Darya Dashulka Ibatullina from Moscow a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Darya Dashulka Ibatullina the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2010-07-17 , financial damage US $ 250

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Darya Dashulka Ibatullina
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She wants Money for the Travel: 420.-EUR for Visum and Flight-Ticket + 500.-EUR for: "Robert me very very inconveniently it is a shame and to tell unpleasantly it, but you can borrow me 500 euro till july 17 th? In day my arrival july 17 th i give you back it. I will explain you. I do not have basic proof of tourist intentions!! It is the sum 500 euro. I should show this money in embassy and on border of Germany. They should see either my bank account or cash. As I am going to travel to Germany as the tourist and they should know that I can provide myself there. As many people go abroad and remain there illegally, remain to work. To stop this stream of people, have made a rule. I should show this money only. It only formality. I should show this money only.

12.06.2010 Hello Robert! How are you today? I hope that at you all well! Excuse that I write just now. I could not answer earlier! On My computer there was a virus! This virus has blocked the Internet! Yesterday The master has come and has repaired the computer! I so am glad that again I write to you!! What do you in it Weekend??? At me was very difficult Week! I work in huge shop of clothes! We sell clothes! I the main manager there! I so am glad that have begun Weekend! Today Holiday here as! Independence Day of Russia! It nice see more your photos and photos your children!! Vanessa beautiful girl and Alexander beautiful boy!! And of course i am very much like your photos!!! I like you in optical side!!! :-) And for me so important was hear it from you : You asked me, what is important in a relation. For me is real love, respect, honesty, loyalty, faithfulness, attention, much proximity however also sufficiently personal clearance, have fun, together laughter and wines, talk with each other, be there for the other one, the basis of an operating relation. i was so glad when hear it!!!! thanks for words about my daughter! me pleasant hear it! she my little angel! I very much love my daughter, and we very much time are together. You know, that to her now 7 years. Also it is age, in which child very whimsical and disobedient. But we try to understand each other. Also want to tell, that at us it turns out. I try to spend all my free time about my daughter. I think, that children this biggest happiness. Certainly it was very difficult for me to bring up my daughter, but I have consulted also it. When to her was not also 1 year, I had very big difficulties. I do not know where i will travel,still not solve yet! My mother and father going travel in Nuremberg june 30 th. they will met there friends. My mum and father even not travel abroad! And now they solved travel see friends in Nuremberg! As they have holiday and alerady make passport. they alerady 100 percent will travel in Nuremberg june 30 th and will stay there 14 days!! My mum call me and ask me will i and nastya too travel. I was not sure,but i say that i will think and will see. If all will be ok,then maybe i too will travel with my parents in Nuremberg! Never was in germany before!!!! Today i and Nastya had very interesting walk on a coast the river. We observed, how play a bird on a coast of the river. My daughter was very glad and had very much fun. When I looked at Nastya, I have understood, that I the happy person. I very much want, that our relations would develop only on the truth and trust. I think, that you agree with me. I think, that the lie only kills relations and carries only angrily and insult. I think that trust, the respect and love play the most important role in relations. What do you think of it? I think, that all decisions in family should be accepted only together. Even small. In my free time I like to visit my family or friends. I love to be outside in the nature and go for hikes. I am very honest and easy to talk with. I like to go to the cinema as often as possible. I love a good movie, action, Comedy, Drama, almost everything. I also like to go to concerts. I like many different kinds of music, Rock, Pop, Sound tracks, Folk. For entertainment I like to go to the cinema to watch a movie. - go to the concert hall to listen to some good music. - Read a book - go shopping (when I have the money for it....) My strong sides are: - I have a good sense of humour - I am always smiling - I am never mad - I am always positive and believe that everything is possible. My Weakness is that I care to much - I don't like to be alone anymore - I am very sensitive and are easy to hurt. ok,now i will cooking! have a nice weekend! i am wait your answer! Best regards Darya. PS: If you want,we can chat in msn messenger!!! 08.06.2010 Hallo Robert, Danke fuer deine Brief! i glad to our acquaintance!! All it is unusual! The truth yes?! :-) I about correspondence through the Internet! BUT it as is interesting to me!!! :-) An interesting way to learn the person it is better! But dialogue in a real life is better! So it is habitual for me! And for you too! I am assured! Time will show what to happen between us! I do not think there is anything wrong with finding someone on the Internet as long as we are honest with each other and prepared to express our feelings. It may not be a conventional way of meeting someone but so many things are changing in today's world. I am very happy you contacted me as I am a genuine person and I think you are too. And if all is good, then we will meet in a real life. Well and at present I wish to learn you better!!! So, tell to me than I have interested you? I hope that further I will interest you even more! :-) I as hope that you will interest me even more!:-) At present I know about you a little that I saw in yours Profile! And, certainly! I saw your photo and you were pleasant to me! :-)) But for me it is more important what person inside, its private world, soul! You understand me? As you know already, I live in Moscow together with my daughter Nastya! My daughter of 7 years! I very much love my daughter! I am glad to hear that you too have children! You know, I ex-boyfriend has thrown me 7 years ago! Then I was last month pregnancy!!! And Nastya did not see the father never!!! It was very much a hard time for me and for my child!!! I was helped by parents, friends! And now I have achieved much in a life!! All time I was given to the child and work. I did not have time for relations!!! And time has passed so quickly! I wish to be absolutely happy woman! I want loved, betrayed, faithful the man! Who will love me and my daughter!! I so do not have not enough man's care, love! And you know, who is difficult to find the man here will accept the woman with the child! At many already a family, children! Many want only sex! And I want serious relations, marriage! Here therefore I have decided to address for the help to find the man in INterfriendship. To get acquainted with the man on the Internet if we are pleasant to the friend-friend, then we will meet in a real life. Ask me questions, I will answer! You learn what I after dialogue with me!!! If it is interesting to you to know about my work I work as the manager on sales in large shop. Lately I was a lot of work! I was so is tired!!! I so will be glad that soon at me holiday!!! Possibly we Nastya will travel somewhere!!! It so is interesting to travel to other countries!! We with Nastya were in Turkey and in Greece!!! Very much it was pleasant to us there!!!!! And you travelled? You like to travel? What for you it is most of all important in relations??? I studied German at university and I know badly!. When I have a free time, I study German. I know English very well! I can talk and write!! I wish to tell that I am glad to acquaintance! I hope that our acquaintance will proceed!!! Now I should make a dinner!!! Darya.
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