Tatyana Vladimirovna Scherbakova from Belgorod a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Tatyana Vladimirovna Scherbakova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2010-07-07 , financial damage US $ 250

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Tatyana Vladimirovna Scherbakova
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[email protected]
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Scamming scenario: I met a girl Tatyana Vladimirovna Scherbakova on the site rus-women_com, last year/2009/ juny, after a brief getting to know, asked me for money for a tourist trip to me. I have not sent her, I was wary. Yet she came to me. From the first day She asked my wife to be. Ring and had to get her gifts. She asked for the money you paid for the travel. She said that a lot of debt at home, and who should pay, otherwise you can not come to me. I told her that, if she will be my wife, then will solve the problem. She became my bride. Went home, to Belgorod, Russia. First, she lied to me became pregnant. Then demanded that I am obliged to her as her fiance is financially supported. I told her to be patient, first wedding, then help her. Two months after she wrote that she no longer endure without me, and again want come to me. I then sent her ? 800 for Western Union, but she said that it is not enough, said that she needs more. This was a very suspicious to me, and don't sent her more money. /airplane ticket Moskva-Budapest-Moskva cca. 250-300 euro/. She did not come because she said that, the money paid in rent and loan repayments. She said when she will work, then can collect money and they will come. She asked that each week, until then you can send a 400 euro, because there is no money. I did not send her more money. She tried to emotionally blackmail, the family helped her. The mother / Irina Moskvitina, Belgorod, Podolsk / is said to feel free to send him money, because they are fair. The sister / Svetlana Uvarova, Belgorod / is said, Tanya love my and send her money. When they saw that money is not sent, then began to insult me. I asked for my money back, Tanya said, that "not yet received their money back to anyone" and laughed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The next day the whole family has upgraded the mobile numbers. On the Russian website / Moj Mir ----- My World, where we used to chat /,each member of the family blocked his own site. Before the connection is broken, Tanya and a man wanted to speak with me on skajp, there they threatened to kill me, if I don't leave her alone. This has already happened two months ago and since then I can not contact them. They are scammers! Western Union transfer: 9032649653 date: 05.11.2009 operator number 929 Amount: 800,euro , 34.437 RUB. Total amount received: 830,50 euro Receiver: Tatyana Scherbakova Sender: I Scammers: Tatyana Vladimirovna Scherbakova febr.7.1979 /31 years old/ Russia, Belgorod, Zelennaja poljana 24 email: [email protected] skajp: rusalka 8554 /now there not name TANYA, but IRINA, shure mother's name./ mobil: +79056794796/don't work Mother: Irina Moskvitina- Irina Serpuhovitina, /she has 2 name, I don't now why/ aug.26. 1957, /52 years old/ Russia, Belgorod or Podolsk, email: [email protected] +79606286203/don't work Sister: Svetlana Uvarova 22 years old Russia, Belgorod email: [email protected]

Hello my love ******. Thank you for your letter which you have written. You are really ready to help me!!! I so am happy, thank. I love you. I so strongly want to you. You simply may not present yourself as we shall be happy, when Let's be together. Lovely I want to tell you, that if you will send me 800EURO! I can find other part of money itself!!! I went to bank and to me have told, that the fastest, reliable and checked up method of remittance, it is translation through "Western Union". I hope, that you are familiar with such remittance!!! And so... issue you the following is necessary to know remittance: My full name: TATYANA SCHERBAKOVA. And a place residing: RUSSIA, BELGOROD. All that to you is necessary for knowing to issue remittance. That I could take away your money It is necessary for me to know the following: Your full name. A place residing, an exact home address. The phone if you have him. And when you will make Translation that to you will give out MTSN (it is the password) which it is necessary for me it is necessary, that I could take away him. Lovely my ******, that have told all to me in bank, I have written to you. Now there is only time and all. And... We shall be Together. Only you and I. As soon as you will make translation I can take away him almost at once. And therefore at once After that I shall go to Moscow to make out my documents for my arrival to you. I so happy. Then we will need to wait where that about two weeks and we at last that shall be together. And then you will be convinced in Volume as strongly I love you. I adore you my knight ******. I so strongly want you to embrace. I love you. I Never shall cease to repeat these words. Because my feelings under the relation of you true and deep. I hope, that yours also sweat to the relation of me!!! Lovely ******, I so am happy and now I shall run home and shall begin to prepare for the things for my arrival for you. It is necessary for me to tell about it to the best girlfriend. It is sure, that she will be happy. It is necessary for me to say goodbye with the friends. I shall write to you tomorrow, well? I love you. Write to me as soon as you will receive mine The letter. Yours forever Tatyana.
Commentary of our visitor(s)

Date: 2010-11-25 | Name: Sveta | Email: hidden
You can send me email and i will help you to find where they are locating right now. But i dont understand what you can do now about it. Return your money? How?

Date: 2011-02-18 | Name: Attila | Email: hidden
Thanks a lot Sveta, I will be write..............money? The money does not interest me, if I don't send them, then I never know what kind of people they are. I was aware of the risk. Then, several months I talked to people in Belgorod. I can say only one thing! In Russia the situation is the same! There is a virtue to cheat. We are/mens foreigners/, for the Russian women only "kozel importnij"/"import goats"/. Exactly 100 years of being left behind! People like They and their friends like Igor Serpuhovitin / imagine such a man in a bakery manager Podolski - ridiculous/, Tatyana Kuzheleva/ she told me that I am the wrong psihologist -from the she adress wrote me Scherbakova in september 2009 - they are would have liked a little more fun with me./ Aljona Shishkina /ona sestra pervij muzh Svetlany Uvarovej/ - stupider woman in my life I have never met....... Sociological classic case: landless people and other not important for them, only the sex and alcohol. Scherbakova's second Her husband said that Tatyana alcoholic, cheating, scheming villain, and the son is taken away from her. After this case, I was 6 months on russian site "Moj Mir" and "Odnoklassniki"...... His acquaintances among them, just a one normal person I saw. Aleksandra Stefanskaja, true, not a word spoken to her, from the beginning she didn't want to talk to me. I think she already know that fraud is involved and didn't want to participate in it. Finally: I can prove 900 euro, what I send there, If someone is interested I sell the assets for ? 1.

Date: 2011-12-27 | Name: Sveta | Email: hidden
Attila, you are wrong thinking that all russian women are like that. No, some people are like that. Just like you cant say that in your country women marry men for love, and no money. Of course women in your country also look for wealthy guy, not poor and in love. This is romantic but not true. And not every man sends money to uknown girls, only few %, like you.

Date: 2012-10-22 | Name: Attila | Email: hidden
Dear Sveta, the truth is, it is no longer of interest to me is the case ..... 1-2000 euro is not the end of the world ...... and I agree with your words, there are women who have hearts, and there are those whose price.

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