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Is Margarita Solnce the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2010-09-20 , financial damage US $ 250

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Margarita Solnce
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Chekhov, Russia
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She contacted me via We corresponded for a couple weeks. Though she never asked for money, when I wrote with suspicions and asked that she call so we could talk and verify she was for real, her response was that we could never be. That was it, after all the Faithfully Yours and I love You's, that was it. Our letters had become more infrequent as I'd told her she had to pay to come to America, she said she was working two jobs to save up. After reading about scammers from Russia, I have no doubt she'd have gotten to asking for money soon enough saying she'd never have enough money on her own or some other perfectly understandable reason. I've attached some of the letters (not necessarily in order) and pictures she sent me in the hope of saving someone else from being suckered.

#1 Hello my new friend Steve!!!! I was happy very much very much when have seen your letter in my mail box. I hope, that we become friends... In the first letter I will tell a little about myself and why I have decided to write the letter to you. I wish to tell at once, that I live in Russia, in very beautiful city Chekhov. In Russia it is very difficult to be registered on a foreign site. I do not know why so, but I was helped by my girlfriend. She through this site has got acquainted with the husband. A second year she lives in Italy and is very happy. Recently she came on a visit and told as they remarkably live together. She has left there with the son and thought, that it will be difficult to it to adapt, but her husband has so surrounded with the attention, heat and love, that now he names him daddy. He is more senior her, but it not the main thing, it is important, that they are happy and wait for the joint child. As I have already told, she has helped me to be registered on a site, I have considered a little profile. I have stopped on you and very much I hope, that with each letter we will be more and to learn more about each other. I write for the first time to the man from other country and I hope, that you will strictly not judge me and all my errors to consider for smiles :) As I promised, I send the photo, I hope, that you too will send to me some the photos. Unfortunately already it is time to me to go. I with impatience will wait for your answer. Please write to me as soon as at you will be a few free time. Your new friend Margarita. #2 Hello my friend Steve! I am very glad, that you have answered to my letter. I think of how it will be fine to learn with each new letter more and more about each other. Many thanks for your fine photo, to me is very pleasant to receive it. Steve, to me of 28 years, I thought, that wrote to you about it. I hoped more to learn about you under letters. I think, that sometimes through letters it is possible to tell more, more to reveal, as there is no contact to eyes. I shall tell to you about Russia necessarily more, I think to you it will be interesting. I very much would want to try dishes which you prepare, I am confident, that they remarkable. I wish to tell today more about myself, I hope, that it will be interesting to you to read it. You can always aks to me questions, that you would wish to learn, I with pleasure will answer on all. I work in Moscow as the children's doctor, Paediatrician. Moscow in 50 km from our city. I rise in 5 a.m., to be in time for work. I work all the days long, except Saturday and Sunday. I love the work very much, I love children so much and I know, that this my vital priority. Certainly in the future I dream to have the strong, amicable, loving family and I am confident, that all it will be. I know and I feel, that I am ready for creating the family and I will make all for this purpose. Much to our regret I cannot brag of that I had a strong and amicable family. My daddy has leaved my mum, elder sister and me in the childhood. We three together lived always very amicably and very much we love each other, but absence of the father in a family was always notable also it very difficult, especially in the childhood. I do not know as at you in America affairs with alcohol are, but at us men drink alcoholic drinks much and drunkenness destroys families. So has occurred and to our family. I agree what to drink it is possible, but in all it is necessary to know when to stop, the nobility when to tell stop. I do not know, it is necessary for me about all it to write to you or not, but I would like to tell all to you that you knew and I felt how much it is truthful with you as any relations should be under construction only on honesty and respect. I try to write all text by myself and I hope, that you understand everything. If something is not clear, write me about it, ok? I know, that language of Americans differs from that English, that I studied at school and then at institute, but the basic thoughts I think you understand. Already it is time to me to go, it will be fast a train to Chekhov. I with impatience will wait for the letter from you and from my side I will try to write as it is possible is more often. Ask me questions, that you wish to know about me so it will be much easier to me to write the letters. It is a lot of thoughts, it would be desirable to write, tell as much as possible about yourself and at the same time I I do not wish to take away your time the big letters. I am very glad, that we have learnt each other and I will think of you. Steve, on it I will finish the letter. To the letter I put the photos, and I very much hope, that it is pleasant to you. I with impatience shall wait your answer to my letter. Good-bye. Margarita. #3 Hello my dear friend, Steve! Steve, how is your mood? I am very good because you have answered my letter again. Steve, many thanks for a compliment. It is always pleasant for the woman, when men accept for younger. I want to thank you for a photo with family. I same shall try to send you soon. I well understand all your words, it is very easy for me to read your letters filled with a heat and kindness. I always thought of America that is the country in which people are free. They can express more openly the ideas and feelings, can begin the business without special complexities. The most important that the government thinks of inhabitants of the country. Certainly problems are in any country, but at us them is greater. I would be very happy to meet you. Not important where it will take place, the most important to see you in a life. As I know, the majority of the American men are very good, and they it is much better to concern to women, than Russian men. At us in Russia it is difficult for women to keep the independence and individuality as the Russian men frequently put forward various requirements in relations: sit at home, to leave the favourite trade, etc. As it is done by husbands of my girlfriends. Our men prefer to see the woman who stands at a step below them. I think that I am very good house-keeper, but I want to do everything in the house from my soul wishes, but not after orders!!! I am 28 years, and I have not met yet the the man with whom I would like to live all my life. Also can be it the man appear you, Steve. No I would not like to hurry up. Time will show. Whether not so, Steve? I want to tell to you, that for me the nationality has no value. I think, that the main thing in the person not his appearance, and his sincere qualities. And I hope, that you are agree with me, Steve? As to my religion, I of Christians. And I believe in God Jesus. So I was brought up by my mum. I already said, that my daddy has left us, but mum has made everything to bring up us good people. My family is small. It consists of my mum, my elder sister I. I live with my mum in one apartment. To my mum - 54 years. She the mathematics teacher also works in one of schools of city of Chekhov. To my sister 31 year. She has married and lives as in Chekhov. Our family lives very amicably. We always try to help each other in everything. Also we very much like to gather on our family holidays - the Birthday, New year, Christmas. It so is funny! Certainly thanks to my mum we good education and all its wisdom to a greater or lesser extent have got helps also to us with a life. I have finished medical institute in Moscow and as I already wrote the children's doctor. Work of the doctor always was considered prestigious, but at us in Russia even it is very difficult to doctor to get a job in a good place. First of all certainly demand experience but where I can receive it if studied throughout six years. Let the salary of the doctor not so high, but I know, that I love children and I love the work. We are not rich, but it is not the most important thing in a life, it is important to be happy. I hope very much that soon to find the happiness. Steve, on it I shall finish the letter to you. And I hope, that we shall continue to learn about each other further. It will be very interesting to me, if you will write about your family, your country and city, where do you live, about your hobbies and as you spend free time from work. Steve, write to me as soon as possible! OK? I would like to learn more and more about you! Good-bye! Yours faithfully Margarita!
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