Jana Blagyinyh from Shatki a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Jana Blagyinyh the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2012-03-05 , financial damage US $ 250

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Jana Blagyinyh
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Jana first contacted me as a wink via Make Friends Online. Claimed to be Jane33 from Wilkes Barre USA. I replied it's a shame that you are so far away, but I am happy to chat. She was a premium member of the site so she replied exactly like this, email me at jane(dot)blue(at)yahoo(dot)com. so I sent her an email & even made the joke as I described myself as sounding like a Russian scammer. Her first email with photos explained that she was in fact from Russia, as she wasn??t able to state this on the website so she chose the US. At that point I was a little more alert. I had come across scammers before & always noticed they never answered your question, so I spent a lot time asking her questions, of which answered them. We swapped phone numbers & addresses & all seemed to be going very. Too well. Then came the email saying she wanted to meet. I said yes, let's meet we planned that she would come to the UK. Then came the email stating that couldn't afford it. I wasn't prepared to send money to someone I don't know. Then she mentioned she had paid up some of the money. I asked why she had gone ahead with paying out the money without mentioning it to me. I then spoke to her on the phone & said to her that I would travel to Russia, she said okay. I looked into it & realiswed it would be cheaper in the long run to give her the ??500 & for her to come over. I mailed her to say that I would raise the money, but I had to be sure I trusted her. She said she had no intention of running off with the money. I sent the money in two parts via Western Union, I played it as a little gamble that I knew I would probably lose but she seemed really genuine as could be, considering!! I received notification of the collections so that confirmed as far as I know her real name being Jana Blagyinyh. More & more emails passed as "waited" for her visa acceptance. She claimed to be collecting the Visa last week, then came the news that she needed ??1500 to get through customs of the UK & Russia, now I knew this wasn't true. I called her to explain that I didn't have that money & we laughed & chatted as she was all "loving" she said could I get it from the bank "cheeky" I thought. I said no. I said you don't need that money. I knew then she was a scammer. I even doubled checked it with an immigration lawyer who claimed no you don't need that money. So I pretended to that I would try & get the money. She replied saying it was a new law & that she would give me the money back the moment she arrived at the airport, (trademark scam tactic) In the meantime I did a google photo search on her photos & found the websites they came from. Her pic is even on Facebook as Kathy Somers. I then sent her the links to the sites & told her she had been found out. Funnily enough never heard from her today & probably won't again.

hello Duncan, Many thanks for your message great to hear from you! hope you are well? So here is a some photos also a some basic details at first, I am 29 year old, my birthday on June, 5th when is your? I am 5'11'' tall (I hope you are fine about it, I had a some problems with dating because of my height :)), my weight is 123 lbs. I work as administrator in supermarket. I am single, never been married, have no kids. I am not involved with any man at the moment. I like movies, music and cooking. in my spare time, I like to socialise with my friends an be with my family. I am very sporty and still play badminton on a sunday morning in a sportclub, but I also like to play tennis, swimming etc. I like skiing in the winter. I am a very easy going girl, and looking to grow old with someone. I am kind and considerate and always there for people. I like a man to have pride in himself and how he looks, along with being honest loving and loyal. I am a trusting and loyal person and expect the same back. I have a very good sense of humour and like to see the funny side of life at times. I hope you will tell me a bit more about yourself, also please feel free to ask or tell me anything I am not perfect but I will be honest with you, email me if you like to know more. Hope to hear from you soon, Jane x Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2012 12:34:07 +0000 > From: jane.blue77@yahoo.com > To: duncan.komenda@hotmail.co.uk > Subject: to my sweetheart Duncan > > Hello my darling Duncan. I have come back home a couples of hours ago > and very glad to see your letter, it has cheered me up, I am very > tired on trip so right after answering your letters I am going to > shower. I have a two news for you my love, the good one and the bad > one. I got the visa and I didn't have a problems with it. so in any > day when it will conveniently I can fly to you. But problem in > another, the clerk in embassy has told me that to be able to flight I > should have at myself the sum of money about 1500 pounds, he has told > that it's a so-called sum of a living wage of England for the term of > my visa's expiring, it upset me very much, he also told me this > condition was entered because a many citizens of Russia and other > countries also at coming to England are haven't means for a living and > start to looking for job or to be engaged to beg, or sell there body > and make money to live. therefore were accepted such laws according to > which all citizens of other countries should have at themselves a some > cash for the proof of their solvency. > > I tried to explain him my situation that I am flying to you, but he > said that it's doesn't matter and not depend on it as it's a state's > law yet. Having money will be checked at Russian and UK customs > houses, My love, I don't know what to do now, all is available also my > documents and tickets are ready. But this money create an insuperable > barrier for me which I cannot pass through. whether can you help me > out with it? Could you send me that money as you sent before? I only > have to show it in a customs house at the airport and I will give this > money back to you at once at our meeting in the airport when I come > over. I wouldn't spend it or do something else. I will store this > money up to our meeting, I really don't know what is another way for > us now. I feel the big awkwardness my love and so ashamed speaking > about that, but I hope you understand me. I am looking forward to your > letter my honey. Yours forever Jana, with all my love.
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