Elena Gordeeva from Kanash a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Elena Gordeeva the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2012-11-30 , financial damage US $ 250

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Elena Gordeeva
Elena Meling
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This person left me her email on badoo.com askting to send a mail which I did. In the beginning she asked to get know eachother better, after a while she said she loved me. Now, since a few days she said she would come over to Belgium, but there is a problem. She has no money to pay the ticket and the fine to the travel agency. I asked her how this is possible, as she has a job as a teacher. How can she not pay a ticket but do pay her daily life and expenses ... up to now no answer can into this question

Hello, I hope that you have been waiting to answer my letter soon. I hope that we can have good communication, and we can get to know each other better. I liked your profile on the site and I wanted to write to you. As we would like, me to call you? What's your real name? Sorry, but I do not know where to begin to talk about, because for me it is the first time. I would really like you to tell me about yourself. Your interests, what you're doing. I am sending you a photo where I am in the park. And another picture I made with a beautiful blue sky. I look forward to wait for your answer. Elena! Hello! David, I am glad that you reply to my letter. I have long thought, to answer me or not. I really wanted to when I check my email to see your letter. And I was very happy when I read your letter. It is good that you also want to know me better. David, I will be glad to tell you more about yourself. I am sure you will be interested. I live in a small town which is called Kanash. It is in Nizhniy Novgorod area. I wonder if you like big cities or small? You like it when a lot of people? I work as a teacher of mathematics. I work at this job for 4 years. I really like this job. Now I am 29 years old. Oh sorry, I do not know what you are interested to know about me. What did you think when you look at my photos? Today, I will send you some more of my photos. I took them from in his apartment. The second photo I took on the job. I hope you like it. What do you think of these photos? I never talk to men online, and I am not a very good idea of how this works. But I hope you are interested to read my letter. Recently I connect online. I still do not understand it, but I am glad I found you. David, I am curious, what girls do you like? What are the main qualities you appreciate in a girl? What more do you want to know about me? I hope that you carefully read my letter, and that you have to answer my questions. It is very important to me. I hope you do it sincerely. Your new friend Elena. David, excuse me, but today I can not write you a long letter, because I will be on my girlfriend's birthday. And wish that you had a wonderful time. I hope you're not offended by me. I will write you tomorrow. I hope that you'll wait for my letter. Elena. David, I am very glad that you write to me. Sorry I could not write to you yesterday. As already reported, I was at my girlfriend's birthday. We had a very good time. It was fun and beautiful. I hope you're well too spent his day. For me happy that now I have the opportunity to respond to you. David, every letter we learn about each other many things. Also in this letter, I would like to tell you about my family. True, I do not know that I could tell you about it. I do not have a family. I do not know who my parents are! Since childhood, I grew up in a boarding school. When I became an adult, I get an education masseuse found a job. And she began to rent a small apartment with a friend. But recently she has to go to another city and get married. I miss her. I hope that will come back to our city and go down for a visit. But sometimes it can be very boring when I was down, I decided to also try to get acquainted with the man. And met you David. I really like to chat with you. Before, I was dating a guy, but I could not find a man with whom I want to be a lifetime. I keep myself to a man with whom I will be happy always, and in which I will be confident. I think the most important thing is that the relationship was genuine. I would love someone to be there, but such men I have. Maybe in time our relationship escalate into something more than just friendship. Maybe. I hope you're not tired of reading my letter. David looked my photos? Can you send me more of your photos? I will be waiting. Together with the letter I send my photos. In one photo with'm at home and keep a soft toy. Another photo made in nature. David, tell me about your family. About your friends, about your life. I really want to know more about you. I never thought that people can easily communicate over a long distance, it is very interesting. Your friend Elena! David I hope I will get your letters every day. It is very nice to me, that you write to me. I am waiting for your letter. Today the street is good weather, and I have a good mood. When I received your