Elena Kabachkova from Yochkar-Ola a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Elena Kabachkova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2012-06-14 , financial damage US $ 250

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Elena Kabachkova
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n1786@yolagirls.com, n1783@yolagirls.com
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The agency Nicebride.com has used her pictures and name to make a fake profile and passport on their website. She is a model and I found her personal profile under her name on the website VK.com were I found her model pictures and her right age of only 26 years and not 32 years like on her profile at Nicebride.com. I have paid for translation of letters, English lessons, gifts, tickets, traveling for over 100.000 rubles.

Hello ******! How are you? I hope that this letter finds you in good mood, as I hope that this letter will be a step to the true and sincere correspondence between you and me, Torben! I want to tell you more about myself. As you know, my name is Elena. But you may call me Lenochka, as this is the way, my relatives call me and this name sounds sweeter for me. I am a romantic girl though my work may sound not that romantic. I am a lawyer, I graduated from the law faculty, and I had practice at the court, but now I work in the Presidential Cabinet in our city, so if people have problems or such questions, they come to us, so the work can keep me busy a s I both have reception hours when I work with people and I also need to work with the documents a lot. To tell you the truth, like any work my work also has advantages and disadvantages, but all in all I am pleased with it. I am sending you some photos of me today, so I think that the photos are worth more than words, so I hope that you will like them. In my free time I enjoy going to the gym and I also like reading, walking, going to the cinema and to the theatre. I like animals a lot, and if I had a bigger apartment I would take a dog, but now I only have a cat, her name is Musya. I am in the Internet because I want to find my man, the person with whom I will create the family, the happy future. So, as you can see, I have true intentions, and I hope that so do you. Please write me more about your life. I will be glad if each letter will bring us closer to each other. I will wait for your reply and I hope that you will not make me wait too long. I will come to the agency tomorrow, Best wishes, Lenochka. Hello dear ******! How are you? I hope that the day is good, I am also fine, as the weather is good today and also today on e of my colleagues has her birthday and we will have a small party after work. So today will be a long day and I am glad to share my good mood with you! I am also very happy to hear from you. I really have true and sincere intentions about you. I am sorry that you have had bad experience in the Internet and really, Torben, you can trust me. I am sorry to hear about your wife, I am sure that this was very hard for you. Torben, but be sure that the life is going on and you should be opened for the future because be sure that the future has a lot of happiness and a lot of wonderful moment in store. It seems like you are very good at computers, right? I think that your work keeps you very busy, but I am sure that you like what you are doing. True? I want to tell you more about my family. I live with my parents, my mum and my dad,though now my dad works in the north, and we just live with my mum, we are like two good friends and I think that I am lucky with my family. I am sending you some photos today with my mum. She is a nice woman and she knows that I decided to join the agency and to start the search for my man in the Internet. The city where I live is Yoshkar-Ola, about 750 kms far from Moscow. I was born here and I have lived here all my life, so I like this place though Yoshkar-Ola is not a big place, one day I hope that I will be able to show my city to you. I hope that you will like it. In my free time I like to meet with my friends I enjoy reading, and not long ago I started to learn how to make manicure. So now my close friends come to me and I make nails for them. My mum jokes that in the future if I don't like to be a lawyer, I can open my nail saloon:-) You see, my English is not very good, and I correspond with you through the agency where my letters are translated from Russian into English and where I have your letters translated. I studied English at school and I have some basic knowledge, but to be able to speak and to talk, I plan to take some courses in the future , because I understand how important English will be for our communication. I will be glad to get to know you better, so please tell me more about your life, your dreams, your plans for the future, and if you want to know anything about me, feel free to ask me your questions. I will wait for your reply and remember that I am serious about you, Your Lenochka. Hello my dearest ******! I am very happy to get your letter today and I am smiling. I hope that you also have a nice day today. It's great that though we are so far from each other, we have already created the bonds and I feel that with each letter they are growing, right? Thank you for the lovely compliments, you make me feel great and I am very attached to you, thank you for writing to me, i was waiting for your letter and I am glad to hear that the holiday in Egypt was good, and this is true that you had a good time, I can feel it looking at the photos, the weather seemed to be perfect , so you enjoyed the sun and the sea. thank you for the photos, I like them a lot. I am glad to hear that you will be happy to visit my town, and you are welcome, this would be great to meet wih you, the meeting in reality would be a great step forward in the relations, dearest Torben, you are really welcome to me. We are