Svetlana Kovaleva from Lugansk,Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Svetlana Kovaleva the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2012-03-19 , financial damage US $ 250

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Svetlana Kovaleva
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I had come across a female called Svetlana on the site Russian Euro(ID No.1004799) about 15 months back.After exchanging a few mails with her i stopped going on that site and began an exclusive correspondence with her.She never told me her surname or asked for money via e-mail or phone calls that i made to her(she never called).I had checked up her phone number & e-mail id and photos on Jim anti-scam site but did not find them.When i visited her in February 2012,she told me it is better to stay in an apartment than hotel at same price(see mail below) & said she can help me to rent one.She kept telling me this on phone too.Once i reached the apartment she & her mother forced me to pay 1 and half times the normal price and insisted on all of it being paid at once & gave me no receipt.Also they were reluctant to introduce me to the owner. She met me for 3 days after this and began taking me to expensive hotels and enjoying good food at my expense .She claimed her salary was only 200 USD per month and began asking me money for passport (300 USD),english lessons (150 USD),wanted me to buy her shoes etc.I did not pay her.I could see that she came to me only at lunch time for about an hour & feigned interest in me. I asked some local person to carry out a background check on her.He told me that she has a local boyfriend with whom she has a serious relationship and she is trying to cheat me just like how she has cheated other foreigners before.I told her that i will call the police if she did not refund the excess money for the apartment.So she made a false complaint with the police that i was threatening her and came with 2 men who claimed to be police on the night before my departure.They claimed that i should settle this amicably or else they will imprison me .So i was forced to back out as they took her side and threatened to implicate me in a false scam. Foll. is the information she gave me during the initial 2 days: Name :Svetlana Kovaleva Mother's name:Marina(First she claimed her mother is a physician & later claimed that she is nurse) Father's name:Sergei Date of birth : 5th May 1989 Graduated from Agrarian University as technologist (meat products).She now claims to work in a beauty saloon as she can't find work as technologist. Parents are divorced.Claims father left them for another woman.Her mother is involved in the scam as both came to pick me up at the airport & gave me a hefty taxi bill.They insisted on my paying them & claimed they will give it to the taxi driver as it was dark in that place at night,i had no choice.Don't know if her boyfriend is involved. Please find attached some of the photos she sent me during our 15 month correspondence.I have seen that she keeps 2 phones.One of the phone numbers ( used to communicate with me ) is +380686918109 The reason for this mail is that i do not want others to go through what i went.She has switched off her profile on Russian Euro.Maybe she will now try to get onto other sites like yours. Thanks. Regards, Dan

SvetaFriday, 19 August, 2011 1:32 PM From:"Tiramisu07" Add sender to Contacts To:"D Fernandes" Hello dear Dan!!! Thank you for letter,yes,I am start my work:) But I am not selling nothing;)))) I work in the Beauty Salon:)))) Dear,so that I can ask International passport me need have 250$!! Now I don't have this money:((( Here people speaking on Russian language not so big different with Ukrainian:)) My weekend was good,I with my family was be on dacha,we go to river,swim:))Weather was hot,about +35C,in Sunday was be overcast day but was hot!!! but we don't make pictures:)) I think about you,think about day when we can spend time together:)) I belive is it will be soon!!!! Now reining day like yesterday:(( But on the street not hot,about +23 today!! Is it good also,i like this weather for city but for swim is it cold:)) And now I don't have plans on this weekend :)) Ok,dear,I will finish my letter today,have a nice day,kiss you,Sveta. --- On Mon, 30/1/12, Tiramisu07 wrote: From: Tiramisu07 Subject: Sveta To: "D Fernandes" Date: Monday, 30 January, 2012, 7:58 AM Hello dear Dan!!! Thank you for message,I will wait your information!!! Dear,don't worry,I meet you in airport if you tell me when you come to Donesk:)) You want live in hotel or apartment??? Here many hotels,for example "Lugansk","Druzba","Sovietskaya" and more others!! But I think that in apartment will more comfortable and the same price!!! Ok,let me know what you think about it. Have a nice day,kiss you,Sveta.
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Date: 2012-07-30 | Name: Andi | Email: hidden
It is very sad to see her profile under scammers because she appears to be a sincere women having a serious life with her husband. You can register on Facebook to see this: facebookdotcom/svetlana.kovaleva.1612

Date: 2013-08-11 | Name: luis | Email: hidden
She has different bank accounts, one in grivna for her business in Ukraine and another in Euro for her business with foreign persons. She has all, many houses in Lugansk, cars, good job, ukrainan boyfriend who fuck her everyday. Her mother and her father teached her how to fuck foreign persons stop-scammersdotcom/scammer.asp?id=4580

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