Yuliya Snopova from Arkhangelsk, Russia a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Yuliya Snopova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2010-11-14 , financial damage US $ 250

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Is she the russian scammer? All known names (aliases) of this scammer, which we have!
Yuliya Snopova
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Arkhangelsk, Russia
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Miss Snopova has asked me to western union her $480. I haven't seen her on any scammers list but she said she didn't have a phone and lived with her mom and dad. She said she was a nurse and her mom a doctor. I doubt they would be getting by without a phone.

Hi my love Jeff! My tears can't stop after the reading of your suchunpredictable rude message! And I still don't believe that this rudemessage were written by YOUR hand. You have left a hole in my heart byyour dirty opinion about me! Your unfair doubts in me like the slap onmy face :( In one of your previous e-mails you promised to me that youhave never hit me, but you have already hit me by your so unfairdoubts, it's like the slap on my face, oh my Godness...I am crying somuch :( I still can't believe that you could speak such unfair wordsto me :( But I am ready to forgive you because my love to you is stillin my heart! My Jeff, I really can not to understand, how you couldthink about some risk with me? :( Do you truly love me if you said tome some insulting and doubtful statements :( I am really confused andyou really hurted me! We are on a way to each other, this way gave theGod to me and you, but you said the insulting statements :( I swear byall sacred things that I have no any scam ideas in my mind, and I havenever had this in my mind since my childhood! Do you reallyunderstand? I will be always faithful to you! I won't let you down. Ipromise to you! I love you so much and want us together, so why I haveto deceive you? It's silly so much! My Jeff, I say to you once again,we are on a way to each other, my parents are so happy for me and you,and they trust you like to a native son, but you could have so unfairdoubts in your mind, I am still in a largest shock :( My honey, welove each other, and we have to trust to each other, "the love withouta trusting - is not the love"!!! My Jeff, from some people and fromdifferent TV shows I've heard the terrible stories about how theforeign males speak to russian women, then they love them, and askthem to come to foreign country on women's own money..So when thewomen arrive to the men, then the males sell the russian women to thepeople who is the owners of the prostitutes or in the porn business,the people take away all documents from this innocent females, and therussian women became the slaves..Awful stories. So can you putyourself in my boots? But I want to admit once again - I trust youabsolutely, and I will never think you will do such dirty businesswith me when I come to you! I trust you completely!!! I love youdarling, and we have to trust to each other! After the getting of yourunfair message with so insulting suspicions I immediately run to thehome for the taking of my ID passport, and then have run to StateRegistration Establishment of the documents for the scanning of my IDfor the sending of this to you and calm your so unfair worries aboutmy reality! My love, I have never shown or given my ID before tosomeone for the not-using of my ID in bad profit! But I trust youdarling, and I've broken the rule of non-showing of my ID because Itrust you completely! Why I have to use you in bad ideas? It's sillyto do it because I love you and trust you absolutely, and I can't waittill the day of our meeting! Please swear to me that you will neverhurt me again! PLEASE GIVE TO ME THE IRON SWEARING! We have to trustto each other, we are on the way to each other, God created this wayfor me and you, and God will protect our love! My love! I am writingthis message very urgently! The point is that my friend Zina connectedwith her aunt in Moscow, and Zina was informed about the most greatestnews for me and you, and my exciting is on a long height right now!Zina's aunt has connected with the embassy's representatives for theconfirmation of some specific details, and they informed her that itwill be possible to get all necessary travel papers for my coming toyou during nearest days! But it's very necessary to pay for allregistration's charges very urgently! My love Jeff, I ask you to helpme TOMORROW with the charges 480 dollars for the starting of thetravel paperwork registration! This is very necessary because Zina'saunt warned to make the payment for the travel papers registration forthe mentioned cheap prices immediately, Zina's aunt has a good friendwho works in embassy, and the aunt has informed that in a near futurethere will be a possible raising of the prices for the traveldocuments, and this is a very important fact! I was really shocked,and right now we with you