Darya Fedoseeva from Ekaterinburg a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Darya Fedoseeva the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2012-09-25 , financial damage US $ 250

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Darya Fedoseeva
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getting mails from this russian girl who says she is very interested in making relationshipa d personally wants to meet me.

On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 1:47 AM, Darya wrote: Hello my darling Alin ! Is very glad to see your new letter, kind pleasure from your news. How you? How to pass your days? I hope at you all well and you remarkably to feel. Today I for an instant to think: and what if we really will meet in a reality? At our personal meeting we can connect fine and useful :). Tell, what do you think of our personal meeting? I reflected about our meetings is was in my imaginations and my dreams. You to represent our meeting? I think that it to carry out absolutely difficult, we are in 21 century)). But nevertheless the main thing - we owe desire, real desire To meet . I have the international passport and all that is necessary for me that we could meet at least for some days is a visa and air tickets. As, if you not against this plan for our personal meeting that you should write me your detailed information. I think that we should know about each other, certainly if you seriously to concern that that write in your letter. Here my data, for this purpose if you to want to come to me on a visit. I would be glad to accept you in the city and to show you full excursion of the best places and sights of our city: My name and a surname - Darya Fedoseeva. My home address: city - Ekaterinburg, street - Marshal Kazakova, the house 9 apartment 55. How you ???????????????? to that if once I can visit you? Please, if to you not difficult inform me the similar data on you. My vacation already very soon and probably I could gather in travel, probably we could meet. However, I do not know as you to think of it now and you would like to meet in a reality. As I do not know what do you think of all this idea about our personal meeting and to this invention. But I hope that you to support my dreams. That that in heart prompts to me, in many respects we similar with each other and sometimes our dreams and thoughts coincide. On it I finish the letter and with the big impatience and excitement in heart I look forward to hearing from you! With best regards, Darya I Miss you !!! ======================== Inbox x Darya Sep 21 (4 days ago) to me Hello my darling alin!!! I bring pardons for a delay of mine the letter to you. Me sent in business trip to Moscow and at this time I could not write you the letter because I have left all information on a house Flash-card (. I missed you and thought of your letters all time. At me for a long time not to be such romantic correspondence and acquaintance to the man, all this time you always were in my thoughts and my heart! Tell, and you to reflect on development our relations and tried to represent our relations in the future? You to think of that if our friendly at present relations pass in love. What then? Whether are ready to the beginning of new love and new relations? I hope that you not from those men which maintain with the woman of the relations only for entertainment. I have a feeling that you not from these men which mere words throw on a wind and as a result escape from the woman to another. You after all never will make it? I want to tell to you that heart of the woman to break very easily, and to collect back broken heart difficult enough. I am sorry if in my letter that has been written that not so, but I hope you can give me the fair answer and your opinion in all this occasion. I think that you also could ask me this question and I have decided to answer you it at once: For me our acquaintance it first of all "white" light in my life. Our relations to begin to look forward very easily and each letter I, every day I thought of you, reflected on that than you could be engaged now the same minute. You really to lodge at once in my heart and my life and if we have a possibility or what that chance to meet personally I am ready to consider any variants for our meeting. On it I finish the letter and to go to sleep. Probably we could meet in our dreams :)! With best regards, Darya P.S. In my letter I to send you not big video-reprizent :), I hope to you it to be pleasant I Miss You,Darya... ==================== Darya Aug 28 to me Hello my darling alin , how are you? I hope that all well ;) I did not receive for a long time your answer and even have started to miss you. For me it was very fascinating and interesting to receive your letter and to learn more about you. How now weather at you? I hope you still to enjoy a flying weather. At us already there comes autumn and nights become cold (. I hope that with you all well and you in good mood. I hope to see your answer in the near future. With best regards, Darya ================================ Darya Sep 12 (13 days ago) to me Hello my dear Alin! For me joyful news to see your new letter! Alin, I have a question to you. If between us the Novel has developed, there would be feelings: That as though you operated our relations on behalf of the man? You would like to continue our relations in real life? Or you are not adjusted on serious relations and would like to be friends only through the Internet? I am not simple so have asked this question. Today before a dream I have reflected - And that if you the man with which I can be more than friends. But after all we so it is far and if we want to meet, we cannot simply phone and make an appointment in cafe of the next area. It is similar to the Romantic film and we act as protagonists. You really person pleasant in dialogue it is very interesting to me to know your opinion. I hope that you will understand me and will share the thoughts to international relations. Well, again my letter has appeared very long. I hope not to complicate you, to read my long letters. Now I will wait for your early reply. Kiss for you. With best regards, Darya
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