Nadezhda Mezheninova from Kazan a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Nadezhda Mezheninova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2012-06-12 , financial damage US $ 250

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Nadezhda Mezheninova
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[email protected]
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This check is quite good. I emailed her for over 3 months and she never asked me for money. I contacted her originally on the website collarme. Even after we planned to meet in thailand she never asked me for the money until she went to her travel agent and said i could send the money directly to them. By then i was caught, hook line and sinker. I sent her $755 US for the ticket. Shes supposed to arrive in 4 days time. I had searched for her name and details before because i had my suspicions but found nothing. I read today on another scammer sight about doing an image search on google. I loaded her photos and there she was. She uses naked pic of the model Natasha Natalia Gorodetskaya and non naked off some ex GF sight. I have to admit she did a damn fine job. The alarms that i should have noticed= - she doesn't always answer your questions - cant talk on the phone cos doesn't have one and works so much cant find time to get one - cant chat cos is always at work - sends naked pics that are clearly done in a studio (by her friend of course) As i said the photos i am posting are of a model she uses so im sure she can change easily

Hello, my Master! I am glad to hear you, too. I worried, that you have found out somebody else already. About my computer, if I knew, that whole repare will be so expencive, I will buy new, or, at least, not so old :). About your questions, I have no my own phone. Here I have home phone, but owners of this flat have only calls in city :(. I think about working cell phone, but I do not know. This phone used for calls of clients. So, I will try to find a couple of free minutes. The problem is if my boss catch me with it, it will be bad for me. Anyway, if you will remind me your number, I will have it with myself on work. Then, I will send you, for example, sms, and you will recall me. I do not know other ways :(. But I will think better about it. I want to hear you, too. I am uderstand your feelings. It is not pleasant, if you write to somebody, and then wait from couple of days till month, as in my case :). I am really sorry for it, but I am not guilty. I worried about it, as you are. I hope, everything will be ok. Why you do not feel comfortable to visit me? Everything will be ok. If you want to come here, we will agree about it in advance. You will tell me in advance about a date and time of your arrival. I will take a vacation, or some free days. You can even to order a hotel appartament, if you worry about something. So, everything will be ok. Come on, my Master! In this world exist not only bad things, but also good, right? About mafia, I am smile. Yes, Russia is difficult country. Yes, I need to work much, but I am still alive ;). And I think, mafia have other bussiness, more profitable, than to wait foreigners :)). You can to find out more about Russia, for example, in travel sites. Anyway, I will meet you at airport. About my passport, I have citizen passport, but I will get an international passport soon. Recenly I took some documents for it. An idea about thailand is not bad, too. Really, we can to have a very nice rest together. I will take a holiday at work. Then we will solve, what to do. How are you think, am I really match to you? In fact, I searched for you not only for holiday. So, if we solve to be together after a holiday, I will need to come back to Russia, and then make an Australian visa and to relocate to you. How are you think, how to make everything easier and cheaper? Now I think, I can to make an Australian visa here, and visa with tickets to Thailand, as you offered. Then, after holiday, we can to buy tickets and fly to you together. Here I will have nothing to lose. Anyway, we will see. I will go to travel agency after work, when I will have less work, and I talk with them about our situation. I hope they can help me with it. Your arguments have convinced me, I mean about that you are serious with me. I hope, my arguments will convince you, too. Also, thank you for a photos, I like it. Here is mine. Kisses for you, my Master! Your slave Nadia.
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