have to hurry to do the necessary things forour meeting, I don't want the delay for our meeting! My honey Jeff, Iwas trying again to find the necessary missing funds somewhere, butthere were no ways..I've tried to borrow this necessary 480 dollarsasking at Zina and Fridrih e-mailed to them, but they told me onesurprising news, they have begun to make the travel papers for theirtraveling to USA on some days and they save their funds on thistraveling, Zina told me that this is a Fridrih's gift before theirwedding which will be in three months! But most of all I was surprisedfrom Zina's stunning news, they with Fridrih want to visit us with youin your city on some little time, and Zina asked me to ask you if youcan to search some cheap hotels around your home. I really was shockedafter the getting of Zina's stunning news. It would be so superb tospend time together, possible to make a little camping at a lake orsomewhere, really my Jeff? My darling, I become so exited from theseromantic dreams! My love, I have so biggest desire about our meetingreally soon, I am excited so much, and if we will miss this so happyand sole chance, as Zina's aunt told that it will be impossible to getall necessary documents for my going to you in so short time periodand for the cheap price which we have on a current moment! My love, mydarling Jeff, I think that the God gives to me such good luck to meetwith you so soon, I know my prayers heard the God, and we are me andyou should accept this like a God's sacred gift! My Jeff, I've startedsome preparation for my coming to you, I've already packed one travelbag with a necessary clothes, but I guess I need to fill the secondtravel bag because my first travel bag is excessively filled! By theway I will prepare the papers for the leaving of my job. My love Jeff,Zina's aunt has asked Zina to inform me that the necessary travelpapers will be registrated during 6 days! So let's making the plan formy coming to you, if I will start the travel paperwork since Thursday(November,18th), all documents will be registrated and ready for thereceiving to November,23rd and I will be arriving to you onNovember,24th! My love Jeff, I am very very excited that my arrival toyou will be so soon before My Happy Birthday! Do you remember I will be32 years old on November,30th?? It will be the most greatest time inmy life to spend my Happy Birthday with you! I am excited very muchJeff! Are you excited darling? Yes, I feel your exciting by all myheart and soul! My love Jeff, last night I had wonderful dream of youand me. It was so real and so sensual. I dreamt we were lying in agrassy meadow, the two of us, lying on a blanket. It was a warm sunnyafternoon and we were being lazy. I leaned over to kiss you and youkissed me back. Soon our kisses became passion and we embraced eachother. I tasted your lips like tasting sweet strawberries. My kissescontinued, kissing your ears, our cheeks touching, side by side. Icontinued kissing down your neck around to the back of your neck.Gently stroking your skin there. And Jeff that??s when I awoke. I wasin such a desire and I was sweating and the urgency over me was sostrong. All I could think of was you. All I could desire was you. Igrabbed my pillow and squeezed it tight. I could not lay there in sucha state...All I could think of was you...All I could desire wasyou...My darling, I do love you and miss you, and I believe to makethis so lovely dream come true quickly, and I need to start the travelpaperwork very urgently and being in your hands in a few nearest days!My Jeff, like I asked you above I need your very urgent help with acharges of the travel paperwork tomorrow, so then I will go to Moscow tostart the travel paperwork, I don't want the delay of our meetingJeff! I informed to you about all necessary important things in mypast e-mail, and please don't forget to let me know about the datanamed mtcn ten digits code which you will see in a given westernunion's receipt paper. I hope also you have already found the mostclosest western union's location around you home? If not, go to theweb-site westernunion.com, and learn more things there! I hope toreceive your good news tomorrow, I CAN'T WAIT FOR A MOMENT WE AREHUGGING AT YOUR AIRPORT! By the way my mother and father asked me tosend hello to you! They are very happy for us with you, and theywished to me and you a very biggest love and happiness! My Jeff, now Ireally must be off, I do love and miss you, and I will be waiting foryour news! Kissing and hugging you,xoxoalways your love,Yuliya
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Date: 2010-11-28 | Name: YN | Email: hidden
This is funny as hell because little miss yuilya just about got me but. You no what it didn't happen so my buddys was saying its a scam. I said no way he said blieve it she no what's she doing but ain't nobody going to fall for that bullshit. so here I am checkin her name out never guess what I find a SCAMMER

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