week on March, 24th at me the visa in embassy in Moscow already will be ready and it is necessary to have solvency only 600$ and all also can arrive to you on March, 27th understand? My love Klaus you as have written to me in the letter that wish to send the invitation for arrival to To you, but I this morning went to travel agency and learnt about the invitation, And so with the invitation there arrive near relations or sisters, and thus that the visa becomes invitation, And at me the visa becomes tourist and on March, 24th in Moscow in embassy my visa, and for this purpose that will be already ready To me was to arrive to you without problems better to come with the tourist visa and thus that on March, 27th I already to you I arrive And I need to have only solvency 600$ you understand? that now to me to do as I have already bought the ticket of the plane and At me the contract with travel agency! My love I as send you a copy of my ticket of the plane and my arrival to you for on March, 27th at 09:45 In Dusseldorf Airport! Moscow (MOW) - Dusseldorf (DUS) Aeroflot Flight SU127 Departure: March, 27th 2010 08:25, Sheremetyevo Arpt Arrival: March, 27th 2010 09:45, Dusseldorf Arpt My love Klaus I has spent all money for documents and the ticket of the plane and it is necessary only for me To have solvency 600$ and I will arrive to you on March, 27th and return to you of money well, As solvency 600$ are necessary for me at passage of customs and I will arrive to you on March, 27th And the refund well as all last hope and to help only on you Klaus and I hope that you will be serious! My love Klaus I asked all acquaintances and friends and not who cannot help and at me last hope of yours to help Klaus! Klaus for the proof that I am really fair and serious I to you I send a copy of my contract from travel agency and as a copy of my the ticket of the plane of arrival to you that you saw that I am real and fair with you Klaus and please be as it is serious to my arrival To you it is good? I have received the letter from my main manager Chemekova Larisa and I send a copy to you letters. And as my love Klaus you can find out about my arrival in visa agency from my manager Chemekova Larisa and I send you e-mail of visa agency: where you can precisely find out my love Klaus about my arrival to you in Germany. Travel agency and so I write to you: Travel agency <>, The travel agency address: Kugesi, M.Gorkogo's street, 53 If you write them the letter on e-mail the address: ( and the manager of travel agency to you Will write the letter through the translator! My love Klaus I hope for you that you will help me it is fast! As at me all documents in the order and me it are necessary and me it is necessary to have only solvency 600$ and I to you will arrive on March, 27th well! My love Klaus I do not know as you to me can help with a remittance for solvency and I want whether at you to learn and be interested you know what or remittance services? As I the first time push together With such problem, but I will go today to bank and I will learn about remittance services that you could help me With arrival to you and solvency well? Klaus you mine Ideal and dream of all my life and soon we will together and please concern to my arrival it is seriously good? And I hope that soon you will help me! Yours love and future wife Alexandra!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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