Nadezhda Svinina from kirov a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Nadezhda Svinina the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2010-06-08 , financial damage US $ 250

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russian dating scammer Nadezhda Svinina`s photo
Nadezhda Svinina`s added scammer photo Nadezhda Svinina`s added scammer photo Nadezhda Svinina`s added scammer photo
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Nadezhda Svinina
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Ulyanovsk, repin street,33-69,432000,ulyanovsk
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nadya and I wrote to each other every day for 3 weeks.her last letter was 21april and has not written since.Her "friend elena" wrote me on her e'mail 23april to say nadya was in hospital with a broken leg and would write when she could.Nadya has always behaved properly to me and never actually asked for money.she was coming to australia but when i wanted to get her a work visa she would not give me details I needed to arrange it for her.I believe this is when she stopped writing.I did a search on yahoo to see if she had a profile but found her on yahoo scammers list! I only blame myself for being hurt as I allowed it regardless of her.I wish her no harm only that she realise she does not need to do what she does.I would still even now want her in my life.I believe she may wait for money to be offered to her for travel to whatever country she is going to come to!I really don't kniow what happened with others but as I said she never asked me.Her DOB.20/11/1979 My name-Paul Rasmussen address-2/412 great north road abbotsford sydney nsw2046 australia. mobile phone-0407875580 call any time. Thank you

prince !!!??? From: Nadya ( Sent: Tuesday, 20 April 2010 11:43:39 PM To: Paul Rasmussen ( 1 attachment 116766561...jpg (265.0 KB) Hello my prince !!! Paul, letter is the best way to express feelings. In this modern age where mobiles have captured the place of letter writing, the passion and emotion have been missing somewhere. Through the letters you can express your inner feeling which cannot be uttered ever. The letters possess all those words of your heart which are never been expressed by oral speech. Do you agree with me?? My dear, thanks for the information on the visa. So, you will advise what variant? If you do not want that I have issued the tourist visa I do not know what you want. I will wait for your advice. If you want, I can belong only to you! I can and want to give you happiness, holiday, dream! Tonight you were near, I felt it! I felt your kind sight. I thought that you looked how I sleep... morning I woke up with the idea that I have YOU in my life... I have never met a man more sincere and sensual than you. I would like to be with you now, to touch you, caress your hair, hear your voice. You know, Solitude is the abyss, which sustains me... and your name the only thing which can save me... Honestly! I know that you understand me! I was single earlier, and often I thought that I can not find my sole and unique man! But I wish to believe. I believe, that it is you: Paul, you are my happiness, my dream, you are my man! My dear, is somebody told you ever, that you are wizard, that you can do wonders?! Paul, you change my dreams and my hobbies, my life, you have changed me. I smile when read your letters. I feel that between us there is some spiritual connection... I am assured that is fated for us to get acquainted... There is thousand kilometres between us, but it has no value. You know, I am assured now that we necessarily will together, we can look at each other, we can communicate with each other in a real life... I know well, that our virtual dialogue will soon end and will begin real dialogue! I would like to rejoice together with you when all is good, to cry when something is bad, to feel myself as necessary person in your life. You are most good, light, kind man which I know. Paul, I am down-to-earth woman but you could wake up in me feeling of the big and boundless romanticism. I never thought that I am capable to write such romantic letters. But thanks you I have opened in myself something new, something novel till now. Now all has changed, I feel that I am woman in full sense of this word... Thank you for this! My dear, I will finish my letter. I must go. Have a great day! Kiss! Nadya
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