letter, I got even better. My name is Elena, surname - Gordeeva. David I hope you're well. I was very glad to know more about your family. It was very important to me. I am very pleased that we have no secrets from each other. I thought about you. David I would like to know, what sports do you like? What do you like to do? Many men in Russia to love fishing. What do you think about this? What kind of movies do you like? The last movie I watched not long ago, "Titanic." I think that you watched it a few times as I have. I love nature, go camping, have outdoor activities. But now I am not able to do it, because I have a lot of work. do you like to photograph? Would you like to be my personal photographer? I also love dancing. you dance well? I think that I could give you a few lessons. Perhaps it would have been a lot of fun. I love to watch sports channels. Dance, aerobics, gymnastics. Do you do some sport? I hope I do not ask so many questions. I am just very interested to know more about your life. David I will be waiting for your answer. Your Elena! Hello my love! David cute today I have a very good news for us. I met my friend. We talked and I so many had told her about you. I told her that I really want come to you. She asked me how much money I need. I said that I had 440 euros. She said that she has friend with his business. Yesterday, my friend talked to him and he said he would lend me the money. Tomorrow I will meet with him and he'll give me the money borrowed. But when I come to you, then I 'll have to return it to him in a few months. I thought that together we can save this amount for three or four months. is not it? You were able to help me when I come to you? I will look for a job when I come to you, and I am sure that everything will be okay. Really? My love David I miss. I often submit that I will be with you soon. We will walk together in interesting places. Luckily no one will ever be able to destroy, because you and I will be the happiest. I will do anything to you was happy. I am sending you a photo so you can recognize me when I arrive at the airport. Cute David I will do everything. All out. Yesterday was talking with a neighbor. She said that those who fight for your happiness, achieve it. The main thing that we were together. And then do it. I am sure you support me, and if you need something, you will be able to help. I love you David! David I miss. I am sending you a lot of my Kisses. Look at the night sky. Do you see the stars? With every star I I send you a kiss. Hope you get it and your mood will be fine and you will have a beautiful dream. I miss David! I am waiting for your letter. Your love Elena! Hello my dear sweet David! I am pleased to inform you that today I took the money. But there were problems. After that I went to a travel agency, to pay for the trip. But when I pay the remaining amount, I was told that I should still about 250 euro. At first I did not understand, I said, I paid for all of them as it is written in the contract. I demanded an explanation. And the travel agency employee told me. They showed me my receipt, that I had to pay for a trip within 10 days of signing the contract. But I could not do it. 10 days have passed. And now I must pay a fine of approximately 250 euro euro and it's the law. I said that I do not have the money. They just wanted to call the police, but I explained to them the situation. In the travel agency I went on assignment and was given a week, I was able to pay the fine. But if I do not pay a fine for a week, they block my documents and will write to the police and then the police on zavedut I work and everything will be decided in court. And if I pay a fine, then I can safely arrive to you. All documents have been prepared to even told me on the flight that I can come to you! Moscow - Brussels, 6 December, Thursday SU2618 flight from Moscow Sheremetyevo 22:10 December 6 a / c Airbus A319 in Brussels December 6 22:45 Brussels National Arpt Brussels - Moscow January 6, Sunday SU2561 flight from Brussels 12:45 January 6 Brussels National Arpt Airbus A320 at Moscow Sheremetyevo 19:05 January 6 a / c Darling, what to do? I am very upset. I do not know where I was busy with the money. Darling, I am not comfortable asking. But you can help to our meeting? left to pay the fine and we'll be together. Darling, I hope that you will accept the decision and we will meet in the coming days. My dear David, you're always in my dreams, in my thoughts, in my mind. I often think of our acquaintance with you. Even then, you made a good impression on me. I have long realized that much I love you. I close my eyes and see you again, how do you look at me, smiling. I always imagine that we have already met. Loved ones to take the last step on the way to our meeting. Now I will send you a letter and wait for your answer. I hope that you will write to me soon. Your love Elena! Hello my love David! David I am pleased to receive your letter. I am very bored without it. I believe that today you will write. I saw a beautiful dream about us with you on the island. I would want that to become a reality. And I am sure it will