Olga Makedonskiy from Penza a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Olga Makedonskiy the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2011-06-01 , financial damage US $ 250

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Olga Makedonskiy
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I knew immediately that this is a scammer, 2 weeks gemailt to each other, they got from the army a visa ticket etc, at the last moment she asked if I wanted to give for 600 euros, new clothes, insurance etc

Hi Hi, still the distant friend ......... With my work I cannot writeto you at once in any way... Especially now before the contract end,on my fragile shoulders Many duties which I should execute have fallen- and then with quiet soul already to walk, live a usual life... Butme pleases, that not looking at my employment - you write to me, havepatience, tell about yourself... You should know - these things areinsignificant For others - but personally I appreciate it, thesetrifles to me are important, and have the important sense... Martin, Ivery much envy you, that you have children. I as very much lovechildren and in the future I wish to have children. Thanks for yourphotos, you very much like me. Martin, I wrote to you in former lettersmuch enough, is opened enough - and now I think, to admit you moreclose to myself.... Though you and are far, But I can make it, thisstep. You know as? Martin, I now will start to let in you a sacredplace for me is my family... I spoke to you, at Me all relativesmilitary men. And now my mum and the daddy live the life on pension...Me named in honour of mum, and the father call Alexander... A name Forthe military person - really??? =) Alexander Makedonskiy - youremember there was such military man...??? Here now they live invillage, about city Penza. I have bought it the house in village, andnow they have a quiet life... There are animals, house Milk everymorning... They waited for a long time for it, waited for such life,dreamt to get out of a city in village... If there is a possibility, Ihelp them... At They there are not present the Internet - but I willsoon write to the parents the paper letter in an envelope... You know,what I wish to make? If you is not against Martin, I will write aboutyou, about that that with you I have started to communicate. What yougood, what warmth Goes from you... If you will want even to transferto a smog from you "hello" =). Simply understand - I at them one, theunique daughter. And they often tell, That wish to see grandsons...And if I now tell, what at me with you serious relations - know asthey will be delighted??? They will be very much Are happy. I know,they hardly will cry even, but these tears will be only forpleasure... In their life was not enough pleasure - only I one... Andnow together with you we can give them pleasure - but if you want ifit is ready on such act... If all is excellent, and you will like myfather - that consider has gained all my family. (It at us the maincommander in a family) JOKE =). I should you tell even about one testat acquaintance - here I do not know, how you will concern it... Thedaddy to you and will pour a vodka glass (200 Gramme). To you and itwill throw in a glass a star about epaulets... Each of you shoulddrink this vodka and teeth to get a star... Martin, now think, Prepare=). I hope, that can cope with this test, I will trust in you... At mein a family many different traditions and as a family of military men- we piously protect them and trust... Basically all country stilllives by old traditions and To customs. And I too have well acquiredthem... Now you know a little about my culture, tell as about the...It is very interesting to me to know. Now and you are familiar with myfamily, I hope that will reciprocate... If certainly you trust me thissanctity. If you wish me to approach to To itself... Martin, now Ishould finish the letter as it is necessary for me to go onconstruction, and then to check up a dining room, the food menu... Ingeneral of efforts to me While suffices, and only correspondence withyou distracts me from daily vanity, and gives me forces to wait someweeks... Thanks for Time, for feelings, for trust... Remember - thesethings for whom that can small, but for me are very important.Together with the letter I send a photo of the Families. bye bye Olga.
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Date: 2011-12-06 | Name: Sasha | Email: hidden
It's famous Russian actress, she is definitely not a scammer) Maybe smth wrong with your site and you steal pics to show that are working?

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