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She appeared in our database from 2011-05-07 , financial damage US $ 250

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Aliya Orlova
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Hello, my name is Paul, here is my story with Aliya Orlova from Kazan. I??m 49 yrs old divorced man from Belgium. After I have placed an ad on a web site, I??ve been contacted by an attractive mature woman, Aliya Orlova, from Kazan. First impression was pretty good. She seemed to be well educated, intelligent, fairly sophisticated woman. Not the typical profile of a young Russian doll jumping immediately to ???I love you my dearest???. She is mature mother of two children ( Roman and Emilia), quite proud of her Tatar origin and of her good educational background. She claimed to have two high educations, to teach and practice Feng shui and other type of oriental sciences bringing you good fortune! I had some doubts that you can earn reasonable money and feed a whole family with such an occupation in a provincial city like Kazan, but I didn??t check further. Anyway, we wrote to each other over a couple of weeks, and as everything was looking perfect with her, and our relationship developing a pretty normal way, I was not suspecting anything wrong and didn??t feel the need for further investigation. We kept exchanging e-mails back and force, then through Skype we had almost every day pleasant conversations; she was getting warmer and warmer with time, until the moment when we started planning a meeting. Though it was my preference to have it in Moscow, since it seemed the most convenient option for both of us, she managed to convince me it would be better to have it in Belgium. As I was confident she was serious and sincere, I finally agreed. . From there, we discussed various material things, out of which travelling and other type of expenses for her to move there. It was agreed that I would cover all the expenses. I send her through Western Union a substantial amount of money for airplane tickets, visa expenses, and other travel expenses from Kazan to Moscow, hotels, etc??. When came the time of our meeting, a couple of days before it was supposed to take place, she suddenly cancelled it, arguing that because of her old mother having very serious health problems, she had to stay in Kazan to take care of her. As the money for the air planes was not refundable, she promised to give me the money back when we shall meet. But she never did it??and she did worse. Despite this unexpected incident, the relationship was going on, I was not suspecting the trap. She is not the type of woman who openly begs for money, but she can put in such a situation that you feel yourself really uncomfortable, if not ashamed, not doing something toward someone in distress. During the following weeks, she gave me a lot of details about the situation of her mother, saying that things were getting worse, that she was still staying in the hospital, that she had to have an operation, a very serious and urgent one, that she felt herself committed to pay for her mother, not knowing how to cope with the situation, etc.. etc??But once again, she never asked directly for money, she did it in such a soft but tricky way so that you cannot suspect any kind of bad intentions. As I??m a good boy and felt her really upset, I finally decided to send her 4.000 Euros to help her facing the urgent situation. She promised to give the money back within a period of 6 months maximum, the time for to find a way among friends and relatives. From there, as soon as she has got the money, she just disappeared, changed her e-mail and Skype account, and I never heard about her anymore??Everything was fake, she happened to be a very good actress, I don??t know how many stupid good boys she managed to rob this way, from what I have learnt, she is a kind of professional in this type of exercise. Be careful with this Aliya Orlova, guys??

My dear Paul !! Thank you very much for your letter, thank you very much for your tender words. I dont know what happened but since I read your last letter you took a lot of my thoughts. Something tells me that finally I met the man I was looking for. I can??t explain it. I just feel it. All the signs and indication I??ve got from astrology and numerology regarding our relationship are beautiful. When I open my mailbox my heart starts beating faster, because I know I??ll find your letter. It??s always such a pleasure to read it! I like sharing my thoughts and views with you, and I??m so happy when I feel our understanding. I want our relations to continue to develop further. I feel already love in my heart. Believe me, I??m able to create the beautiful and warm family atmosphere and to care about people around me. I very much take care of my children, Roman and Emilia, they are very important in my life. As from now, you are at the first place. You know, I had the idea we could meet in Bruxels to discuss about our future. I could visit you in March, during one of these long week end. It would be so nice to meet in real life and spend some time together. The thing is to be honest with you, I??m a bit in trouble with money those days. My earnings are not very high at the moment and I have no money saved. Yet I do not know that to me to do. I will explain further the situation, in another letter, I do not want to bother you with problems, I ???m just thinking about our beautiful relationship and exciting perspective of our future life with you.. I ask you my dear to share your feelings with me, I??d like to know maybe your heart also tells you something? Thinking about you.... P.S. Recently I made some photos of me I will soon send them to you I hope you will like them. Write what you think about my photos, do you like it? Your Aliya, with tenderness.
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Date: 2015-04-02 | Name: Bounin Ivan | Email: hidden
I had the same type of experience with a girl named ??????? ?????????? from Kazan, I guess she is the same one, using the same trap with various people. Be careful, she is talented but tricky...

Date: 2016-07-22 | Name: Henry | Email: hidden
Probably the same ??????? ?????????? from Kazan who crossed my way about one year ago. Almost the same scenario, almost the same characteristics, but she failed, I smelt the trouble before she managed to crook me. She looks like a kind of professional in this type of deal...

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