happen. You only pay the fine and we'll be together. If you do not pay the fine, then I will judge you and I will not be able to meet ... as soon as I think about this situation, I have tears from his eyes. Favorite, time goes on and I hope your help. I have a very low salary and I have no money to pay the fine and I can rely on you! Do you understand? It's not true what it says! Teacher in Russia do not get a big salary. I took the money and now I have not left, and I can not pay the fine. You think I am lying to you? You want to tell me that? Why are you talking to me then? I thought you loved me, but it's just a game! I am very upset now and I have tears in my eyes, because which think you're the only man who loves me. I am doing everything to you and I were together! You have a very expensive and I do not want to lose you! I hope that you love me as well or do you want me to just sex? What do I do now? I am confused! Even the distance, time, and all the obstacles in our way only strengthen our love. Our love develops. I also understand that I am an adult with you. I begin to understand the meaning of life - to love and be loved. I believe in love. I believe in your words. You gave me the most important thing, you gave me the bright moments of happiness. And we will soon be able to turn this moment into eternity. We will meet, and nobody will be able to break our love. We will always be together. We know now that we are not alone. We will be even far away to feel each other. And it will only bring us happiness. I already feel you in the distance. Sometimes I even feel your heartbeat. I listen to the silence, and I hear the rhythm. The rhythm of your heart. I can say that it is the rhythm of our love to you. After all, my heart is beating too, like yours. I am sitting at the computer. I opened the window to a fresh breeze refreshed the room. I even see this in comparison with my heart. I also opened my heart to you. And you with your love refreshed my heart. Now my heart is only yours. I love only you, David. You and I are on the same road of happiness. Just between you and a great distance. You stand on one end. I am on the other end. And we are going to meet for each other. Left us to go quite a bit. And soon will be our meeting. On our way there are obstacles. I believe in you. we can overcome these obstacles. And if we will continue with our journey, we will meet again. I am sure we will not change our route. We have one road. And the result of just one. This is our meeting. David, I believe, I am waiting for our meeting. We have to wait quite a bit. And we'll be together forever. And now I am sending you my sweet kiss. Catch my kiss. And you will feel the taste of my love. Your love Elena! Hello my love David! David, what is your mood? I hope now you have a good mood. Today I felt a charge of vivacity and freshness in my heart. I believe that this energy comes from your heart. Love gives me strength. But as soon as I think that we still have all the shares the distance, it makes me sad. Darling, I want to be with you. You only pay the fine and we'll be together. Do you understand? Darling, do you even want to our meeting? I hope and believe that you as well as I want to meet in real life. I can not come to you if you do not help me! Do you understand me? This is very serious, and I definitely need to pay a fine! understand I? Will you help me? I can not do anything if you did not help! I do not want all that I did was in vain! I believe that a lot of you think of me. And my heart feels it. I love you! And just for you these words of love. Only for you my affection. You only have my prince. And just for you all my thoughts. I believe we will soon be able to fully cover this distance. I believe that we will soon we'll be together. I love you, David. These words sound so sweet and rhythmically. I know you're good to read my declaration of love. I try, in all of my writing more to talk about my love for you. I believe that you can feel through my words all the emotions that are born in my heart. My love in my heart is growing and developing every day. I believe you will soon be able to feel all the feelings to which we aspire and believe. I believe that we are just waiting for pleasant moments. We are in for a happy future together. We just need to overcome this barrier, to overcome the distance that separates us. And we'll be together. Together forever. Your love Elena! Hi my sweet gentle David! I love you and think only of you. I was waiting for your letter. I miss you, I am lonely, distance that still separates us. Beloved, there is less time to pay the fine. If I had not paid, it will be the court. Darling, I've done everything in my power to arrange our meeting. Now your strong male hands our meeting, our common future. My dear David, understand that I have paid for the documents to arrive to you 550 euros and I now have no money, and you do not believe me? I thought you loved me, and we trust each other! I do all to you and I were together, and now I do not even know what to do!? Do you love me? Do you want our meeting! I needed to pay 250 euro and now you want us