Tatyana Valerievna Nemirovskaya from Kherson,Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Tatyana Valerievna Nemirovskaya the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2010-04-02 , financial damage US $ 250

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Tatyana Valerievna Nemirovskaya
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[email protected]
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Hello, In the first thank you very much for your web site it's more than great help for us now... There very danger and strong scammer and fraud woman in more than one dating site and agency on internet now, her name: Tatjana Nemirovskaya or Tatyana Nemirovskaya or Tanya Nemirovskaya Her Address: Ukraine, 73000 Kherson Petrinco street, 79 Mobile Numbers: +380999725335 (OLD), +380677776664 land line number: +380432276202 and passport Number: М 261688 Немировская Татьяна Валерьевна 276202 18-May-1984 ВІНН�?ЦЯ вул.ЛЕНІНГ АДСКА and this is her profile page on your site: girls-from-ukrainedotcom/profiles/1259270071.html her ID the site: 1259270071 she request the money from me because she told very poor woman as she did with other men later for a very long time then if the man not send money to her she become very bad, and she request to i come to her to ukraine then after i come to her and pay money to her then she chnaged her mobile number and e-mail information, and i can provide you with the complete e-mails and information if you want, and she doing this with much more men now...she let the men send messages to her current new e-mail: [email protected] and in previous she was used this e-mail address: [email protected] (OLD) she was has profile on this site: marryrussiangirl.com and brides.ru and here: e-russian-bridesdotnet/pl_1259270071_eng.html if you search in google you will discover she has more than one profile in very different information on everyone (for example she told she single and in another profile divorced, and told she Engineer and in other profile Economist and told her birthday 18-May-1984 and in another profile she changed it....) then the managers of the site deleted her profile because they discovered she SCAMMER and you can contact the managers on that dating site, and i can provide you with the complete information to positive she very danger scammer as she did with me... And i sent too much money to her via western union, what i can do? if i contact with ukraine embassy will be ok? Note: this is message from her interpreter in ukraine: Hello, Where were you before????I become her victim last summer (as as interpreter of foreign man). But she told that she is from Odessa...Now I read that she is from Herson. You can ask her: Таня Земляная ([email protected]) Thanks and Best Regards,

что я люблю. Я люблю: Еолото, парфюмерию, аксессуары, красивую одеду и обувь. Я не Енаю, что моно приобрести интересного с Египта....На твоё осмотрение. Что ты Еахочешь привеЕти для меня, то и привеЕёшь.Всего доброго тебе! Я скучаю! Привет, Дорогой! ада читать твоё письмо. Я тое верю тебе и хочу быть с тобой. Я очень ду декабря. Я хочу увидеть тебя, поговорить с тобой в реальной иЕни!!! Я не Елая и я хочу слышать тебя по телефону. Не расстраивайся. Всё хорошо!!! Целую и ду тебя! только вечером. Ты долен приехать на Украину и нам с тобой необходимо встретиться. Это вано. Завтра я иду на работу, много работы собралось Еа 2 дня. Я в таком реиме кадый день. Я устала, очень устала...... You can send it to my name and the city Herson. Po ground pools parcel in our city not poluchayut. Ukraina, Kherson, index 73000 Mу full name: Tatyana V. Nemirovsky. tel. +380999725335
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