looking for the same things and I also want to establish the loving and caring relations. I am serious writing to you and my heart is opened to you because I can feel that you are the right man. So I think that now when you are back from the vacation, you should be very busy with your company, are the things getting better? I hope that you recovered the economic crisis? And as for my main job , I work as a law consultant and I work in the Presidential cabinet for our republic, so all the people who have any kind of problems can come tome when i have the reception hour and that I am supposed to do is to help them to file the documents for the appropriate organisations so that to help people. Do you like to go to the concerts? I do like to go our to the cinema, to the theater and to the concerts? In fact in my childhood and youth I went to the music school and I studied there for 7 years , so I can play the piano pretty well and I also went to the ballet school. Probably that's why I am in good form and now I only go to the gym. I think that when you come to me one day, I will be glad to go to the theater with you, what will you say, Torben? I have taken some more photos with me today. They were taken in the autumn forest, you see, I live in the place where we have all the four season, and in my childhood I sued to enjoy only summer, because it's hot and we had the school vacation, but now I try to find something nice about each season. What is your favourite season ? and some other photos were taken in spring:-) What do you like in a woman? What qualities do you value? Do you think that you area quarrelsome person? Are you easy to compromise? please tell me more about your character. Do you have many friends? I will finish my letter now, otherwise I can spend all the money on the translation at the agency, I feel so comfortable writing to you that it's not that easy to stop.:-) I will wait for your reply and remember that I am thinking about you, Write me soon, I am sending you a kiss, Lenochka. Dear ******! Thank you for using our site. you are welcome to use all the services our agency provides. We do our best to meet all your demands and hope that you will help us in this cooperation. On your part we offer you to help your lady to prolong your correspondence and make it more intensive and serious. You can pay 50 Euro or 65 USD a month so that it will facilitates prompt and accurate execution of all the services. You can send the funds online from your credit card using paypal.com This way the money should be sent to the address servicenicebride@yahoo.com Don't send any messages with money on Paypal, it is not needed. After sending the funds please write to the address manager_nicebride@yahoo.com with the information about the services you have paid for, with any questions or comments you might have. And please forward us the message that you will get from paypal after sending the money. If for some reason you can't use Paypal please contact us at manager_nicebride@yahoo.com for getting the details to send money via Western Union. After sending us the correspondence fee you get the following services: 1. Your lady will have no financial responsibilities for your correspondence, as the payment includes a month correspondence for both sides. 2. You will be able to send as many photos to each other as you want. 3. You will get the translation of letters which were sent to you (from Russian into English ). 4. Your lady will get the copies of your letters printed specially for her. 5. Your lady will have a professional translation of your letters in written or oral form. 6. She will not pay for letters, which we must type and send to you. The number of letters is unlimited . 7. If your lady wants we can copy your photos and your letters to her disc. 8. If you have any questions, you can contact our manager and get all the information on our agency and services. Remember that first 3 letters are free of charge in order to give you the opportunity to have an idea of your further correspondence. So that you would run no risk. You are welcome to our agency and if you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to write our manager. It will be a pleasure for us to give you an immediate reply and help you. Thank you for the cooperation. Sincerely, Nicebride agency. Dear ******, Thank you for your message. English lessons for your lady will cost 110 Euro or 150 USD per month. Your lady will take 12 lessons during the month, each lesson lasts 1 hour. She will have her personal tutor and will be able to take lessons at any convenient for her time and place. The lessons of English include the tasks in all kinds of speech activity: like Grammar aspects, reading, speaking and listening. We include the topics like: family, food, home, traveling, weather and other topics with vocabulary which is necessary for the every day speech. At the lessons the ladies do Grammar exercises, and learn to speak on different topics, and of course do a lot of reading. All the tutors are experienced and are qualified for teaching English. The ways of sending the payment for the services is the same as for the correspondence. If you have any other questions we are here for you. Sincerely, with warm wishes, Tatyana
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Date: 2013-06-14 | Name: abe | Email: hidden
I am totally embarrassed to say that I was scammed as well. I actually met and spent substantial time with this woman. This scam is impressive. The wording above is exactly what I received. I don't know what else to say. The so called Elena even introduced me to pretend mother. This is some sick ass shit. I must say that I consider myself lucky not to have been harmed.

Date: 2015-08-10 | Name: YN | Email: hidden
yes i have been scammed for 5 years by this same lady first by nicebride and now at yolagirs

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