to stop at this point? David, I believe in the power of our love. Love helps me to cope with loneliness. When I become difficult and lonely without you, I go out on the street. I look at the sky for a long time. I imagine you are now the brightest star in the sky. I can imagine what you're going with me. I am starting to whisper to you what I feel for you, and how strong my love for you. I feel that you can hear me. Your star in the sky shines even more, and she flashes me. My prince, then I immediately becomes warm heart, and I start to feel your love, your care. Perhaps unwittingly, you and I can hear each other, feel the love, even through such vast distances. And it is only by our own thoughts and ideas. But we can also write to each other. We can show our love in words. My lord, I am so grateful to God that you are with me, she gave me to you the most wonderful life. My treasure, without you I can not understand what true happiness and unforgettable love. I will believe in our bright future. I will do everything to make this the future we only spent with you. David, you are the missing piece of my puzzle of happiness and love. You have a unique man. Only you will be able to add my picture of happiness. I love you. My prince, you are always in my thoughts. I think only of you. You captured my whole life. It is only in your hands my heart the keys to this heart. Well, the most important thing you possess all my love. David, my sweet kisses on your lips. Your Princess Elena! Hello my love David! Honey, my love, I do not even know where to begin my letter. I am in a panic now, and I do not know what to do. I will try to explain to you all about it. Today home to me to come in, at which I took the money to pay for my trip to you. He said that he had problems with the business, and that he urgently needed money. I said that I had given the money to a travel agency and even I myself must pay a fine. He said he can not wait that long, and he did not care what I do, but I must return him the money within 5 days. I asked him to wait a little longer. But he said he has a big problem now, and that if I did not return his money, I am also going to have a big problem. My love, I do not know what to do now. I went to a travel agency, and asked that they have given me the money. They said they can not do it, because they already make for my documents. They just asked if I brought the money for the fine. I said no, and then they said that today go to the police. I am all nervous! I told them to handle. This could buy some more time! But where do I find the money now, so that I could Igor is back. This is the man who gave me the money. Now I want to go to the next town to my friend. Maybe she can help me. I am scared now. I feel very helpless. Maybe you can tell me what to do now? I hope you will write to me soon, and you will not leave me in this difficult situation. I will write to you tomorrow, as soon as I come from my girlfriend. Yours and yours alone Elena! Hello my love David! My dear, I am glad to receive your letter. This is the only joy today. Familiar may want to help me. But when we went to the bank, and she tried to take the credit. At the bank, she was told that they would be able to give her credit, but the paperwork will take a week. The good news is that it will give credit for 650!. But the worst is that it takes a very long time. I hope you understand me. How will I get the money back Igor? How to do it? My favorite, and one is not good news. Came to me a summons from the police that I shall within 5 days to pay the fine travel agency If I do not, then I will be called to court. And it will be a trial ... At me zavedut criminal case. Darling, what do I do? I am in a panic. I have tears from his eyes. The pressure on me from all sides. Igor demands his money back, which I do, it is 400 euros. On the other side of the police, which requires the payment of a fine if I put in your currency to turn out about 400 euro. Total amount of 650 euro. David dear, what to do ... I do not know how I do in this situation. Darling, can you help? I rely only on you. I do not know where I can find the money. I am afraid that I will have a very big problem, if I can not return the amount. I am scared now. I am afraid to leave the house because they were afraid my health. Igor said that hurt me and I worked all my life on medication, if not give him money. I even the police can not ask, because I was a statement. I was not taken seriously. They will say that I come up with. Beloved, I am writing you a letter and I have tears from his eyes. I do not know what to do. Darling, I am very afraid. And I have only one hope. It's you. I believe in you, that you can help me because you're my man. I have only you. But you have no close friends. I really want to be with you because I love you. That's all I want. I want to live a normal life and to be happy. But as I I can do it now? How? David sorry, I am very hard to write this letter on, because I am crying. I hope that you will write me soon. I will be waiting. Yours and yours alone Elena!
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