Dasha Nika from Yaransk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Dasha Nika the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2012-08-19 , financial damage US $ 250

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Dasha Nika
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Hi, Leonidas! I am glad to receive your letter. Leonidas I thought about how you write to me or not. I waited with impatience for your letter. I am very happy that you answered me. I am sorry I could not answer you immediately. I had a lot of work. As soon as I got the opportunity, I immediately responded to your letter. I plan to do it every day, and I am sure it will not be a problem for me. Because I have a computer at work. I am a little shy in real life, so I started looking for love on the Internet. Why are you looking for dating on the internet? I want to just tell you that you - my first interviewee on the Internet. I do not have any experience in the online conversation. So for me it's all a new experience. And I hope to find here my sincere feelings. Flirting and friendship does not interest me. I have many friends. But so far I have not been able to find a man with whom I can create a happy couple. It is important to me now ... Now I want to tell you a little about yourself. My name is Dasha. Now I am 29 years old. My birthday is August 28. My height - 171 sm. My weight - 54 kg. I do not drink or smoke. Only at the feast, I allow myself to drink a glass of good white wine. I work as a doctor in the hospital. In my free time I like to read books at home or be with my friends. I've never been married. I do not have children. I have a calm and good-natured character. I live in my apartment alone. I also have parents - Mom and Dad. They do not live with me. I - an only child. I have no brothers and sisters. I live in a small village Yaransk. It is difficult to find a place on the map, because it is a very small village. I will tell you more about Yaransk in the next letter and I will try to find a picture to send to you. Thank you for writing to me. I think it will be interesting to know each other. I want to find a serious relationship. For me, it's important. I could not find a loved one close to me. But I think that here, everything will turn out. What do you expect from dating a woman? I've already told you that it is important to know for me. I am curious to know when your birthday? Do you have any hobbies? Could you tell us more about the city in which you live? Where do you work? In advance thank you for your answers. I hope that our dialogue will be pleasant for both of us. I put some pictures in my letter. I hope you like it. =) I am waiting for your answer and your photos. Your new girlfriend Dasha. Hello Leonidas ! I am glad you responded to my letter. I was really pleased to receive your letter. Today at work I wanted to install on your computer msn. So that we can communicate with you. But it saw my boss, and I was given a reprimand. He said that if he saw that I was sitting in the internet during working hours, I was waiting for dismissal. It is a pity that did not work with msn. I do not want problems with the boss. But I am confident that the problems with the correspondence, we will not. I can always find time to respond to you. Leonidas , You probably have a question: "Why I am writing to you from another country." I watched on TV, that in other countries, very few men who are lazy and abuse alcohol. Where a marriage is a very serious step in life. I did not know whether you want to get acquainted with me because of the distance between our countries. But you really liked me. I want to know you. I hope you will understand me. I met some men here, but they deceived me and insulted. Here in Russia there are many men treat women badly. I am writing to you because I hope you brought up differently, and you are not the same as men in Russia. I understand that you are worried about the question of age. I was not worried. Leonidas , Age is not important to me. It is important to me is understanding and relationship with each other. Now rare, who can appreciate these qualities of man, and I appreciate first of all in man. Because I do not want to play in love. Romance - this is for young people. I do not need these teenage fun. I do not want to spend time on a long correspondence. I need only the reality and sincerity in a relationship. Of course, it is too early to decide what you and I expect in the future. It does not decide in the letters, I think so. All will become clear when we are closer to each other. I hope you understand that I need a decent and honest man. The man, whom I can love. The man who will love me with all my heart. I hope that you're just such a man. Or am I mistaken? I promised to tell you more about me and Yaransk, where I live. The village is located in Yaransk approximately 900 km from Moscow. In the Kirov region. You know, Moscow, or? I think that now you can easily find on the map the place. This is a very beautiful place, especially in the summer and winter. It is very beautiful nature. I can spend hours admiring this, looking out the window. It is a pity that I do not have a camera to send you all this beauty. I've already told you in previous letter that I work as a doctor in a local hospital. I love my job and I enjoy helping people. This is the only hospital in our small village. I often have to travel to patients in other villages. I am considered a good specialist in our hospital. I got a good education. I graduated from the usual high school and then graduated from the Medical College to get a good job. But now I realized that his career has not brought me happiness. Career was the reason that I still have no husband, no children. I decided to change my outlook on life, because the family is more important. I believe it took the right decision ... And where did you learn? And where are you working? I am really interested to learn about you. So write to me. I will wait. You can ask any questions. I have no problem answering it. OK? Your Dasha Hello Leonidas! I got your letter. How are you? I was beginning to miss your letters. But unfortunately, I could not answer you earlier. I went to my parents. My mom caught a cold, it was necessary to bring her medicine. Now all is well, I think that after two days it has to be healthy. The main time to go to the doctor, then always recover quickly :). My mom knows it ... We had a mom has no secrets from each other. So I told my mom about you. I think you do not mind? To be honest, the mother noticed that my behavior since our last meeting, somehow changed. I became more cheerful. My mother was happy that I feel happy. Its a little scared just what you live thousands of miles away from me. She worried about how you treat me seriously or not, because of the distance between our countries. I told her that you are sincere and honest man. So now I want to tell you that I am not afraid of the distance between us. This distance is a few hours by plane. I hope you also understand this. So I do not think it would be a problem for us if we really want solid relationships. I repeat solid relationship, because only such a relationship I want. I hope you will agree with me?? I want you to be honest with me. If you do not like me, you better say it right now, at the beginning of our acquaintance. I do not want us to have secrets from each other. I want to tell you more about my family. I hope that this will also be interesting for you ... I told you earlier that I - an only child. I have no brothers and sisters. I live separately from my parents. My parents live in a neighboring village. I try to visit them almost every weekend and free time. I grew up in a very cultured and educated family. My mother worked as a teacher in college, and my dad still works at the plant for the production of furniture. And now my mother retired and nearly all his time conducting home. Since childhood, my mother brought me a decent person and I am very grateful. When I was a kid I always came to her lessons and sat on the last desk. I really liked the way my mother led lessons. The name of my mother Tatyana. My mother taught me everything she knows. The name of my father Peter. My parents taught me to respect the kindness and honesty in people. I also like the cleanliness and comfort at home. I am good at cooking. What about your family? I ask you that you responded to my questions. Ask me and I will also tell you more about me. What else do you want to know about me? I send you my photo, which I Leonidas , I hope that will soon get your letter and photo. You send them to me? I will wait. With respect for your Dasha
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