Anna Fedorova from Saransk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Anna Fedorova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2012-11-15 , financial damage US $ 250

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Anna Fedorova
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She trolls and reports that she is in a US city and get you to share your email address and then it starts. The pics she is using boy is she cute!!!

Hi dear Roberto! I am very glad that you have written to me. The darling I had good news to you. The same things to me were spoken by the agent of travel today. But I should ask you one important thing. Why you wrote to me that I in Smolensk? You write as to the girl from Smolensk? I live in the city of Saransk. I went today to the agent of travel to learn all concerning the visa. He has explained to me, that the visa to receive difficultly in your country. The government of your country has strongly toughened the control over entrance to your country. I think, that your state, have made correctly. Because of terrorism it will be hard to me to get to your country and to receive the visa. But the agent to me has told, that it will make all in the near future. He also has explained to me, that they already received some visas of tourists in your country this 2012. I am very glad Roberto, that we will not have difficulties with it. I at first very much worried because fellow workers and my girlfriends said to me, that the visa in your country do in a current of several months, and can and more, but the agent has pleased me, he has told, that the visa will demand from them couple of weeks. It is the most known travel agency in our city and all people advised me it. Tomorrow I am going to go to them to office of agencies, to sign the contract and to solve a question on payment. Dear now it is time to me to go to do photos for the visa and to fill some questionnaires, I all it should carry tomorrow. I am very glad Roberto, that now it is necessary to wait to us a little and through small time we will be together. It will the most remarkable time which we can spend with you. I send you more picture me and I think that it will approach us with you on some steps is more close to each other. This picture was done to me by my best girlfriend and I sent almost same picture to you. I send you pictures which I did specially for you. Only you one saw these pictures. I hope they to you very much have liked. Road, write me the thoughts and ideas I will wait very much for your letters. I very strong kiss and I embrace you gently. Your love Anna. (Most recent letter) Hi my favourite! I to see very glad again your message and I wait I will not wait, when to a smog to tell to you hi looking to you in eyes and to kiss you gently gently. Matteo very beautiful boy and it I think is similar to you. And as certainly I have the the uncle and the aunt. These are pictures of my my parents (to the left of me) and to the right of me there is my cousin with the husband and at them three children. I as have put their pictures. And my parents together. And my grandmother (daddy's mother) but it has died three years ago and this picture me and the grandmother old nevertheless. Roberto Thanks you for the message. I had today very difficult day, I am very tired. I was today in agency and signed with them the contract, to me have told, that will prepare for me all necessary documents for travel, will buy for me the ticket and deliver to the plane. In my city there is no international airport and consequently I should go to Moscow and from there already to you. My agent should know the information for a plane route, inform me please dear, the address and the nearest airport to which I will arrive. And as your full name and your full address. Dear this information will be necessary to me tomorrow that the agent could develop a route and inform travel cost. Today I have paid a part of money, for the visa and other documents. I did not expect, it has appeared much more, than I planned. I thought, that the visa and all other documents (the insurance medical, the passport for travel abroad and other documents) will cost nearby 300$, but from for difficulties of reception, it has appeared 600$. Dear it is possible to me to be necessary your help, for payment of other part of cost of travel. I still have some part of money and took some money from the parents, Dear this information will be necessary to me tomorrow that the agent could develop a route and inform travel cost. Then I will send this plan of my travel to you what you could to meet me at the airport. I will inform you Roberto If your help is necessary to me, I think, what it will not be a problem for you and I can not worry about it, I have informed on plans of our meeting and now I go to have a rest, I have got tired today, I hope soon to embrace you Roberto. I will wait for your messages my favourite. I love, whole. Your love Anna. P.S. Do not forget to inform the address and the near airport. My full name: Anna Fedorova. The address: the Country Russia, the city of Saransk. street Gagarin, the house 57, apartment 24. The postal index: 430000.
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Date: 2014-09-12 | Name: Alena | Email: hidden
Why my picture on this site? I never wrote that letter which is on a site!!!!!. I was found by the man on Google and I would speak to it that he did not write to me. It has appeared anxious and asked from me pictures where I naked, on what I would speak to it that he did not write to me more and it began will threaten me what to spread my picture from google on a site where any interested person I will think that scammer. But I never wrote it this letter and did not ask from it money. Why my picture here? I will bring an action and return the fair name if you do not clean my picture here.

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