marina Shtamagina from Cheboksary a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is marina Shtamagina the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2012-08-13 , financial damage US $ 250

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marina Shtamagina
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started email her and after few emails was head over heels with me. she decided to visit me un invited and ask for money for air ticket.

Hello my favourite Alhassan, How are you? I have many news to you! I already in Moscow. I yesterday late at night have arrived to Moscow. From station I took a taxi and wished to go to hotel. But the taxi driver to me has told, that knows, where I can stop more cheaply, he has told, that I can rent a room of all for 40 dollars. As the hotel has more expensive price for residing, approximately 70 dollars. My room is in the centre of Moscow. I took with myself to Moscow some things, but I did not take a lot of prophetic. I think, that I can settle all here quickly, and then I will go home and I will wait for the house. Now you should read attentively. Today at 10.00 I have gone to embassy and Has written the statement on the visa of the tourist. Also I have made my photos for this purpose. They have asked also about My place of work. I used the certificate on the property Mine ??????????????. Now they have data concerning mine The income. The lady who accepts documents, has told, that now I the candidate on visa reception. Experience prompts to it, that I have more possibilities to receive the visa. She has told to me, that probability of that I will receive the visa - 90 . The lady has explained to me, that my documents will be transferred experts on work with clients. It will be necessary that I spoke with psychologists and passed medical examination. Today I got acquainted with rules in more details. It is very important, that I would have tickets to your country and back to Russia. I should have a return ticket. This obligatory condition for visa reception. I have told, that I already know about it, and also I have told, that you will book tickets for me. The lady in embassy has told to me, that I did not speak about it loudly. She has explained to me, that I receive the tourist visa, and consequently I should do all what not to depend on someone. For reception of the tourist visa I should not have any guarantors. I should prove personally my serious intentions to arrive to your country for the purpose of tourism. Also I should prove my material stability. The embassy cares of it. It is expedient. I go as the tourist, and I should have a steady financial position to have possibility to live in your country. These are very difficult rules, and I should observe them because I wish to arrive to you. So, today I have written all statements, and also I have given all data concerning me. Following my step - purchase of tickets. You understand it? You also should understand, that I should buy tickets for cash money from my name here in Russia. I should bring tickets in embassy as soon as possible, and also I should give the receipt, that tickets have been bought by me personally. You understand? I will prove them my material stability, and the embassy will be assured, that I will be capable, to come back to Russia. I should not speak to them about you because I go as the tourist. Now I should buy tickets soon. It is good, that you have money for tickets. You should send me money for tickets to Russia, and I will buy tickets here. I will go now at the airport and I learn cost of tickets. You checked cost of tickets? Approximately in 2-3 weeks I can take off to you! You understand it? ! Mine Alhassan, the help from you is required to me. Tomorrow I learn, how many money is necessary what to buy tickets. I will find the tickets cheapest and convenient for me. Well? I will inform you tomorrow, how many money to you will be necessary to send to me. When I will buy tickets, I will write you all information, on my start, that you could meet me! I am assured, that we will together soon! We soon will meet. By the way, I thought of how I can receive your money here. I have no bank account, and probably we should use western union? We should be confident about safety of money And consequently it is a good way. Well, now I should go. I already wish to eat! I have got tired today, and I to have a rest. In Moscow is little bit colder, than in my city. Here it is very beautiful. Write to me soon! I love you! I do all things only for us and ours Happiness. For ever your love, Marina.
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