Nataly Paprika from Mariupol a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Nataly Paprika the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2011-09-02 , financial damage US $ 250

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Nataly Paprika
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She is a clever man, woman or group from Ukraine who ask for money and probably she is using fake pictures or this are her real pictures who knows... Everything is ok for the first 5-10 emails but later she start requesting money. When I confronted her about finding her copy & paste emails in google she threatening me to post my pictures I exchanged with her in facebook and several other sites. I am not going to stop because I don't want more men rip off or scammed... I never send money or trust in her after finding the following details... email: Basic Stats: 28 yeard old, Name [Female] Nataly Country Ukraine State/Region: Donetsk City Mariupol Marital status Single Date of birth 09/15/1982 complete profile can be found in fdatingdotcom/profile?id=335640 Her email and Ip address have been posted by someone else in other scam forum: Last IP address used: - Geo Information IP Address Host Location FR, France City -, - - Organization OVH SAS ISP Ovh Systems AS Number AS16276 OVH OVH Images posted here in this report...

1 sweet email copy & paste: > Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2011 16:28:58 +0300 > From: > To: my email > Subject: from Nataly > > Hello my dear XXXX, > > Thank you for your letter and for your patience with me, i know i am > not open at once and for this i have to thank you that you were > patient with me and i can feel so great and so comfortable with you, i > can only hope that you do feel the same there...Also I see you > misunderstood me, I didn't tell you that I want to be a wife of my > boss, I'd never destroy a family and he is my boss only, no more. Ok, > read my letters attentively please!!! The only thing I wish is to > create my own happy family and to meet a person first of all with whom > we will be able to create it together! > > Well, maybe i am wrong but i have a nice feeling that i know you for a > long time and even we have met recently in Internet i feel that you > are real and serious and so i am and i am sure that if we will go on > we will meet and this meeting was meant to be in heavens. > > I am sorry to say that i am not religious and i don't visit the church > I am Christian probably as all people here in Ukraine and Russia... > Maybe you find this strange but religion for me means nothing, don't > ask me why i just don't believe and that's all. > > And now well about relations... You can believe or not but in my life > was only one man and we were together for very long period of time > almost 6 years.... He is normal man and not very handsome and not > perfect but when i met him i fell in love and i knew the same second > that it is love. He was good at taking care of me and flowers and > presents on all holidays and he was attentive with me and we were > happy until one day when i came to him and said that we need to get > married because we are happy together and very long together so we > know each other and he said me the first time the truth that he was > married and have 3 children with his wife and in one second after 6 > years i fell down to the earth... I could forgive him for his hiding > the truth and i consider now that hiding the truth the same crime as a > lie... Well, you may ask me what decision i took about baby i wanted > it very much and decided to save but destiny was against me and i lost > that baby being pregnant almost 3 months... (I didn't want to get > married even when i had my son, right now i am telling you about my > second pregnancy when i started to wish a real family and marriage). > > After that time went many months and i am along for more than 2 years > and still hope for love and for a good man i am sure the world is full > with lonely good men and as my wounds are recovered enough to try my > chance i am here and talking to you. > > As for friends you know after divorce of my parents i became very > closed person and could not find any one to share my pain and my > feelings so I haven't a lot of friends - just a few of them. Also > this is due to the fact that I changed my place of residence often > enough as you see. > > Well now you know almost all and everything about me;))) I do hope to > hear from you soon and to read your thoughts feelings and as usually > you can ask me anything you want as past stays in the past for me and > i feel i am ready to start the new page of my life hopefully with > you... > > Million of kisses Nataly Last email requesting money... > Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2011 14:32:05 +0300 > From: > To: MY EMAIL > Subject: from Nataly > > Hello my dear xxxxxx, > > I am very glad to get your letter but i have paid for translation of > your letter and now i hardly have enough to pay for translation of my > letter. I don't want to sound like a beggar but i really find it is > very difficult to provide me, my daughter and my granny and to pay for > our letters so i would be happy if you are serious about me and > probably would find the possibility to help me with the cost. > > It is a pity that this issue can make us separate i am really > interested in you. Waiting to hear from you soon. > > Yours Nataly EMAIL threatening ME: > Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2011 14:55:16 +0300 > From: > To: MY EMAIL > Subject: from Nataly > > Hello XXXXXX, > > I am so sorry to see that you are so sneaky, but you know, I will not > stay in debt - the photos when you are in panties will walk away all > over Internet, I will post your photos on Facebook and the sites like > that, I will care about it, that's for sure. You tarnished my > reputation, I will do the same to you!!! > > Good luck, loser! > > >
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